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Small Business Invoicing Software: 4 Best Solutions

The best invoicing software for your small business depends on many different factors, such as the size and type of your business, as well as price, ease of use, and the features you need. For most businesses, we recommend choosing a solution that allows you to create customizable invoices and has advanced features, such as recurring invoices, payment links, and fulfillment tracking. Show invoices and mobile payment applications.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is one of the most essential tools for businesses of all types and sizes. This is because they provide a central system for managing all day-to-day tasks and individual business functions. Their goal is to improve the overall performance of the company. But with the multitude of options available, you may find it difficult to choose the right software for your business. So what are the best ERP programs?

Here are our four best invoicing software for small businesses.

  1. SAP Business One

    One of the most popular ERP programs (ERP programs or ERP software) is SAP Business One, which is used by many companies around the world. This particular ERP software allows users to automate basic accounting processes. These include accounts payable and receivable, journal entries, etc. Still, it offers a lot in the areas of marketing and sales.

    More specifically, it allows you to create and execute effective marketing campaigns, management and analysis of various individual marketing actions, paystub example. It has centralized storage and management of valuable customer data. It can also identify potential sales opportunities, etc.

    Another thing worth mentioning is that it generates extremely detailed and analytical reports. Thus, it offers quick access to information, tracking costs, revenue, cash flow, etc.

    Some of the most important advantages of SAP Business One are the good user experience with a user-friendly environment, the automatic updates for important information (without having to search for the user himself). Moreover it is famous for its fast installation and deployment of the software and its increased transparency in business operations.

  2. Epicor

    Epicor – like most ERP systems – offers a wide range of functions and applications. Examples are financial management, customer relationship management, ERP supply chain management, production, sales, etc. It is offered both as a Cloud solution and as an on-premise solution. One of its strongest features is that it incorporates social media-type communication capabilities. In addition, it greatly simplifies global supply chain management processes. How is this possible? Through multi-site tracking, faster and more transparent transactions, and more.

    Some of the most important positive features of Epicor are the great flexibility with the option of choosing specific applications (modules), the excellent financial management with a particularly extensive suite of tools related to financial and accounting processes and the intuitive interface with easy navigation and table customization.

  3. Square

    Square Invoices excels at customizing invoices because it offers many ways to tailor invoices to your unique needs. You can choose from different templates, change invoice colors, edit invoice fields, and upload your company logo to make your invoices more professional.

    However, the platform’s payment features are not as extensive as other platforms. For example, it doesn’t automatically calculate the appropriate sales tax rate to apply to an invoice based on the customer’s location. Additionally, we think its payment processing feature could have been simplified by allowing customers to make payments via a payment link – another reason why Square Invoices is included in the ours. Additionally, because it’s dedicated solely to invoicing, it lacks essential accounting features, such as expense tracking and bank reconciliation. If you need accounting features along with invoicing, you may need to explore more powerful software like QuickBooks Online or specific accounting integrations like Square QuickBooks integration.

    However, hosting QuickBooks on the cloud provides additional benefits and streamlines your accounting with robust security and remote collaboration.

    Square Invoice, included with a free Square account, allows you to provide estimates for multiple plans. This is useful for managing projects that require different types of work. Square is a merchant service provider with no monthly fees, which makes Square Invoices a great choice if your business processes credit card transactions under $10,000 per month or if you use Other Square services. If not, you can learn more about the provider’s offerings with our guide to what Square is and how it works.

    It has good payment features as well as affordable credit card processing speeds for low-sized businesses. While it doesn’t have as many features as standalone invoicing or accounting options, it allows you to create, send, and track invoices online or through mobile apps. You can also create automatic payment reminders and recurring payments.

  4. Freshbooks

    FreshBooks has almost the same invoicing features as many similar platforms. However, because it only includes one user across all of its plans, we think it’s a better option for individual business owners and freelancers.

    The main difference between other platforms and FreshBooks when it comes to invoicing is that the former automatically calculates sales tax to apply to invoices based on your customer’s location. With FreshBooks, you must manually configure sales tax for each state. That means, if your business serves customers in different states, you may prefer others to FreshBooks.

    FreshBooks offers great invoices and has all the features of a complete accounting system. It accepts online payments, automatically calculates late fees, generates recurring invoices, and prints a list of unpaid invoices. Additionally, it will connect with your bank to import transactions, reconcile bank accounts and credit cards, and print basic financial reports like balance sheets and profit and loss statements. (P&L).

    FreshBooks integrates seamlessly with time tracking and project management features, allowing you to easily turn tracked hours into billable entries on your invoices. This is especially useful for service businesses that charge by the hour. It is best for Freelancers and solopreneurs. If you’re a freelancer, FreshBooks is one of the best accounting software, however it is simpler than other platforms. It’s a suitable accounting and invoicing software for users without bookkeeping knowledge and experience as it is easy to understand and use. FreshBooks started as an invoice creation software before venturing into bookkeeping. It is popular for its powerful invoicing capabilities that combine flexible customization and efficiency, such as modifying invoice designs and adding elements.