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How To Improve Your Website Using AI Tools

Websites have evolved into so much more since the 90s with the increasing number of online users and the rise of SEO. Brands/individuals must own and operate a website if they want to survive in this digital environment.

There are 5.18 billion internet users worldwide as of April 2023. An impressive number that will no doubt continue to grow even more in the coming years as new people join the internet.

To ensure that people stay on your website, you have to make sure that your site is running smoothly. Mediocre websites not only fail to rank high on search engines but also affect your visibility very badly.

All this would be hard to fix on your own if not for AI-based tools.

AI tools like AI Manga Generators are becoming increasingly popular as everyone is using them to assist in their duties ranging from simple and easy to solve to complex and human-like. In this article, we are going to discuss a few ways that will show how AI tools can provide value to your website.

6 Different Ways To Strengthen Your Website With AI Tools

  1. User Experience Enhancement with Chatbots

    AI tools can directly affect user experience by ensuring that consumer engagement goes over smoothly on websites using Chatbots. This technology has come a long way since ELIZA was introduced to the world. Early chatterbots were limited by their if/then nature.

    But ever since AI was implemented in IM bots, it has changed the automated customer support game. No longer do you have to wait a whole day or days to get a response back from a site’s customer representative to answer your queries?

    Therefore, it is much more attractive for websites to employ these AI workhorses as it eliminates the need of hiring workers to tend to chat support in off hours

    AI talkbots can perform those tasks near instantly and quite accurately too when provided with the right questions. Here’s how an AI-powered Chabot Sortlist works:

    New-age artificial conversation entities are powered by Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (More on NLP later). This writer personally envisions a future where human chat support will be completely replaced by its AI counterpart.

  2. Content Generation with AI Tools

    One of the most effective utilities of AI is in content creation. Tools such as ChatGPT need no introduction. Instead of looking for ways to create new content, you can use this AI tool to assist you with the content generation process based on your audience’s preferences. To make the process even easier, there are many free chatGPT prompt library examples, that you can use and find suitable prompts to get your desired results. Here’s how ChatGPT quickly generated a specific piece of content in no time:

    You can also write whole articles using this primitive tech if you know what you’re doing.

    Google is not penalizing AI-generated content yet however, Google is punishing websites for using copied (plagiarized) content.

    There’s a reason I call this a primitive tech and it’s because AI-generated content is giving pretty much the same data to its millions of users. There is no room for originality based on the outputs it’s providing alone.

    There is a need to improve or paraphrase it to pass it off as original content. You can paraphrase it either by yourself manually or can take assistance from different AI-powered tools available online. The one AI tool for online paraphrasing that I use occasionally is Paraphrase-online. Here’s the content I’ve got after paraphrasing the ChatGPT-generated text with Paraphrase-online:

    It gives your AI-generated content a human-level makeover with its advanced AI paraphrasing based on NLP. Use this tool in tandem with AI tools for improving the content creation rate. Your website will benefit greatly from it.

  3. Avoiding Google’s wrath via AI Plagiarism Checkers

    On paper, it seems that you’re in the clear of sanctions from Google. The reality is that your problems are not over yet. Content that is presumably original may still end up getting flagged by Google as plagiarized.

    Plagiarism occurs when due credit isn’t given to the original authors. Plagiarism has many types, the most common of which is accidental. This is the one we’re looking to avoid as it’s the most unintentional one but you still suffer for it.

    Despite major improvement with assistance from tools, there is a serious need to make certain that your content is original and free from any plagiarism traces. Original content offers more value and ranks better on search engines.

    Loads of tools check for plagiarism these days. These find plagiarism in your work by comparing it with millions of online resources. With the availability of multiple AI detection tools, Editpad’s plagiarism checker stands out a bit for its simple-to-use interface and deep plagiarism detection AI. Here’s how this online plagiarism checker provides results:

    This article was used as an example before publishing and came back as 100% unique content. You can consider these types of online plagiarism detection tools to ensure the originality of your work before publishing it online. Furthermore, the utilization of an AI humanizer to refine your AI-produced content could be beneficial. This will help you in avoiding Google’s wrath about plagiarized content.

  4. Boosting Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

    Conversion rate optimization is the implementation of tactics that increase the number of people taking your call-to-action to provide a desired outcome.

    There are several ways you can go about achieving CRO. To start, use the right headings, title tags, Meta descriptions, product descriptions, and more, all of which can be generated using AI-powered tools.

    If your website is providing value to users or answering their queries then it can boost your conversions

    A/B testing is a pivotal part of CRO for websites. As the name implies, you take two versions of the factors that you want to implement or are doubtful about. You then test them want to make sure which one works best.

    This removes the random luck element and shows that the version that comes out strong will work based on the results provided by this test. For example, say you’ve written a product description for your website but you’re not sure if it’s too long or just the right length.

    A/B testing will decide it for you.

  5. Website Performance Boosting

    A website’s health is tied directly to core web vitals such as LCP, FID, and CLS. Core web vitals determine how well your website is performing on a technical scale and what needs to be done to fix it if it needs fixing.

    You can use the data-driven insights provided by these tools to make changes that would be hard to identify on your own. These insights analyze user data and suggest improvements based on it

    Suggestions such as reducing image size or the areas of code that need improvement to help load your web pages faster. Website input lag is also a crucial aspect that AI tools can sniff out and offer suggestions on how to reduce it.

    Free-to-use tools such as SEOquake allow free website audits for a quick scan of the performance issues plaguing your website.

  6. Data Analytics and Insights

    Instead of relying on people to collect data from different KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to compile it in a presentable form that makes sense for everyone, use best AI tools in their place.

    AI tools can not only compile all this useful information but they can also provide these insights in an easy-to-understand manner. AI can be used to cut in line by obtaining useful data from analytics instead of doing it on your own.

    That data then be can used to understand the various user patterns and behaviors to segment the visitors on your websites and psychoanalyze them. This will help us understand the type of content your visitors prefer and their tastes.

    KNIME is a powerful analytics platform that is free to download and best of all, doesn’t require you to register.

End Notes

Time is money. In today’s world of advanced technological innovations and breakthroughs, AI is shaping up to be quite the game changer. Websites are using AI tools to streamline processes across the board to save time and costs.

Whoever, is utilizing AI tools will come out on top in this rapidly progressing AI era. However, as much as I would love to sing its praises, AI has a few ethical issues and limitations that we need to consider.

For one, lack of transparency from website owners on their use of AI tools. A few websites are open about their use of AI in specific areas of their website which is considered the ethical norm but the majority don’t disclose their uses yet.

There is also the issue of privacy and surveillance, discrimination or bias, lack of AI quality control, or spreading of misinformation or news using AI. Either way, the onus is on users to use AI for something good.