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Tips to Design a Better Home Page for Your WordPress Website

The appearance of your website is of utmost importance. During the first few seconds of visiting a website, if the layout, images, colors, and font make users’ eyes bleed, they won’t even bother reading your content.

Well, in fact, it is a perfect remedy to make your users abandon your website almost instantly after landing on it.

A great website designing is a key element for any website’s success. While a pre-built theme provides a huge head start towards building an aesthetically appealing website, there are still various things that need to be done on your end to ensure an effective design.

If you want to grab the attention of your users, you need to have an attractive yet functional homepage that has every element integrated into it.

Homepages serve as an organization’s virtual front door that is accountable for driving in a majority of your users. And in spite of its influence, many websites struggle to optimize it appropriately.

Thus, we compiled a list of certain tips that will help you design a beautiful, functional and dynamic homepage for your WordPress website.

  1. Have a clean, professional and well-designed Logo

    Does your logo represent your business? Does it have what it takes to visually express your business identity? Business logos are designed to be the face of a company.

    They are a graphical representation of a business’s unique identity, and the images, fonts, and colors you use to create a logo provide essential information about a business that enables users to connect with the brand and identify it.

    According to Tiffany Monhollon, senior content marketing manager at ReachLocal says, “a company’s logo determines how quickly a user can connect with the brand.

    And thus use high-resolution images and locate it prominently on the website along with a link to your homepage that can be used by visitors to navigate easily.”

  2. Font Choices

    Choosing the right font for your website is important to exhibit professionalism, design, and most importantly, legibility of your website. If you want your visitors to stay and read your content, then make it easier for them.

    The most popular and legible fonts are Georgia, Arial or Helvetica. They not only have stood the test of time but also make your website look professional.

    You can even try big typography to make your website stand out from the rest and add to the beauty of your website. It is actually a new trend that has been gaining a lot of popularity.

    It has the potential to grab the user’s attention and draws the focus on the content. Moreover, mobile-friendly websites have played a massive role in the popularity of this trend where the use of large typography makes an appropriate sense.

  3. Clean and easy to navigate layout

    More is not always better especially when it comes to designing a website. While designing your homepage, it’s important to maintain a balance between your website’s design and usability.

    Adding too many elements to your homepage often leave your visitors overwhelmed. However, adding only important elements and keeping the homepage’s layout neat and clean will leave a good impression on your visitors about your business.

    Remember, anything that distracts your visitors from your content is worse. If it’s not necessary, don’t use it.

  4. Primary Calls-to-Action

    The goal of designing a homepage is to persuade users to dig deeper into your site and move further to know who you really are.

    Add one or two CTAs above the fold to guide them what to do next after they land on your homepage. Place these CTAs prominently so that they are easily accessible by the users.

    Also, make sure these CTAs are visually appealing, basically in a color that complements your homepage’s color scheme. These CTAs can be “Try it for free”, “Make an Appointment”, “Request a Quote”, or “Sign Up”.


Your homepage layout can make or break your website overall appearance. And the appearance of a website is significant to any business. Thus leave no stone unturned to make your homepage stand out with the above-mentioned tips.

Jason Daszkewicz Author

Jason is an expert WordPress developer having years of experience in working with various web development technologies. Currently, he is working for a leading custom WordPress development company – WordSuccor Ltd.. He is always trying to share his intangible knowledge with others on the web.