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10+ Best Free WordPress WooCommerce Themes for 2024

WooCommerce continues to consolidate on its huge gains in the e-commerce field with the online store plugin controlling up to 30% of the e-commerce market.

What makes WooCommerce so popular with retail store owners and e-commerce merchants is the fact that it is just so easy to install and it perfectly works in cohesion with WordPress, the most popular CMS tool in the world.

If you want to build a business website that has an e-commerce feature or hire a freelance website designer for the job then WordPress and its child plugin, WooCommerce, is the way to go.

If you’re, however, undecided on the theme that will fit your business, then these 10 themes are the best free WordPress WooCommerce themes to consider in 2024.

  1. Milestone Lite

    Milestone Lite is one of the best WordPress themes for professionals and businesses with a framework that is practical and a design that is simple yet alluring.

    Its flexibility also means that it can be used for other non-corporate setups like photography, modelling, fashion, and even personal blogs.

    Perhaps the best attribute of the Milestone Lite is its compatibility with WooCommece, which ensures that you’re able to execute e-commerce transactions without any hitch.

  2. Powerclub Lite

    This sports-centred WordPress theme has both the features and functionality a website needs to perform at an optimum level.

    Though its principal target market includes fitness establishments and sporting facilities, its practicality makes it suitable for almost any kind of activity website.

    It is also very compatible with WooCommerce, which makes it one of the top picks for merchants looking for an e-commerce platform.

    If the niche of your business is sports or fitness related, then Powerclub Lite should definitely be one of the themes you should consider.

    Another neat feature of the Powerclub Lite is its responsiveness, which ensures that mobile access to your website isn’t jeopardized.

  3. Businessweb Plus

    Businesses looking to have a website with e-commerce capabilities need to ensure that the WordPress themes they choose can be easily modified to fit their brands.

    Businessweb Plus is certainly one of the best free WordPress WooCommerce Themes when it comes to customization and adaptability.

    The appearance and design of the Businessweb Plus theme are highly optimized to deliver a user experience that is certain to convert web visitors. It is also highly responsive, meaning its quality isn’t impacted by a change of the internet device.

  4. Prevalent

    This enigmatic theme is a perfect blend of practicality and aesthetic grandeur. Designed with a brilliant mash of beautiful colours, it is one of the best themes for travel blogs and business travel websites.

    While its visual appeal is quite impressive, it is its functionality and performance that endears the theme to its numerous users.

    With a loading speed that can only be rivalled by a few themes in the niche and WordPress market, Prevalent ranks as one of the best free WooCommerce themes in 2024.

  5. EaterStop Lite

    There is probably no better free restaurant WordPress theme than the EaterStop Lite theme as this impressively designed theme has both the features and functionality needed to perform basic tasks.

    Since the culinary industry requires more images than most other fields, it is important that the WordPress theme used for such a restaurant-themed website is able to accommodate lots of images without slowing down the pages of the site.

    EaterStop Lite guarantees the apt display of images and also ensures that the loading speed isn’t hampered by the images of dishes and recipes.

    The theme also works perfectly with WooCommerce, ensuring that your web platform can be transformed into a top-notch e-commerce website.

  6. Economics

    If you’re looking for a basic multipurpose WordPress theme with WooCommerce functionality, then this theme should definitely be on your list as it has proven to not only be reliable but also quite effective.

    It is structured like a simple company website but can also be modified to meet your peculiar taste design-wise, making it ideal for corporate websites, consultancy firms and travel agencies. The theme also blends seamlessly with WooCommerce, which is quite an impressive feature to have.

  7. Endanger

    If you manage a business that deals with extreme sports events and adventures then your search for an ideal theme has been probably frustrating and unsuccessful.

    That, however, is about to change with the Endanger theme, which is the most fitting theme for extreme sports and adventure centred activities.

    The theme isn’t only customizable but also very compatible with the latest WordPress version. Other features that make this daring theme very appealing include SEO friendliness, responsiveness, and also the availability of multiple colour options.

  8. Pubstore Lite

    If your business is in the hospitality and recreation industry then you agree that the website you choose for it will play a big role in marketing your brand.

    You can do no wrong by selecting the Pubstore Lite theme as your WordPress site’s theme simply because it is well tailored to suit all businesses in these two peculiar sectors.

    Whether it is a hotel, a restaurant, a wine shop or a bar, the Pubstore Lite theme is guaranteed to bring out the best in your website and optimize it for search engines.

  9. ZeroError Lite

    This is another corporate centred theme that is indeed a perfect choice if you are using the theme for a business website or a corporate agency website.

    The theme has an impressive loading speed that makes it SEO friendly and its array of customizable features make it ideal for entrepreneurs that want their sites to be unique.

  10. MedPlus Lite

    This is the number one theme for websites and blogs in the medical field as well as the pharmaceutical industry.

    Its structure and design are well optimized to aid medical-related [establishments in delivering their services.

    Its loading speed also makes it an SEO enabled theme that is guaranteed to improve the rankings of a website.

    Whether it is used by a hospital, clinic, or other health-related institution, it is certain to provide a web platform that is professional and effective e.