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Quality at Pace: 6 Ways to Accelerate Content Creation

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How often have you considered speeding up your content creation process but wanted to avoid rushing creativity or ending up with low-quality content? Because of this fear, many companies miss significant opportunities and fail to implement the right processes that can make their content production workflows faster, all while creating more engaging content!

In this article, we want to walk you through several methods that many companies have started implementing in their processes and reported outstanding results! With the help of these simple but effective methods, you’ll level up your content creation process, freeing your time for a creativity boost.

Benefits of accelerating your content production process

Speeding up your content production can offer so many advantages to businesses. Here are some of the main advantages of speeding up your content creation:

  • Effective time management: Once you start using templates and automating repetitive content-related tasks, and leveraging email templates, as well as integrating an employee time tracking app can further optimize your team’s schedule, allowing them to allocate more time to strategic aspects of content creation.
  • Higher content quality: Your team gets more time to refine and improve all the elements of content, focusing on the creativity of each content piece.
  • Increased output and scale: When you speed up content production, your team has more time to generate more content. This is great for companies that seek to reach a wider audience.
  • Consistent content across channels: Accelerating content creation facilitates a more consistent presence across various marketing channels.

How to accelerate content creation

There are so many ways to increase the content production process of your company. Below you can find the ones that are super easy to implement but will give you great results:

  • Use templates for content creation

    Using templates in your content creation process is one of the keys to producing fast yet high-quality pieces. You might wonder, “How do templates help with this task?” The easiest way to speed up the process is to have a library of templates for different types of content you create often, like a landing page, an ebook, a blog post, a social media post, or a video.

    You can use templates provided by content production tools or create your own with your team. When your team needs to create a new piece of content, they can save time by customizing existing templates instead of starting from scratch.

    templates for content creation

  • Repurpose your content

    Creating fresh content for every platform takes too much time and effort. It is more efficient to use the same content for blog articles, email marketing campaigns, and social media platforms customizing the content based on the platform’s requirements and needs.

    For instance, you can create a video for your social media platforms using an existing blog post. You can also summarize the key points from your podcast and create an article or social media post, etc.

    The main important thing to remember here is that you need to adjust the tone of voice and content format to the specific platform. Blog posts are usually in long form, while Facebook posts are way shorter and attention-garnering.Not only texts but also images need to be adjusted to the platform. To speed up this process, marketing teams use tools with presets and easily adjust the sizes in minutes!

  • Use AI-powered tools

    With the help of AI, you can create any kind of content more easily and quickly. Whether it’s image, video, or text creation, AI tools are there to speed up the process.

    For instance, you can generate a blog article by providing a simple prompt to an AI tool, and within a few minutes, you’ll have a draft ready for your blog. Additionally, you can effortlessly distribute the published blog post by utilizing an AI chatbot connected to your website. AI image generators can be employed to produce striking visuals for your articles. Hiring a designer or an illustrator to use such tools will definitely help you save cost and use the tools efficiently. Organizations these days look for a designer who specializes in creating compelling visuals through AI rather than hiring a set of designers. This eventually leads to saving time and cost!

    It’s important to note that content generated by AI tools doesn’t have to be flawless. Such texts can serve as the groundwork for your articles, providing a starting point for your writing process, which is often the most challenging part.

    AI-powered tools

  • Create a clear brand guideline

    Although you can use templates to accelerate the content production process, you should ensure that each content piece aligns with your brand. You can achieve brand consistency with the help of brand guidelines that your team should consider when creating any type of content.

    If a company has clear brand guidelines, team members won’t waste time searching for them. They’ll have them saved and can refer to them whenever they need to create content. This ensures the team doesn’t do double work if the content doesn’t fit their brand identity.

    The brand guideline is usually created by the employees who are responsible for the branding of the company and includes the following parts:

    • A web page about the company and its brand identity.
    • A company logo and steps on how and when to use the logo.
    • Company brand colors.
    • Brand fonts and typography guidelines. These are usually the fonts that the content team should use in social media platforms, printing material, websites, and anywhere content is published.
    • Brand images and how to select them for various marketing platforms.
  • Implement content planning and management tools

    You can’t produce content consistently without having a clearly defined content strategy. One of the keys to success in content marketing is the consistency and timely distribution of content across various marketing channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. or you can include all of your communication channels in one place by creating a digital business card. To make this process more organized and time-saving, you should use content planning and task management software. These tools allow you to see the big picture of your content plan and break down tasks for efficient management.

    Make sure to create a content plan that includes generated ideas, keywords, SERP ranking, SEO goals, the use of relevant tools, and their implementation in the process to reach your marketing goals. Once you have all these elements added to your content calendar, your team will have a general understanding of the kind of work you expect from them to be done.