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Graphic Design and Its Impact on the Rise and Fall of Online Businesses

Graphic design

Graphic design is everywhere you can look. From the street signs to restaurant signs, you can find them anywhere and everywhere.
Their integration into our surroundings makes it a lot easier for us to understand direction, make decisions and lead our lives in general. In reality, design touches everything you do; it is exactly that pervasive.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at your desk. There’s the book you are still reading. What does it have on its cover? A fine sample of graphic design. Look at your most used app.

Is it Uber? The logo, the website background, and illustrations on the website are all graphic design. In fact, if you have a printed mobile cover, chances are it is also a product of modern design.

There is simply no way to escape this virulent art form. Every example you see in front of you is a result of a designer’s dedication, imagination, and creativity.

Why is designing ubiquitous to every product and service around us?

This kind of art has a lot of varying purposes other than beauty.

  • It can drive the sales of a particular product.
  • It can help brands relaunch a product with a new look.
  • It can help with rebranding endeavors by including elements that define new goals.
  • It serves as a platform for communication between the companies and the clients.

In short, graphic design is the combination of symbols, text, layouts, colors, and images to tell a story that words cannot convey perfectly. That’s the reason advertising shares a close relationship with graphic design.

Graphic design has been determining the course of marketing and sales for brands all over the world for centuries now. It is now very easy to learn graphic design. You just need to follow a few graphic design process.

Even the copywriters cannot deny the importance of the visual impact print ads, billboards, and product packaging can have on the target groups.

Online and physical branding needs to be consistent

Websites are the online storefronts that aim to capture a loyal audience and a paying customer group. Sites need to be sleek and user-friendly for everyone’s comfort. Imagine if the WWF started a website in red and yellow!

Not only does that seem confusing, but the color choices are also rather stark in contrast to their wildlife preservation motto. This is also the reason why, when Amazon ships something their boxes bear their logo and signature colors.

The digital marketing expert should ensure that websites design and physical branding trysts should be seamless or it can lead to a lot of disparity.

Seamless visual branding helps to build trust

Have you ever wondered why the employees at McDonald’s, KFC or Wal-Mart wear uniforms? It is to create a complete visual parity between the brand and the POS services.

In fact, the same reason drives the consistent color choice of packing materials and sales materials. In fact, experienced managers know for a fact that the checkout line is THE place for exploring new avenues of brand awareness.

Imagine this – your doorbell rings, and you find a complete stranger standing outside claiming to be your cable guy. Now, would you trust him if he were dressed in casuals? Wouldn’t it be much easier to trust him if he were wearing his uniform and the logo embossed cap?

This is what good branding does. The moment you open the door and see the man in known colors, the image instills trust. This is the epoch of branding in case of door to door sales and services.

The design of a package tells you about the brand and the product

We know enough to not just a book by its cover, but when we see a Dough or a Donut King box on our desk, our heart does skip a beat! That is how much we love eating donuts at these places.

Therefore, technically, we often know what to expect inside from the cover outside. Otherwise, people would never go on a global rant about finding sewing kits in Danish Butter Cookies Tins. When your product brings out such a rant, you know your design team has performed well!

Graphic design speaks at this point in 3 different ways –

  • It tells the users about the purpose and properties of the product inside.
  • It tells the story of your brand and brand value.
  • It attracts the customers from the store shelves in their default display patterns.

This brings us to the end of this chapter, so it’s time for a quick recap – graphic design is everywhere, you cannot possibly avoid it even if you want to.

Graphic design is a must for marketing and advertising. They can make or break the future of any product and brand in any market.

Daniel Steele Author

Daniel Steele is a Digital Marketing Expert, who has been working in the advertising and design quarters for over two decades. Every day new relationships are forming between design and the evolving facets of technology.