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Seven Easy Ways to Write Better Titles for Your Blog Posts

Let’s get straight to the point. Do you need strong titles that will catch readers’ attention from the first glance and will leave no doubt whether to read the post or not? Yes?

There are several simple and obvious ways to write such titles. To do it, you do not need to be a copywriting guru; you already know all the tricks. Sometimes you forget some of them. Let me refresh your memory.


    Do you remember that most website visitors are human scanners? They do not read meticulously every word you write but simply go through the text, stopping their eyes for milliseconds on some words or paragraphs.

    Do you know what catches attention most of all? It is something that talks about you or speaks directly to you.

    Readers got used to all these “top quality materials”, “environmentally friendly technologies”, “military-grade security.” But if you address the reader in the title and show that he will receive something important and valuable, the visitor will stop and read further. And, so, you will achieve your goal.

    Just compare:

    “10 Lectures of the Best Business Speakers”


    “Attend 10 Business Lectures and Learn How to Promote Your Project”

    The benefit of the second title is obvious –people will learn something that will help them in specific projects.


    Let’s compare two titles:

    “ACMEVPN – The BestVPN Service for Mac Computers”


    “Focus on VPNs: 400,000 Users in 90 Countries Use ACMEVPN to Increase Privacy and Security”

    Which one sounds better? It is obvious that the second title is better. The second title does not groundlessly claim that the service is the best, but clearly shows how many people are already using this service.

    Writing titles, show that you can be trusted. Consider using the following:

    • The total number of your customers
    • The number of completed projects
    • The number of solved problems (patients cured, iPhones repaired, etc.)
    • The number of cities/countries where you serve your customers

    One more trick is to use a review/feedbackapproach. Let’s compare two titles:

    “Dr. Brown – the Best Weight Loss Specialist in Pasadena”


    “Dr. Brown helped me drop 40 lbs. in 100 days” –Barbara Smith, housewife from Pasadena

    Customer feedback works much better than constantly reusing the word “Best.” It is important, however, that the feedback is provided by a real client that can be contacted via email or phone.


    We all love to know when exactly we will get what we want. Consider this title:

    “How to Start a Profitable Online Business in 30 Days: Step by Step Guide”

    The above example is definitely better than:

    “How to Start Your Online Business from Scratch”

    If your product or service brings results within a relatively short time mention it in your title. But do not forget that customers want to get everything quickly. Therefore, if your proposal will bring fruits in more than a year, it is better not to specify this in the title.

    And in no case should you deceive potential customers. If you promise them the result in five days, and it turns out that you need three months, they will be extremely disappointed, and you will lose their trust.


    Here are good examples:

    “How to Organize a Webinar: Simple Guide for Beginners”

    “How to Launch an Effective Advertising Campaign on Facebook Today”

    “How to Become an AdWords Expert in Just 20 Minutes a Day”

    The above titles stress that it is very easy for anybody to accomplish certain things. Readers understand that no serious efforts are needed to do something.

    For articles that sell somethings, simplicity also works great. Let’s take a look at the below example:

    “Profitable Email Marketing: Copy – Paste – Send-Earn”

    The reader understands that no special knowledge or training is needed and that it would extremely easy to take advantage of the suggested techniques.

    Use similar constructions in your titles – and you will see how your audience engagement is growing.


    Titles that stress how to save somethings or avoid some types of losses are also great. The strongest impact, of course, comes from texts that tell how to save money, time, improve health, or maintain beauty.

    Here is a title that demonstrates that the described method will help you save money:

    “How to Generate Leads Two Times Cheaper Than You Do It Now”


    Do you know why cosmetics manufacturers invite beautiful women from the world of show business to advertise their products? Because all other women want to be like those celebrities. A star that shines on the red carpet is an authority when it comes to beauty.

    So, you can use the power of authority in your titles. For example, you can use:

    • The name of the famous chef who tested your pans or knives
    • The name of the show business star who uses your cosmetics
    • The name of the fashion blogger who wears your t-shirts

    Find a person who is respected by your target audience and think about how you can use his name in your title.

    It is not always possible to find a celebrity to test your products, but there is a way out. Perhaps during some interviews, this person favorably mentioned some properties, characteristics, qualities of your product. Mention this in the title, and you will strengthen it greatly.

    By the way, this also works for blog articles. For example, just a list of business books is, of course, good, but you can increase the value of your article if you make a list of books read by a well-known entrepreneur.


    You already know that the limited nature of a proposal strengthens the desire to accept it. Many marketers use the principle of scarcity in titles. Emphasize that:

    • Your offer is valid for a limited period of time
    • Your offer is available only to the first (100, 1000, etc.) customers
    • You have a certain number of pieces left in stock


Let me guess what you are thinking right now. You may think that you already know all these obvious tips, right? Well, yes, I did not promise to get you a magic wand.

But think about how often do you use all these methods in practice? I hope that after reading this article, you’ll be less likely to panic, looking for some super cool words and the difficulties of creating a great title will go away.

Dominique René Author

Dominique René is a young content writer who is currently working for MacSecurity.net. She is inspired by the present-day groundbreaking technological progress.

Dominique’s overwhelming enthusiasm for tech matters stems from her current research in college and innate aspiration to expand her academic outlook.

She’s committed to staying on top of innovative trends in computer security, online privacy, threat intelligence, cryptocurrencies, and cloud solutions.