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Mobile App Development Mistakes You Must Avoid

Mobile app development forums and mobile app developers are forever discussing and thinking about innovative ways and means for developing fabulous mobile software. Everyone seems to be eager to learn tricks and tips about creating a top-selling, most engaging mobile app that is sure to win instant success in the app development field.

Today you have access to numerous app development tutorials and books both offline and online. If you use them you could sharpen your skills.

In this context, you must realize that no learning process could ever be complete without being aware of the common pitfalls associated with the mobile app development field.

You must avoid these mistakes if you wish to emerge successful. Here are some common mistakes that you need to avoid during the app development process.

Do Not Use Each & Every Built-In Feature

Often amateur app developers are tempted to use each & every built-in feature in the app. The majority of the smartphones come with fantastic features like accelerometer, GPS, camera, Gyroscope etc. The mobile app developer must understand clearly exactly what he wants his app to do.

He must focus on the unique characteristics and distinctive functions of his app. You must determine precisely how your app would be serving your users. If you think that by developing an app that attempts to make the most of all the inbuilt features, your app would become top-selling, you are sadly mistaken.

Make sure that the first version of the mobile app focuses primarily on catering to the immediate requirements of the user.

You must concentrate solely on your precise target audience. You may consider introducing a few more features gradually in the subsequent versions of your mobile app.

This would be an effective way of consistently upgrading your app. You must pay utmost attention and give maximum importance to UX or User Experience. Click here to learn more about mobile app development in Mumbai.

Developing Intricate and Elaborate User Interfaces

Your app’s first version must have intuitive and easily navigable User Interface. The UI must be so easy and instinctive that your user would be learning to use it pretty quickly without the help of the manual.

The User Interface is of great importance; hence, it needs to be precise, to the point, simple, and nicely laid-out.

The average user is not tech-savvy and they are happy to enjoy just the fundamental features in their mobile devices. Nobody is impressed if you overdo while developing your mobile app. No one really wants complicated UI.

Include Excessive Mobile Platforms

Do not initially start developing for multiple platforms at one go. Your costs would be going up manifold if you try to add multiple mobile platforms and numerous features to your very first version itself. This could prove to be counter-productive and the app would not be successful.


You must carry out ample research and choose only the most appropriate platforms for your mobile app. You must come up with realistic and attainable objectives. You must remember to take one step at a time and fulfill one objective at one go.