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Stay Ahead Of The Competition With These 7 Powerful SEO Tips

Powerful SEO Tips
Did you know, every second Google processes around 40,000 search queries, which means searches amounting to 3.5 billion/day and 1.2 trillion/year.

Search engine optimization means waging war to reach that coveted position on the Google first page. Not many would go beyond the first page of search results on Google. When you need these types of results most trust an SEO agency like https://strategicseosolutions.com to help them outrank in search.

The higher up it features on the results page, the more likely it is to get clicked. If your website is not among the first five search results, you could be losing a huge chunk of your business to your competitors.

Professional SEO services are search engine optimization services that work to improve your visibility in search results so that your business can capture more qualified traffic from the web

Visibility is of utmost importance in SEO. When it comes to SEO Ireland, there are many places to hire help with your content. If you do not want your rivals usurping your rank, these 7 SEO tips can be crucial for you:

  1. Keywords are the key

    A successful SEO strategy begins with the right focus placed on keywords. Keywords are abstractions extrapolated from a range of search queries. Search queries are the words typed into the search box of a search engine by the user.

    It is the keywords that are targeted by the search marketers. There was a time when a semantic analysis was used by Google to understand what the words meant. Long-tail keywords are effective, but today, it is the root keywords which have a higher search volume.

    Though an SEO expert would be better equipped to identify the right keywords for your business, you can use free tools to research the current and potential keywords for your topic.

  2. Optimize your title

    It is the title of your page which is the first step to ascertaining the content. It is crucial that the relevant keywords are used in the title. When your page appears in the search results, the user is going to read the title first.

    It should convey everything as per the user’s intent and search. The title will matter when the page is shared on social media platforms too.

    Any SEO company Ireland can tell you, the title should neither be too long nor too short – the perfect title is simple and packs the informative words.

  3. Utilize internal links

    The simplest way to an effective SEO strategy is to increase the use of internal links. The pages whose ranking you want to improve should have links from other pages on your website. Internal links help website navigation and can affect a website’s ranking power and domain authority.

    However, the internal hyperlinks should be relevant and make sense. One should aim at maximizing the external backlinks too, but be aware of spammy links as it can affect your rankings negatively.

  4. Promise a great User Experience

    It is crucial that the website is easy to use and user-friendly. Nothing irritates more than scrolling through lots of content and space to get to the actual information Try to get to the point immediately.

    Information should not be overwhelming. It is best kept simple. Smartly place the sharing buttons so that the user can see them at once.

  5. Image Optimization

    If the content is not engaging a user will not want to spend time exploring it. Including relevant, high-quality images can help you create a more interactive experience. However, the trick is to ensure that the file sizes remain small as it will load faster.

    There are ways to reduce the size of an image file without compromising on the quality. Make sure all your images, and for that matter even the content, is compatible with the different screen sizes and platforms of iOS, Android phones, and desktops. Use Alt-tags for quicker indexing, and it is better to use keywords in the tags to improve rankings.

  6. Longer pages are good

    It has been seen that the longer the content, the greater the likelihood of better rankings of a page. Blog posts of 1000 words can command better attention from the search engine than one that is 300 words long. The additional content not only impresses the users, but Google has more content to crawl and index.

  7. Insist on being SEO friendly

    Not only the title everything else about your content must be SEO friendly and to the point. Whether it is the URL, the Meta Description, the links or the actual content, they all need to be optimized.

    Metadata is most often the abstract the user reads to decide whether they want to continue reading the content. However, Google will only display this mini information if it is relevant to the search query.

    Hence, the best way to approach it is to keep your content short, catchy and informative. The URL features in the search results along with the topic and Meta Description.

    They all need to contain the keywords. Use of keywords will signal to Google that the content is relevant. Instead of trying to do it on your own, it is a good idea to hire an SEO Company Ireland to create the most cost-effective strategy.


For the ones interested in high search results ranking SEO or search engine optimization is a constant race. The race requires you to keep monitoring your competitors and improving your website to remain on top.

You should take the help of an SEO company in Ireland to stay ahead of your closest competition.