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How to Remove Query Strings from Static Resources in WordPress

Do you know what is website URL? Let me tell you about website URL. It stands for uniform resource locator and comprises of different components like protocol, domain name and a path. All these parts of URL work together to reach a specific web page and show it on display.

Sometimes we see some additional parameters in URL which are called query strings. These query strings help to filter and organize data on a web page. Customers can find the targeted product on e-commerce websites through query strings.

However, there are some drawbacks of query string as it can cause duplication in content, loss of crawling and minimize the loading speed. The best way to prevent form these query strings it eradicate these strings through static resources in WordPress.

Here, we are going to explain more details about this problem and the reasons why and how you need to remove these query strings. There are different ways to remove these query strings that involve the addition of code to theme or by using plugins.

What Is a Query String?

First of all, we should know what query string is. It is basically a set of characters after question mark in a URL. This query string works as URL parameter that helps in sorting and specifying content on a website. Let’s see an example of query string.


The symbol of question mark in the above example identifies the query string. If there are more strings, they can be shown in combination with the symbol of ampersand & as shown below.


Scripts and style sheets identify a file version by sing query strings. Wordpress developers use query strings to from cache-busting, it is phenomenon by which new files replace the cached files. In this way, the wrong files won’t be cached if new files are available.

Why Remove a Query String?

Query strings are very significant for the versioning of files. They can help to separate files within the same file depth and prevent from caching problems. However, these strings are only important for dynamic resources. These refer to personalized content for visitor like a shopping cart, user profile, or login information.

Therefore, static resources like CSS, JavaScript, images and videos don’t require any query string. Actually, they help to prevent web servers from caching data. Sometimes when you check the speed of your site with tools like GTMetrix, Pingdom or Page Speed Insight, they recommend you to remove query strings from static resources. If you are not expert, you can get the services of web developer to remove these query strings.

Remove Query Strings From Static Resources in WordPress

You can remove query string from static resources in WordPress by using two different methods. In the first method, we add code to functions.php file while in the second we need to install WordPress plugin.

However, some people use CDN (content delivery network) to fetch web data. These are exceptional case where CDN cache query string automatically. If you are not using CDN, then you have to follow the one of previous methods to remove strings.

Remove Query Strings from Static Resources with Code

If you are going to use code editing method, we recommend you to develop a backup of your website. This is necessary because if anything goes wrong, you still have the option to restore your site’s data.

You can access to your theme’s php file by two different methods. The first method is through hPanel if you are hostinger client while if you are using WordPress then go to your dashboard. Select appearance and theme editor. Now search functions.php file on the right sidebar.

Using Plugins to Remove Query Strings from Static Sources

If you are uncomfortable with above mentioned methods, use plugins like Speed Booster Pack to remove query strings from static resources. It is one of the best wordpress plugins that can help to speed up your website’s loading.

This plugin has the feature to remove query strings from static resources. To install this plugin, open your WordPress dashboard, go to plugins and click on Add New. Search for the speed booster pack, then install and activate it.

After activating the plugin, open the menu and select tweaks. Tap the “ON switch” next to the Trim query strings option to activate it. Now click to Save after completing. It’ll definitely remove query strings from all of your static resources.

Best Plugins to Remove Query Strings From Static Resources

Different plugins are available for WordPress sites to remove query strings from static resources. These plugins can help to boost your website’s speed.

  1. WP Rocket

    WP Rocket is one of the most useful and efficient cache plugin which has fast setup process that distinguish it from other cache plugins. This plugin start working on its own to cache your website as you activate it.

    The simple user interface makes it more attractive and users can manage website caching easily even if they don’t have technical knowledge. All the options are available with brief description and links to relevant pages.

    To remove query strings from static resources with WP Rocket, go to the Basic Settings option and click on File Optimization and go ahead to Remove query strings from static resources box.

    This plugin has not free version and offers three pricing plan ranging from $49 to $249. This is one time fee and you’ll have to pay annually to get support and updates.

  2. W3 Total Cache

    W3 total cache is another good wordpress plugin that provides free solution to boost website loading speed. The plugin is compatible with most of the hosting plans. AMP (accelerated mobile pages) also supports this plugin to improve the mobile-users experience.

    This plugin has the feature to remove query strings from static resources. After installing the plugin, go to Performance -> Browser Cache and enable the Removal of query strings from static resources option.

    Additionally, to prevent your WordPress site from creating query strings again, you can go to Browser Cache and tick the Prevent caching of objects after settings change option.

  3. WP Performance Score Booster

    WP Performance Score Booster is a free plugin that helps to do browser caching and remove query strings. With this plugin, you can boost your website performance on GTMetrix, PageSpeed, and Pingdom.

    This plugin is available with simple installation and easy configuration. One thing to remember before activating this plugin is to make sure GZIP compression is enable on your server.

    To eliminate query strings, click on Settings -> WP Performance Score Booster and click on the Remove query strings from static content and save your changes.


Query strings are essential for site URLs that contain characters like “?” and “&.” Dynamic assets use query strings to assist with web servers distinguish different resource renditions from each other.

However, the static assets don’t profit from question strings on the URLs. They prevent intermediary reserving servers to appropriately store your site. Hence, we recommend that you eliminate them to keep away from any issues in the future.