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Is Instagram a Better Marketing Platform than Twitter?

Over the past few years, there has been a boom on the use of social media to reach customers. Most brands have embraced the idea with obvious positive results seen. The reason is simple.

More and more people are joining these social networks. The question that comes up in most cases is that of the best social network to communicate with your customers.

People have had the argument between Twitter and Instagram to no avail since most will support the platform that is easier to use for them. For those who have had a feel of both, you can attest to the ease of Instagram marketing and the truth remains to be seen.

I will pick Instagram

The Twitter versus Instagram wrangle about has been exceptionally fascinating no doubt. We’ve seen a few advertisers and enormous brands begin to move far from intensely concentrating on Twitter and put more exertion toward Instagram.

At this moment, Instagram is the place customers live. In any case, does that mean you ought to escape and disregard Twitter as well?

Not really. We’ll break down some of the similarities and differences between the two social networks and help you get a clearer picture of which one is best for your brand.

A variety of features

Instagram has a wide range of features from which you can choose. They include picture posts, short videos, disappearing videos, direct messaging, boomerang videos, and the most recent, live videos. The other feature is the save section that allows a user to privately save some posts that they may wish to revisit later.

All these features make the communication of the said brand to be simple and flexible. You can use this to make your messages feel closer to your customers since they express your products more comfortably.

Use of Instagram stories enables you to explain posts that aren’t so easy to sum up in photos. The advent of live videos enables you to explain your brand to consumers who ask questions in the comment section.

Flexibility at its best

In the recent past, you may have noticed that you can add more functions to your profile, including directions to your location, making it easier for customers to find you.

You can also add your contact information to make it easier for customers to get in touch with you. These can all be done with the simple touch of an icon on your profile page.

The other thing you can do is to add a direct purchase link to your posts that makes it easier for your customers to buy your products online without hassles. You can then be sure to attract more customers since people like things that are not so complicated.

User-friendly interface

Instagram has a simple-to-understand interface compared to Twitter. There is a large number of people that have no idea on how to use Twitter to date.

It has been shown that it is easier to understand the use of Instagram, making more of your customers to interact with your posts on this platform. Such interaction can give you free Instagram likes on your posts, giving you more exposure and therefore more sales. This can drive your sales a notch higher.

Twitter versus Instagram: Engagement

Instagram has the most drawn in clients of any informal organization. Instagram concentrates on keeping clients stuck to the application while they’re perusing with practically no diversions.

There are no interactive connections in the inscriptions or promotions to outer destinations when looking through a bolster.

By barring pointless components, Instagram can keep customers concentrated on the substance that is being posted, which is an immense preferred standpoint for your organization.

Twitter versus Instagram: Functionality

That is a decent segue into the following point, which is usefulness. Instagram keeps you inside the application deliberately. The organization highlights the substance clients share. The esteem originates from inside the application.

Twitter is basically a substance appropriation apparatus. There isn’t particularly unique substance on Twitter, and the system fundamentally comprises of individuals sharing connections or live updates.

It’s about after what’s happening progressively. The estimation of Twitter originates from the substance you find on different locales. Envision if individuals couldn’t Tweet joins. It wouldn’t be so effective as it is today.

This doesn’t imply that either approach is superior to the next, they’re quite recently extraordinary. Contingent upon your image’s objectives, one may be more ideal than the other.

For example, if your organization has an active blog and you have a consistent supply of fresh content that you need to promote, Twitter is a must-have. It’s one of the easiest ways to share your content on social media.

In any case, suppose you don’t have an organization blog or your site is genuinely static. It may bode well to exploit Instagram. You can share quality substance on Instagram and keep a connection to your site in your profile to what you’re attempting to advance right now.

Social media is pivotal to the operation of businesses. Instagram provides a simpler way to reach your consumers compared to other social networks.

With a large number of followers, it will be easier for you to progress over time and to keep your Instagram account safe and clean may look at the Instagram follower tracker. This is not to say you should abandon other social media. Simply give more credence to Instagram.

Walter Moore Author

Walter Moore is an experienced digital marketer attached to a top-notch SEM-based startup in Boston. He is a social media marketing specialist. He is into active blogging in his free time. You can read his blogs to learn more about receiving free Instagram likes.