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Tips For An Incredible Online Resume

Incredible Online Resume
When looking for a new job opportunity and updating your resume, don’t you ever think that maybe you should do it more creatively to stand out?

Most of us have felt like that, but on the other hand, we are sometimes afraid to stand out of the crowd and appear too bright and too brave.

But you don’t really have to be drastic to be creative. Just think about what is the most popular thing that we all can’t live without – it’s the internet.

So why not make a digital resume online. Here you’ll find more information on what it actually is and how to create a good one.

What An Online Resume Actually Is?

Online Resume Actually
An online resume is, first of all, an original way to represent yourself on the web, especially if you seek to work online. It’s most beneficial for jobs like freelance writers, graphic designers, website developers, IT specialists, programmers, and similar ones.

Regular resumes are great too – they can be very specific and focused to the point you want to show off to your future employers.

But on the other hand, a website resume or pre-recorded or automated video interviews let you show off some of your skills, so it’s basically the same as giving the employer an opportunity to have a look at your practical experience.

More to it, we all have to agree, than an online resume is way easier to share than a PDF one of a printed version of it. Just copy the link into your email box, share it on social media – it’s easier and more convenient than ever.

What’s an ATS-Friendly Resume?

An ATS-friendly resume is a document formatted and tailored to meet the requirements of Applicant Tracking Systems, ensuring optimal parsing of information for automated screening and increased visibility to potential employers. Using ATS friendly resume templates is essential when creating your digital resume online. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are commonly used by employers to streamline the hiring process, and they scan resumes for keywords and specific formatting. ATS-friendly templates are designed to ensure that your resume gets past these automated systems and reaches the eyes of hiring managers. These templates are structured to be easily parsed by ATS algorithms, increasing the chances of your qualifications being recognized. When choosing a theme for your online resume, opt for designs that not only showcase your creativity but also adhere to the guidelines of ATS optimization. By incorporating these templates, you enhance the visibility of your resume, making it more likely to pass through the initial screening stages and land in front of human recruiters.

Main Points Of An Online Resume

An online resume is basically your face and personal brand online, so it should reflect you and your advantages as much as possible.

Surely it’s a much different format from the regular resume that can also be improved in so many ways, but there are some factors and elements you don’t want to miss out. Previous work positions and companies you’ve worked for, recommendations and references, for some cases – work samples, certificates, and contacts – these are the elements that should be found on any resume, printed or digital.

Depending on your job specifics, you might consider adding some interactive elements, if you are a developer for example, or maybe some additional information if you’re an artist.

Determining Your Goals And Advantages

No matter how many information about your work life you will put on the website, highlights should always be and stay the same. What you need to enlight are your career goals and advantages.

In other words – you need to learn how to sell yourself through this digital resume in a few seconds. If your future employer is interested – then he’ll browse the rest and most likely contact you for a meeting in person.

Also, make it clear for the employer if you are a freelancer or are you looking for a full time or half-time job.

If you are looking only for remote work, you should point it out as well, because some employers will insist on having you at the office. Sometimes it’s because of the conservative point of view. But sometimes work specifics simply require it.

Choosing The Best Theme For You

To gain as much attention as possible, your online resume needs to catch the eye. The right theme will play a crucial part at this point, so you have to overthink and choose very wisely.

First of all, decide if your resume is going to consist of one or more pages. A more common way to create online resumes is by using only one page – to make it easier for the viewer to see all needed elements and facts at once. Keep it in mind, that your potential future boss will read more than one resume in a day.

Build The Website For Your Resume on WordPress

After you buy a domain you like, choose hosting, and have already decided what WordPress theme works the best for you, it’s time to build the website itself.

Use resume templates in order to get the best results possible – the easiest and probably the best resource for that is Novoresume resume templates.