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How to Fix the Sidebar Below Content Error in WordPress

A WordPress website will have a sidebar that is positioned either on the left or on the right side. Because of reasons that we will further discuss below, an error may occur where that sidebar loses its intended position, shifts on the page, and now appears below your content.

WordPress is no stranger to the sidebar below content error, so if you’re seeing this on your screen, just know from the start that it’s fixable. And depending on the case – meaning that it depends on what exactly is causing the issue and which exact location is the problem originating from –you may be in for a no-sweat quick fix, or you might have to spend some extra time doing a bit of in-depth research. A good idea would be to check all possible causes until you can find the place where the faulty element lies, and are able to correct the error.

In the next segment, you can keep reading about what can cause this error, and how to deal with it. There’s no need for stage fright if you’re a WordPress beginner. Although it is not a common issue, and you need to have a basic understanding of how code works, this still remains something that is highly solvable. Bestvpn.uk.com suggests that in worst-case scenario is that you might have no other option than to contact a developer’s client support department for assistance.

Causes of sidebar error

The sidebar below content error is not one of the most uncommon issues that can appear with your WordPress, but solving it takes a bit of time and capacity to investigate, as there are more than one possible reasons why you are receiving this particular error.

First, an error may have sprung in your CSS code. Either your layout is shifting because of element page height/width disproportionality, or there has been incorrect use of the float property.

Another possible cause for this sidebar error may lie in an error made in your HTML code. It could be that a div tag in one of your theme files is open, or there’s also the possibility that you have an extra <div> or </div> in the code.

The sidebar error can also appear due to recent changes you’ve made, like changing your theme. If the new theme is not compatible with the content or customization of the original theme, the sidebar below content error may occur.

One other cause might have to do with plugins, but this rarely happens to be the case.

What exactly can you do if you’re facing this error on your WordPress website? We will run by you the 7 basic checking points that you should go through in order to identify and correct this error.

Check the out.php page or other page files

The first step in troubleshooting the WordPress sidebar error is to identify the exact location of the error so that you can know which route to take.

Have a quick browse through your site. If the error appears only on pages while blogs are displaying correctly, you need to check out your page.php file.

Double check your single.php file

When looking around your WordPress website, if you determine that the sidebar below content error appears only on blogs, and not on all the pages, you need to check out your single.php file.

Solve your sidebar issues with your Theme’s developer

Sidebar errors can be looked up in the files pertaining to themes. If you suspect that the error is caused by a theme-related issue, and you cannot figure out how to fix it yourself, feel free to contact your theme’s developer.

On that note, having gotten your theme from a certified developer that has dedicated customer support, will help solve the issue in a quick and professional manner.

Check your div elements

If you suspect that the root of the issue is found in your HTML code, you need to check out your div elements.

The div elements need to be tagged correctly. Check to see if there are no extra or missing tag elements in your theme files. Look carefully, and rectify anything that isn’t up to code.

Issues with Plugins

Plugins could stand for one of the reasons why the sidebar below content error might be appearing.

While it is fair to say that plugins being the culprit is highly unlikely, you should also inspect this possible cause. Increased usage of plugins could mess with your theme, especially if you’re using a different page template, thus provoking the error.

If you know you have installed or updated plugins lately, go ahead and deactivate them so that you can see if the error goes away.

Set your Site’s Width

Have a look to see if the error is caused by your CSS code.

There may be disproportion between the height and the width that is set for page elements. Taking note that 960xp is the norm in width within an average web page, check if the content width is correct. You can do this by accessing your style.css file.

Check your customizations (HTML or CSS)

You should check your customizations if you notice that pages where custom HTML or CSS has been added are affected by the error.

In case HTML or CSS customizations were put in place through the use of a theme or plugin, you should return to the location that experienced changes, find where the error is, and solve the issue.

The bottom line

The WordPress sidebar below content error is not something that occurs frequently, but solutions are readily available, and all the information you need in order to be able to fix the issue is at the tip of your fingers.

Our advice is to first go for the HTML code, and see if the problem is cause by div elements. If this is the case, you’ll quickly be done with it, and your website will be perfectly functional again.

Be aware of any recent changes you have made, or any new code you’ve introduced recently, and double-check to see if everything is up and running accordingly.

If regardless of your research and desire to solve the error yourself, you aren’t able to identify the issue causing it, get in touch with your theme’s developer, and you will surely be provided with assistance.

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