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Reasons Why WordPress Is Perfect for Small Businesses

WordPress Is Perfect for Small Businesses
Do you still think having a website for a small business is a waste of time and money? Then think again!! In today’s digital world, we are dependent on internet for every bit of information and in fact, in 98% of the cases we chose / prefer the brand which we have seen online.

Right? Exactly the similar way, it is very essential even for small businesses to have their website. WordPress has brought a revolution in the website industry. Now, you don’t need hardcore technical knowledge for development of a website, leave everything to WordPress.

You need to have a WordPress website not only to mark your online presence but to stand ahead of your competitors and gain a global recognition. Here are some reasons Why to choose WordPress as your website platform.

  1. Marketing

    The main focus for any business website is marketing and promoting services & products of that business. WordPress provides the required recognition globally and converts your simple small business into a well established Brand worldwide. As WordPress is powered by powerful plugins for social media support such as twitter, Facebook etc you can easily connect your website with social platforms and make everyone acknowledge of your services and online presence.

  2. Budget Friendly

    WordPress is totally free which makes it fall in the budget of small business owners. It offers a single click installation process and is very easy to manage, use and customize. helps you build free website. It offers its own domain space and provides a sub domain name as well, but the features available are limited. To enjoy full features, you can go for self hosted options at

    You can download and install the software for free. It is an open source development platform which means its API are open to everyone and anyone can contribute in developing advanced features for it.

  3. No Technical Knowledge required

    WordPress is very easy to use and manage even by a non-technical person. Most of the hosting comes with a single click installation process. You can easily customize your themes according to your requirements. The plugins make your work even easier. You have a plugin for every functionality be it having a slider or a gallery or connecting with PayPal or turn into a shopping site with Woo-commerce. Just name functionality and you have plugin ready for that.

  4. Earn Money

    Yes!!! You can even earn money with your website and boost your income. There are plugins available for that. You can also sign for Google Ads and some company Affiliation programs such as Amazon, EBay. These companies will pay you money for displaying your ads on your website and additional money if that ad gets clicked. Isn’t that exciting?

  5. Highly Responsive and all Browser compatible

    You don’t have to waste money for developing two websites: one for mobile and other for desktop. WordPress is the perfect solution for this. The themes are highly responsive which means they hold back their original layout irrespective of the device (desktop, tablet or Smartphone).
    All WordPress themes are browser compatible which means they have same layout across all major browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla, Safari and Internet Explorer.

  6. High Rankings on Google

    The process of getting higher rankings on Search Engines is called SEO which is search engine optimization. WordPress come with in-built SEO feature. The more unique content you will provide, WordPress will automatically rank your website and content on the first page of Search Engines such as Google, yahoo, Bing etc.

  7. Themes for all

    Themes are the design templates. These are freely available for all types of categories and domains for you business. Select the appropriate one and get it customized. There are two types of themes available: one are free themes and the other ones are paid ones, better known as Premium themes. You have themes for tourism, photography, school, education, food and health, computers, professionals etc. choose the one which suits best for your business.

  8. 24/7 support

    The main success of any business is not the monetary gains but it is the customer satisfaction. WordPress has the biggest online support community and forums for problem solutions. Experts and Professionals are present 24/7 to resolve your problems and giving a perfect solution to that. You can also read the threads, as it may be possible that the problem encountered by you or a similar problem has already been resolved somewhere in the threads.

  9. Secure and reliable

    The biggest x-factor responsible for growth of WordPress is that it provides a very secure and robust platform. It is indeed the most secure software as compared to its counter parts. WordPress keeps on releasing updated security patches so that your website is not affected by any kind of attacks or security breaches with the changing technologies.

  10. Easy to Learn

    WordPress is very easy to learn. In fact you can learn it within a couple of days and can become expert in customization. No need to hire professionals for simple things like changing colors, installing plugins etc. but in case you need something which is to changed from code, then you can hire a developer or freelancer to be on the safer side. You can get some easy tips and tricks from the WordPress forum which can be very handy in using WordPress and also keep on reading the articles posted about WordPress in the blog; this will make you updated about the new things happening in the industry.

  11. Plugins

    Plugins serve as the backbone of the WordPress. You can easily extend your functionality with the help of these plugins. Plugins perform the same function as apps perform for Smartphones. Currently, there are 50,000+ plugins available at the WordPress website and the number is still under counting. Plugins make your website look and offer what you want. Starting from adding woo-commerce for your shopping app, PayPal integration, Facebook& twitter integration, news, Slider, gallery etc.

Wrapping up: The Final Words

WordPress is a powerful platform for developing strong, secure, flexible and robust websites. Keeping in mind of small business, making the world feel your online presence would be difficult and will require a dedicated effort but WordPress comes to your rescue. It provides all the features which are required for a well established website. Due to it responsive designs, you will also gain a significant increase in traffic from mobile devices as well. So, don’t waste time in the thinking process as if you won’t act smart then your competitor will!!! Build a website with WordPress and paint the world RED!!!! Good Luck.