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How to Get More Instagram Followers for Your Business

More Instagram Followers
These days, social media is huge not only for friends and family but also for businesses. Entire industries have been created out of things meant to target the online world. Even if you’re not one of them, your business could still benefit from improving its online social media presence, especially on Instagram.

You might think that an Instagram account is only for a certain sort of business, but you’d be mistaken. Growing a social media following is a great way to not only let existing customers know new information but also get more potential customers.

You see, when someone “likes” something on your account, they’ll spread the word to their existing friends network. This is how your small business could grow with your followers doing most of the marketing work for you, and it’s how you create a viral sensation at a fraction of the cost.

If you’re already convinced that Instagram could be huge for your business, you might be wondering how to go about getting more followers. Let’s have a look.

Display Your Instagram Account Info Clearly

Don’t leave people guessing how to connect with you on Instagram — make it simple and easy to follow you. Include links to your profile both online and in your emails. You can change email ID on Instagram account to use a single email for all social accounts. Also, display your username prominently in your premises, and you could even print it on your receipts.

Offer Value to Followers

One way to grow your following organically is by offering value to your followers so they help spread the word for you. You can do this by offering exclusive contests and deals to your followers.

Try being personal and let people see behind the scenes of your business. If you can create an Instagram presence that people enjoy, you should start to get more followers.

Since Instagram is based around images, make sure you’ve got good quality photography. Hire someone if you don’t have the skills to do it yourself. Post exclusive snapshots of new product ranges or other things that look great in your business. These are the sort of posts that do well.

Make Sure Your Staff Are On Board

Make sure your staff not only tell their friends about your account, but also let everyone who enters your business know. If you’ve got a few younger staff members motivated to promote your Instagram account, you should see your following grow.

Advertise Your Instagram Info

If you want, you can take out either print or online ads to promote your Instagram account.

Buy New Followers

If you really want to get more followers on Instagram, you could try buying them. You can actually get thousands of followers without spending too much. While most of these won’t really add to your business, they’ll mean that any real visitors to your page will think you’re even more popular. It’s been proven that people like to follow what’s popular. You can also buy likes to help your posts gain traction so more real visitors see them. It’s easier to buy Instagram followers than you might think, so try it.