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Top 10 Best WordPress Rating Plugins for Your website

Reviews and rating play a significant role in business improvement. Positive reviews help companies to create a positive image of their brand like Cooltechzone and assist potential customers to make smart buying decisions. On the other hand, negative reviews allow entrepreneurs to make further improvement in their products/services and grab more business opportunities.

Note: An important thing you might want to keep in mind is that responding to negative reviews can sometimes appease a customer and get them to change it to a positive one. A good rating plugin will make it easy to manage and quickly respond to negative reviews.

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Conscious visitors rate your website and help you to gain more traffic in the future. If you run a WordPress development services agency and are looking for the Best WordPress Rating Plugins, here are some options you must consider seriously:

  1. YASR – Yet Another Stars Rating

    YASR - Yet Another Stars Rating
    Every entrepreneur likes to see visitors giving 5 star reviews to their products and services. Yet Another Stars Rating (YASR) is an effective WordPress plugin, which is based on the jQuery plugin RateIT.

    Using this plugin, you can review products, services, books, courses, events, games, movies, music, recipes and even entire organizations yourself and allow customers to do the same in an easy and effortless manner. Search engines will use the embedded rich snippets to display review scores or visitor ratings from your website and display them in search results accordingly. The PRO version offers a bunch of additional functionalities, like sorting/filtering posts according to their total ratings, using custom icons and many more.

  2. WordPress Review Plugin

    WordPress Review Plugin
    One of the most convenient and fully customizable WordPress product review plugins for both editors and customers. This full-fledged plugin allows editors to add product reviews and rating boxes to any website post or product development company more professionally. With this shortcode-enabled plugin, you can add your product features including their individual rating, pros and cons, a total product rating score, and even an affiliate button.

    Besides all these, with this plugin, your readers or customers can also share their thoughts and give ratings to the products, which ultimately helps in boosting your website’s user engagement. This fully functional plugin is SEO optimized, automatically adds schema markup to your review box, and doesn’t require manual coding as well. Take a look at our demo here:

  3. Woocommerce Review Plugin-ReviewX

    With ReviewX, you can create multiple review criteria for your WooCommerce products such as product quality, delivery, pricing, etc. E-Commerce sites with single-criteria review systems don’t reflect the deep view of the customer and can portray a confusing picture of the product.

    Using ReviewX, based on multiple review criteria, customers can leave their ratings. Also, can upload photos/videos with the review, recommend, like/dislike, share reviews through their social profiles, and more.

    As an admin, you can send automated review reminder emails, import reviews from different sources, moderate reviews, view advanced statistics from the dashboard, reply to the customer’s review, receive notifications when someone posts a review, customize the review presentation and do much more.

    ReviewX has Elementor, Oxygen & Divi Builder integration which gives you the freedom to use it with any site builder. Furthermore, ReviewX works with any custom post type.

  4. StarCat Reviews

    This plugin helps you to allow users to include a ratings and reviews system in any Posts, Pages and other custom posts in your website. You can also allow users to give multiple criteria ratings and give an overall rating score for individual criteria and an average score for all of the user ratings.

    You can also upvote other review, reply to reviews and has a review schema integration to display the ratings in Google search results. It also has premium add-ons for Review CPTs, Review Listings, Comparison Table, Photo Reviews and more.

  5. Ultimate Blocks

    Ultimate Blocks is a Gutenberg blocks plugin that has two rating blocks – Review & Star Rating. Review block lets you add a review box to your WordPress posts and pages.

    You can add product/service name, author name, features with ratings, cumulative rating, summary, and a call to action button to the review box. And the great part is, it’s schema enabled. And Star Rating block lets you add simple star rating to your posts/pages.

  6. WP-PostRatings

    When you publish new posts regularly on your website, you must have observed that some posts get more eyeballs, social shares, and user’s comments than others. Such posts also get 5* rating from visitors.

    Did you want to encourage visitors to rate each and every post of your website and give an idea about how they are performing? If ye, then use this plugin. With its easy to use interface, visitors will love to rate your website comfortably.

  7. WP Product Review Lite

    This plugin is very useful for all those individuals who run business or E-commerce websites with WordPress. With this plugin, they can easily collect reviews from customers against their products and increase the chances of sales up to a great extent.

    Based on your needs, you can edit colours, enable/disable the affiliate button, change icons and encourage customers to review your website, products/services, brand. You can avail this plugin as a WordPress Black Friday deal to cut the expenses.

  8. WP ULike

    Do you want to increase the like counts of your website, Posts, Pages, etc? If yes, then use this plugin. You can easily add a customizable like button to WooCommerce products, Custom post types, Epoch comments, Ultimate Member user profiles, posts, pages, comments, etc. The plugin works very well on WordPress multisite and has 80 parameters and 41 themes. It supports 40 languages also.

  9. Multi Rating

    If you are in quest of a powerful review and rating plugin, then your search ends here. You can use this plugin to customer’s like on your website in bulk. It increases your site’s credibility in the eyes of Google and there are chances that it may rank well in its SERP.

    Digital marketing professionals can use this plugin to conduct online reviews, surveys, and questionnaires in an easy way. It comes with built-in template for customization. So, if you want, customize your campaigns and get customer’s reviews easily and effortlessly.

  10. GD Rating System

    There are several WordPress website owners that seek user review on different materials available on sites. If you are mulling over the Best WordPress Plugins to Choose for getting visitors likes and comments, this plugin acts as a pioneer. It allows visitors to rate each and every aspect of a website and help its owner to make further improvement.

  11. Universal Star Rating

    This plugin is available in English and German language. It offers 2 shortcodes to WordPress website owners. It allows them to add ratings/reviews for website, products, services, specific data. Just use those shortcodes to add a single or multiple line start rating or a tabular list of star ratings.

  12. YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews

    Reviews and ratings matter a lot in the E-commerce business. It allows entrepreneurs to shape up the mind of potential customers and increase the chances of sales. A good number of entrepreneurs use WordPress to run E-commerce websites.

    They can use this plugin to get reviews from customers and add them to products/services. The best thing about it is that it allows website owners to add a summary to each review, which helps visitors to make product buying decisions easily and quickly.

  13. WP Review

    If you are a looking for a free WordPress review plugin that offers the features and functionalities of premium review plugins, then this may be your best bet. With this plugin, you can encourage visitors to rate your site content and other materials in an easy way and make the necessary improvements to get more visitors in the future.

The reason why website owners Hire Woocommerce Developers is that they simplify the complete process and integrate some best features like adding a summary to each review, which helps visitors to make product buying decisions easily and quickly. Therefore, it is recommended that you hire a Freelance WordPress developer to do the work for you. They will take care of the complete process, ensuring the plugin is installed, works properly, and does not interfere with other operations that can crash your website.

Final Words

Almost all WordPress website/blog owners always look for Free WordPress Plugins for their Websites to increase their work efficiency, productivity and have some respite. These are the top 10 best WordPress rating plugins. You can use them to collect customer feedback, suggestions, and comments in an easy way and skyrocket your business within a short duration of time.

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