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Learning from industry’ leaders: how to boost business indicators by redesigning a mobile app?

As a founder of a digital enterprise, you care about business profitability. But what if your competitors have modernized and optimized their services while you were just thinking about it? In such a case there’s a high possibility the customers will leak for more appealing, eye-pleasing platforms with flawless routes for user’s navigation. The actionable way to stop it is to shape a new user experience by providing positive emotions caused by dealing with the service. How to reach this?

To increase the customer orientation and attractiveness of the service, consider such a tool as redesign.

One brilliant example of a fruitful redesign demonstrates the Airbnb app. In 2014, the company performed an entire redesign of its app, which included changes to the design, functional side, and booking process. As a result, the average booking receipt increased by 15-20%, and the number of app downloads increased by 30%.

As you see the idea to redesign mobile app can turn out to be a rewarding choice under the pressure of tough competitiveness. It brings a notable harvest in terms of increasing efficiency and profitability.

The Purrweb is ready to present you with a bouquet of insights if you’re struggling with the lack of clear vision on how to redesign mobile app creatively. Leaning on their practical expertise you can define which type of service you precisely need. In some cases it’s enough to create an alternative interface, in others it makes sense to redesign mobile app at a deeper level: change architecture, add some new features, or delete those that are excessive. To get under the skin of the issue, let’s sort out the “Lego bricks” for constructing redesign mobile app.

Steps leading to unraveling results

When we’re talking about effective work, the zero steps is to catch inspiration. Let’s remind another example of how redesign mobile app became an effective contribution to the apps’ demand. Pinterest. The company redesigned its app in 2016 and added a “search by image” feature. This equipped users with the opportunity to find the content they were interested in quickly and accurately, which led to increased activity on the platform and increased time users spent on the site.

  • Research of business environment and analysis of product’s usability

    The main principle of application redesign is focusing on the needs and preferences of target users. Speaking to the point, include in
    the plan to redesign mobile app the researchers’ activity. Your task is to figure out what people think of your product, their likes, and dislikes, and how they see an improved version of the platform. Deep interviews, questionnaires, tests, and analysis of users’ reviews can clear up the picture. Another point to the score can be received by exploring competitive solutions: what customers talk about them and their weak and strong features. Take onboard actionable insights and emulate the most advanced practices from competitors.

  • Conduct a UX audit of the existing service

    Entrust the task to experts who know how to check the user-friendliness of the current solution. It’s essential to see the “bottlenecks” in a user’s journey on the app to get enough data for their elimination.

  • Devise a UI/UX design concept for a new version

    Idea+Wireframing+Prototyping equals a new clickable model of the product that can be tested with real users for assessing its convenience and attractiveness. If the tests showed the interface is cute, it’s time to move on in a redesign mobile app to the next step: development.

  • Frontend and backend development

    By coding, the IT engineers will breathe life into the product empowering it to fulfill its operations at the top level.

  • Testing, release, and maintenance

    After the job is done, it’s time to fix all imperfections and make sure the service is free from drawbacks and bugs, and if everything is OK, launch it on the market. Try to oversee the budget for post-launch support since there’s always a need for polishing and updating when we’re talking about competitive products.

How to assess the results of redesign

Whether your business purposes were reached in the result of a redesign mobile app, the product analysts are competent to answer. They can compare the platform metrics with those requirements the business set and confirm if the idea to redesign mobile app brought benefits to users’ deeper engagement, retention and loyalty, and increase of profitability as a result. There are noticeable signals if the work was performed skillfully:

  • People spend more time in the application;
  • They leave favorable reviews and ready to recommend it to colleagues and friends;
  • They spend more money and return regularly to the platform.

When you create a design that will appeal to the target users and meet their needs, it entails favorable changings for the business.

To sum up

Good work starts from the desire to get to know your audience closer – identify the customers you want to reach, their needs related to the app. The things that will contribute to the leveraging efficiency:

simplifying navigation. Make the application intuitively understandable. Users don’t like to spend a lot of time looking for what they need. Use logic and consistency to help users quickly find the information they need.

Update color palette and fonts. The graphical part can greatly affect the user experience of an application. Make sure your app looks modern and enticing.

Improve features. Learn which app features are used the least and which ones are used the most. Make sure the main features of the app are easily accessible. Then add new features to increase the usability of the app.

Make an analysis. After implementing new functionalities, analyze how they affected the profitability of the business. Use analytics tools to track how often customers use the app. This will help determine which changes have been most successful.

And, of course, keep the finger on the pulse of the industry trends: learn best practices from today’s industry leaders. Pay attention to their design, color palette, features, marketing strategies, and performance, and implement the impressive features in your products.