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How to Increase Website Traffic Using Video Content

You promote business on your webpage, but the result is not great? You have low involvement of subscribers, few clicks on your website link, and only a couple of real clients. Why is that?

For your PR campaign to work, you need to introduce new types of marketing actively. Did you know that the trend of 2017-2018 is a short video? Video content attracts the attention of subscribers, promotes the brand and increases sales.

Let’s discover why short videos are so cool and how to use them correctly so that marketing on your website brings results.

Why has a short video become a new trend?

You probably know that more than half of the people (65%, to be precise) are visuals. Add to them another 30% of audials and get 95% of subscribers who will rather watch the video than read the text.

People look through too much information every day; the time of their concentration is rapidly decreasing. Therefore, when creating commercials, the length of a video plays the leading role. The faster and easier the content, the more likely it is to attract the attention of subscribers. Short videos have time to interest the user before they go away from your website.

Fast video content is nuclear fuel, which will bring an explosive result.

Subscriber engagement increase

According to HubSpot, 55% of users watch videos to the end. This is the best indicator among all types of content. A short video is just a double win for your page.

According to the Brightcove video platform statistics, short videos in social networks gain 1200% more reposts than posts with text and pictures. And the likes and share’s increase the organic coverage of publications and brand recognition in social networks.

More traffic to the site

The ideal short video attracts attention, interests and most importantly – causes a desire to learn more about your business. Add a video on the site or add an interactive button – and you’ll notice an increase in traffic.

Growing confidence in your business

Video content makes the brand closer to potential customers. Short and memorable videos convey your values to the audience, solve problems, train, motivate and even amuse your subscribers. All this in the long term builds open and confidential relations with subscribers.

Increase in conversions and sales

70% of marketers and entrepreneurs believe that video brings more conversions than any other content.
Video marketing increases company profits by 49% a year compared to those companies that do not use it.

What is an explosive short video?


You already know that the less time a person spends watching a video, the better it works. What is the optimal length of the video?

According to the data collected by Wistia, the optimal length of a video is up to 2 minutes, and then the involvement of viewers falls with every second. Similar results were obtained by BuzzSumo company. According to their data, more users are attracted to 1-1.5 minutes videos.


AOL’s research has shown that quality is also a key characteristic of a video. More than half of the respondents (namely 58%) admitted that they lose patience and turn off the video if the quality does not suit them.

To create high-level video content, it is not necessary to use a photo studio, super-turned cameras, special effects, and professional actors. You can even shoot short and high-quality videos on your smartphone. The main thing is to understand what you want to show in your video, as well as to know the basic rules of shooting and editing.

To start with, use a simple tool for video editing. For example, free MP4 to FLV converter freemium from Freemake. It doesn’t require any special tech skills but let you perform simple video editing in a couple of clicks. What you need to do is to install the software on your Windows PC and drag-n-drop your video into it. Then open a built-in video editor and make changes to your video. You may cut parts out of it, rotate a clip or add a custom music track for your promo video like described here. After that, select a video format for your project and save the video to the chosen format to apply changes. Click “to FLV” option to embed the video on your website or blog with a ready HTML code.

Call to action

A competent call to action is the link between the video and the useful action that you are waiting for from the visitor. You can shoot amazing videos with thousands of likes and hundreds of reposts. But if you do not explain what the next step is after watching your video, you make a serious mistake. This is something that should be carefully conceived having in mind the views of design and branding services behind your project.

What can you get from a person? Ask to comment on the video, sign up, call, etc. Develop relationships with a potential client to convert it into a real one.

TOP-3 platforms for placing short videos

Your website is not the only place where you can post your video. Today the video format of the content is supported by all popular social networks. But this does not mean that you can create a movie and just upload it everywhere. Each platform has features that you should consider for your PR campaign to work.

Let’s look at three websites where the video will bring the maximum result.

  1. Facebook

    According to Animoto, Facebook is the most effective channel for promoting with video. It’s 8.4 times more efficient than others due to its autorun function. Short videos posted on Facebook often go viral. Recently, Facebook also announced its video platform Watch, an analog of YouTube, which will be useful for marketers and business owners.

    Here are a few insights for implementing short videos on Facebook:

    According to Digiday, 85% of the videos are watched without sound. So make sure that your video is understandable even without an audio track. Or add subtitles to it.

    Facebook ranks its videos higher than the links. According to a study by Social Bakers, an uploaded video will receive ten times more coverage than the link to video hosting.

    In addition to the standard video, test the new video formats on Facebook. Not all entrepreneurs have implemented them in their SMM. So you have a chance to stand out from the crowd.

    Live-broadcast. According to statistics, people comment on live inclusions ten times more often than on regular videos. Popular live videos last an average of 20 minutes. But with a maximum broadcast length of 4 hours, even this is relatively fast. In this format, it’s good to show preparation for events, answer questions, or quickly share with subscribers something interesting.

    360 ° panoramic video. This format allows you to change the viewing angle when watching a clip. According to a study by YuMe, 36% of users admit that round-robin videos attract them more often than regular videos. In this format, it’s good to shoot locations like office, shop, venue of the event. But keep in mind that you will need a particular camera for shooting.

  2. Instagram

    According to research conducted by Brand Networks, the percentage of video advertising in this social network has increased to 65% over the past year. Competing for the attention of subscribers and getting new followers has become more difficult. It is important that the video content is concise and catchy. Address to emotions, intrigue, bewitch and make subscribers laugh, provoke and entertain.

    The key role in creating content for Instagram is the video length. Short videos can be shared as a regular video (60 seconds) or in the format of stories (10 seconds).

  3. YouTube

    YouTube is the 2nd most visited site in the world after Google. Leveraging tools to schedule YouTube Shorts allows creators to maintain a consistent posting schedule, engaging audiences effectively and maximizing viewership on this highly trafficked platform. According to statistics, users watch about a billion hours (!) of video every day.

    This site specializes in video, so the requirements for video quality here are higher than in other social networks. And the length is not so important. By opening YouTube, the user is already ready to spend time here.

    On YouTube, your video competes with others while a user is watching it. It distracts the user, makes you forget about you and leave to watch videos with seals. How to keep them?

    • Offer the most useful content: training videos, reviews, how-to’s, etc.
    • Make sure the video engages from the first seconds.
    • Work on a title that will reflect the user’s request.
    • Make a qualitative description. It will attract targeted viewers.
    • Select a catchy frame for the splash screen.
    • Ten ways to use short videos in social networks.

So, we figured out why and where it’s worth placing video content to attract traffic to your webpage. Now I’ll tell you how to post short videos to get the attention of your visitors.

Teach the new things

Training videos are always top-notch content. Imagine that you can learn something in 2 minutes without making any effort. Cool? Your subscribers will like it. But teach what you are a pro. If you sell cosmetics, show how to do makeup for a party in the style of the 80’s.

Show your abilities

Another way to demonstrate competence is to show what you are capable of. Do you design interiors? Then take a video “before” and “after” and show how you turn a destroyed room into a cozy corner in the style of Provence. People should understand that if they decide to change their apartment style, they will come to you.

Demonstrate the product

It is the first thing that comes to mind to those who sell a particular product. Of course, it’s essential and necessary to talk about the product. But among dozens of video reviews, it is important to stand out and attract the visitor. Try to find a non-standard approach to the presentation, to get around competitors.

Note that this format can easily slide down to obsessive and uninteresting advertising. To avoid this, don’t speak about your product, but about the benefits that it will bring. No one cares how many megapixels will have a camera from the next iPhone (well, almost no one). It is essential that with it you will look cool.

Advise on choosing

This method is something between the training video and the demonstration of the product. It is often difficult to make the right choice when it comes to buying. Help your user, and they will be grateful to you.

Tell the basic rules of choice, share your personal experience. So the user will receive valuable advice (which is crucial for them), and a portion of the brand’s native advertising (which is essential to you) in the form of a logo, interactive buttons, etc.

Announce Events

If you often organize events, don’t forget about the video invitation. This format is more personal. It looks as if you call a subscriber to join you.

Tell them why it is worth it to participate, what will be interesting, and always leave a call to action. For example, ask to sign up.

Lift the curtain

You can share reviews and shoot expert videos, but never bring your customers to you. And you can shoot a video, like the whole team, including the founder, is working on packing a huge order, and you will be respected.

Show what happens behind the scenes of the business, and you will “humanize” your company. It’s important for the subscribers to see that you are “real,” that you like to joke, maybe lazy sometimes, and sometimes work late.

Meet the team

People prefer to deal with those they know. Therefore, it is so important to communicate your values, tell why you are better than others and who is responsible for the main stages of work in the company.

It can be a general video or a whole series of short videos, where you familiarize subscribers with each member of the team.

Share reviews

Feedback is an important tool for marketing strategy. Show how you solve the problems of real customers. It is the best way to arouse the trust of potential buyers.

Tell everything

Even if you do not have a product, an event, a command or a panoramic camera, you still need to take a video about something. Share valuable thoughts on the topic, tell the news, just be in the newsfeed and be useful.

Give emotions

When you turn to the mind, you sell the product. Such relations will end, as soon as the competitors become more profitable. But when you switch to emotions, you sell values. It helps build a unique relationship with the audience and turn customers into true fans.

One of the tasks of video content is to increase the loyalty of subscribers to your brand. To get it, not only you should teach and sell, but please and inspire.


Competent entrepreneurs are already using video content for getting more traffic to their pages. Try it too!
Use all ten ways to create a cool short video, and you will see how effective your marketing can be.