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How to Successfully Onboard WordPress Contractors to Your Business?

Strategic employee onboarding continues to be the primary focus of many businesses in 2020. There are many organizations invested in improving the onboarding experience.

The onboarding experience helps to increase engagement, minimize time to proficiency, and of course, reduce turnover.

As per the research by Glassdoor, organizations can improve employee retention by 82% and productivity by 70% with a robust onboarding process.

Contractors had many opportunities when it came to when they wanted to work, and thus, it is essential to engage your developer from the first day.

Having a strong employee onboarding process help to accomplish engagement and new hires faster. Improving how you work with a developer will have a positive impact on your business.

Here is the Guide to follow steps towards being a pro in dealing with WordPress developer working with your business.

How to make onboarding successful?

The process of welcoming and integrating new employees into your company is known as onboarding. To make onboarding successful, you have to follow the proper process by assigning roles.

A successful employee onboarding is a continuous process starting when the best candidate accepts the job offer. Organizations should need to do their best to engage employees if they want the employee to show up on their first day.

There is no doubt, onboarding is one of the powerful weapons for retaining and hiring employees if it is done correctly.

Responsibility of Onboarding New Employees

From HR to the IT department, everyone in the organization plays a crucial role in onboarding new employees, including the CEO. HR is the person who acts as a coordinator for the onboarding process and assigns new employees to their respective team managers.

The integration of HR software is integral to the onboarding process, aiding HR professionals in managing tasks such as documentation and employee information tracking more efficiently, thereby fostering a streamlined and collaborative workflow with team managers.

There are mainly four things to consider before hiring WordPress development for your business project.

  1. Before Hiring Tips

    No matter how big or small your website is, you should consider some of the important points to hire experienced WordPress development for your project.

    Language Isn’t A Barrier
    One of the crucial things is to consider is the language barrier. You should ensure that your hired developer should communicate clearly and effectively regarding your project’s requirements.

    No matter what language you both speak, there will be open and transparent communication that delivers excellent results on your project.

    Time- Zone
    When you are searching for WordPress developers on a contract basis, ensure to consider time zones. When you are hiring prospective contractors, he might not be available, as he is probably offline or sleeping due to different time zone.

    There are some organizations preferring contractors working in different time zones, so they can send a request at the end of the day and work being delivered once they wake up.

    When it comes to working with a different time zone, there is no right or wrong method. It’s all about how you manage your work.

    Be Responsive
    The only goal of your company is to complete your project on defined time, no matter where your WordPress contractor resides and what time zone, they are in.

    Thus, when looking to hire a WordPress developer, you should ensure to check whether or not the selected one is a better match than others.

    It would be great to be responsive and answering a prospective candidate’s questions. Answering instantly helps towards the project’s completion promptly.

  2. While Hiring Tips

    There’s no doubt project brief helps to get the best results you are looking for. So, you need to create a project brief to speed up the development process. There are certain things you should brief to the contractors, such as:

    Define your budget
    Define a plan of action by doing some research to know the cost of your project. It would be great to go for a free consultation and ask a contractor about his/her view and project estimation, especially when considering Toku token compensation for project contributors, as it can provide a unique approach to incentivizing and rewarding valuable contributions.

    Set the Goals
    It is essential to set up goals with specific outcomes to make the process easier. It also helps you to complete a project on time.

    Define Deadlines
    Defining deadlines for both organization and contractor helps to set realistic expectations. It also helps contractors to plan schedule and resources in better ways. Utilizing employee online scheduling software streamlines the process of setting and managing deadlines for both organization and contractors, facilitating better planning of schedules and resources.

    Define Success Criteria
    Many things are coming under success criteria such as increasing brand awareness, increase the number of newsletter subscriptions, generate more traffic, and so on. You can define your own success criteria to measure your project success.

  3. The Project Starts

    After hiring WordPress contractors, it’s time to make a project “contractor ready,” so your hired contractor starts the development part. Here are the things you should prepare upfront at your end:

    • Login credentials for your WordPress website
    • FTP logins and URLs
    • Graphics like a logo and other images
    • Content for homepages, landing pages, product descriptions, and so on
    • Other tools or services you’d need the contractor to work with

    Once you have done with all such material, ensure to share the details with contractors along with a proper presentation so that it won’t waste time.

    It’s Time to Be A Manner
    Being the project’s owner, you play a vital role in the whole process. From delivering all the project’s details to providing answers and clearing doubts, you are the one who’s asked everything to run the project successfully. There are certain things to follow to run the project smoothly:

    • Use tracking tools like Trello, Asana, Basecamp, etc. Even a Google Spreadsheet also provides you the best result.
    • Bitbucket works best for code repositories, revisions, and comments.
    • Provide constructive feedback by communicating proactively. You can also try to anticipate questions as the project progresses.
    • You can also share your examples like prototypes or mockups and add comments to remove misunderstandings.
  4. And the Project Complete

    It’s time to mark the complete once your project is done. Now, the final thing to do is verify all the project’s requirements, which is delivered. Ensure to check whether or not it is done within the agreed timeframe.

Priyal Patel Author

Priyal Patel is a Managing Director at FasTrax Infotech – Best Web Development Company in the USA for the last twelve years. He’s also a passionate writer, who loves to write about technology and the latest tech trends. A director by day and reader & cook by night, Priyal also loves to do photography.