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The Best latest Customer Reviews Plugins for WordPress

Customer Reviews Plugins
Public Reviews, the most powerful medium undoubtedly responsible for making or breaking a brand. We all have become dependent on internet for all sorts of information. Whether we are going for a movie or making a purchase (be it online or offline from a local store), we surf the internet about the details.

The most influential medium of knowing about anything is the REVIEWS or RATINGS that a particular product has received. In a survey, it was found that around 90% of us trust the online reviews more than offline personal recommendations. Yes!!!! it is indeed 90%.

What are plugins?

A Plugin is just a small program code which gets embed in your WordPress site used to enhance the functionality of your blog without affecting the underlying structure of your blog.

There are many plugins available online either paid or free. Depending upon your choice or requirement you can pick one which goes along with your WordPress theme as well as provide the necessary functionality you desire.

Why Customer Review plugin is required?

More the reviews on your site, irrespective positive or negative, marks that your website is drawing traffic towards itself. Also, it means that more and more people are finding content of your website interesting.

With the help of reviews, bloggers can create blogs for themselves like top rated Smartphones, best loved movies etc. Even the small business owners also get a benefit from them as they can have great reviews about their business which will help them to expand their business to new levels.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are into be it online or offline, having a review plugin in your website will definitely boost up you business. The more the reviews are natural or not fake, the more your site draws traffic and will become a trusted one.

I am enlisting some of the best Customer Review plugins available online for integration into WordPress.Compatible with both free and Premium WordPress themes.The basic nature of all review plugins is the same but they slightly differ in customization and SEO. If you are already using any review plugin, you can reconsider your decision based on my list. So according to your theme or specification you can pick and test them until you find your personal favorite.

  1. WP Review

    This plugin by MyThemeShop offers easy and powerful approach to review the content without affecting speed of your site. It is easily customizable and extremely lightweight.


    • Fastest Plugin
    • Easily customizable
    • Percentage, stars and point ratings
    • Translations Ready

    WordPress Compatibility versions: 3.0.1 to 4.7.2
    Price: Free

  2. Trustmary

    This plugin was published in 2022 and is still new with fewer installations and reviews. With Trustmary’s Review and Testimonial plugin, you can easily manage your customer reviews on your WordPress site and show your star rating on Google’s rich snippet search results. The platform recognizes your best and most effective customer reviews and prioritizes them on your widget.

    With the free version, you can import existing reviews from external sources like Google and Yelp, and create your own review widget design. The premium version enables you to collect original customer testimonials and create various widgets including sliders, pop-ups, forms, and more.


    • Add existing reviews to your website
    • Collect testimonials
    • Design and customize your widgets
    • Boost SEO with rich snippets
    • Showcase your best reviews, measured by algorithms

    WordPress Compatibility versions: 4.2 and up
    Price: free, premium starting at $90/mo

  3. Taqueem

    This plugin offers amazing customization options to its users. You can change the font, color, size, image to make your review look awesome and perfect.


    • Unlimited review criteria
    • Supports 500+ Google Fonts
    • RTL support
    • Supports posts, pages and even custom post type
    • Star, points and percentage ratings
    • Typography Options

    WordPress Compatibility versions: 4.3 to 4.6.1
    Price: $22

  4. WP Product Review Lite

    It easily turns your postsinto in-depth reviews. It supports ratings, pros and cons, link affiliation and user review. It helps to interact with users. You can also add a buy now button with it.


    • Preloader Functionality
    • Customer Review Icons
    • Unlimited customizable options
    • Supports pros/cons
    • Supports rich snippets

    WordPress Compatibility versions: 3.5 to 4.6.3
    Price: free

  5. WP Customer Reviews

    This is a moderator controlled plugin which means it is upto the moderator whether he wants to get that review published or not. This plugin allows setting a specific page on blog to write testimonials or reviews. It holds a pretty goodrating of 4.4/5.


    • Testimonials in microdata format which can easily be seen by Search Engines
    • Support available for anti-spamming in case review submission is done by automated spam-bots
    • works with caching themes and plugins
    • Supports posts and pages.
    • Lightweight and does not affect the speed of website.
    • Supports both business and product review types

    WordPress Compatibility versions: 3.0.0 to 4.5.6
    Price: free

  6. Rich Reviews

    This plugin helps to attain top rankings in SERPs (Search Engine Result page) by making your reviews/ratings look like rich snippets. It will help your business to attain a brand value. Thus, increasing your CTR by 10%-30%. Overall rating is 4.2/5.


    • Increase in well qualified Web traffic
    • Provides three types of review: per post/per-page, category oriented and global reviews
    • Decrease in bounce rates
    • Reviews are showcased as Rich Snippets
    • Moderator controlled submissions
    • Unlimited color options for star and numeral rating system
    • Compatible with almost all types of WordPress themes

    WordPress Compatibility versions: 3.4 to 4.4.7
    Price: free

  7. Comment Rating Field Plugin pro

    The simple version allows a user to optionally submit a 5 star rating along with their comment. But the pro version offers some extra functionality. It allows any number of rating groups in the comment box.

    Each rating field has schema defined. It helps to draw more traffic towards your site as users can see the ratings on SERPs.


    • Easily customizable easily change foreground and background color.
    • Rich snippet support
    • Supports more accurate ratings by providing a half star option
    • Comment box is easily customizable interms of its placement
    • Spamming of website can be regulated as it provides an option of one user one rating.
    • Reviews can be filtered on the basics of ratings.

    WordPress Compatibility versions: 3.6 to 4.7.2
    Price: $39

  8. POWrReviews

    It is a cloud-based plugin enabling editing in a live web page. It supports visitor voting and an option for built-in replies. It has got an overall rating of 4.8 on 5.


    • Collect and showcase visitor comments
    • 5-star rating available
    • Multilingual
    • Mobile responsive
    • Customizing options like fonts, colors etc are available
    • Customer support

    WordPress Compatibility versions: 3.0 to 4.7.2
    Price: free

    The premium version supports some additional features like eliminating POWr watermarks, voting for favorite comment, keep a count of visitors and page views, user replies to comments etc.

Saying GoodBye

I have listed some of the best customer review plugins including both paid and free. The internet is flooded with many such plugins. But be sure to download it from a trusted site else you may end up in making your site either unsafe or crash prone.

Doesn’t matter you are a blogger, businessman or professional, power your WordPress website with a customer review plugin and see the difference instantly. So, good luck with your endeavors on developing a great WordPress site by using the finest of plugins.