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How Much Does Custom WordPress Development Cost in India 2024?

How Much Does Custom WordPress Development Cost in India 2024?
It’s not wrong to say that a robust and immersive custom website can drive business growth. It can help business owners boost revenue and increase sales by leaving an everlasting impression on end users.

In today’s business world, the businesses of any industry whether it is healthcare, real estate, eCommerce, or any other, use digital solutions to meet the ever-changing customer demands. In fact, custom WordPress websites are now transforming the development industry these days globally & especially in India.

WordPress is a powerful and open-source platform for creating unique and custom websites. It provides entrepreneurs benefits like easy third-party integration, flexibility, user-friendly, plugins, themes, and much more. As a result, it is now an ideal choice for business owners to build custom websites.

Moreover, WordPress powers around 62,523,811 live websites globally, based on a recent survey, leading to increased market opportunity for WordPress development. With the increased market opportunity, business owners regardless of industry are looking to leverage this opportunity & drive growth.

However, creating a custom website using WordPress requires in-depth knowledge and skills. So it’s advisable to hire an experienced web development company to build an interactive & visually appealing website. But understanding the financial investment required for development is also necessary to make informed decisions. So that businesses can use their resources effectively.

WordPress Development Cost Estimation Based on Different Factors

Numerous factors can influence the custom WordPress development cost in India. Some of the major factors are listed below:

WordPress Development Cost

  1. WordPress Plan

    It is one of the essential factors to consider while estimating the cost of a WordPress custom website. WordPress has different plans with different costs. Based on your requirements, you can choose any plan; every package has its own customization & support options. The free plan is also there, but it has some limitations.

  2. Domain Hosting

    When creating your custom website, your first step should be choosing a domain name. Expect to invest annually, with prices usually falling between $10 to $15. However, remember that this range can vary based on factors like the registrar, top-level domain, commitment duration, and privacy options.

    Furthermore, if your domain needs extra services like privacy protection or SSL certificates, these can elevate the total expense of your custom website design. Hence, it’s crucial to factor in both the domain name selection and its associated expenses when budgeting for your custom website design project.

  3. Domain Name

    Domain name is another essential factor to consider while calculating WordPress development expenses. A domain name is your custom website’s unique address that helps users easily access your website. Domain name cost can vary based on numerous factors like extension, domain registrar, and others.

    However, it can cost you between $10 to $20 yearly. But the prices can fluctuate due to many factors like length of domain, domain extension’s popularity, email hosting, etc. You can take the help of a custom WordPress development company to carefully choose the domain name & make informed decisions. As it should be relevant to your brand and suitable for your branding strategy.

  4. WordPress Theme

    WordPress has a powerful library of more than 10,000+ free themes. But it also has paid themes. These unique themes allow website owners to create custom websites and stand ahead of competitors.

    However, for tailored solutions aligned with your business requirements, consider a custom WordPress theme. These themes offer unique layouts, features, and designs, freeing you from the constraints of pre-existing templates. With paid versions, you have the flexibility to incorporate any functionality or layout you desire.

    While free WordPress themes are convenient for those with minimal technical expertise, they might not satisfy the professional demands of businesses. Paid WordPress themes typically range from $50 to $1100 or more, depending on their features and capabilities.

  5. WordPress Plugins

    One of the major benefits of using WordPress for custom website development is its plugins. These plugins allow you to add different functionalities & features to make your online store more robust & engaging. No matter, whether you want to revamp your existing website or add a new form page, these plugins got you covered.

    There are over 54,000 plugins in WordPress that can be used to customize your business website. You can take the assistance of a reliable custom WordPress development company to build custom plugins for your website. Along with the free plugins, WordPress boasts a wide variety of paid plugins for advanced features & customization options. Plugin prices can cost you between $20 to $100 or even more based on the features and functionalities you want in your website.

  6. Custom Design & Development

    If you want a unique and robust WordPress website, you need to customize it as per your business requirements. However, if you don’t have the technical knowledge, it will be quite difficult to customize a website, that’s where a professional web development company in India can help you. Experienced developers know how to build immersive and engaging websites.

    However, developers have different prices based on their experience level and the location. Your website development budget can fluctuate according to the complexity of the website, features, functionalities, website pages, etc.

  7. Maintenance and Updates

    The expenses related to custom WordPress website maintenance and upgrades can fluctuate based on factors like performance enhancement, additional storage needs, and security certificate renewal. As your website experiences peak demand, the maintenance team should uphold its performance and security.

    The cost of WordPress website maintenance depends on the services you select. If you pick an in-house WordPress development team capable of handling maintenance and upgrades, expect a monthly expenditure of $30 or more. On the other hand, a freelancer can charge you between $50 to $150 monthly, or potentially higher, depending upon their experience, skill set, and project requirements. But, it’s crucial to recognize that regular maintenance and updates are essential for the success of your business website.

    Failure to detect and rectify bugs or execute necessary updates can result in website slowdowns, user access issues, and other complications, ultimately affecting both visitor and conversion rates.

WordPress Website Development Cost in India

Cost is a primary concern when building a custom WordPress website. But as discussed above the WordPress website development cost depends on various factors ranging from domain name to the developer’s location. So it’s challenging to give an accurate estimate. However, it would be wise to hire a reputable web development company in India to create a custom business website. Also, their professional experts can provide you with valuable insights to calculate the actual development costs.