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Free RDP Server Provider

Sometimes it becomes necessary to access your computer even if you don’t have your computer with you. For example, suppose you have gone to a hill station, enjoying the environment, and freshness present in the air and suddenly you receive a call from your boss to send your reports!!

How will you access your office computer? Well, thanks to RDP technology it has become really simple to do so!! Because we have been in such a situation that’s why after testing a free RDP server provider, and we have brought its in-depth analysis here in this article.

So without any further delay, let’s get started!!

What is RDP Server?

But before moving further, let’s first understand this RDP technology. RDP stands for Remote Desktop protocol, developed by Microsoft in 1998. It is basically a proprietary network protocol that allows you to enjoy a remote computer on your personal computer.

Sounds cool!! Yeah, the basic aim of Microsoft for creating RDP technology was to provide MAC users a facility so that they can use Microsoft Windows on MAC devices without any restrictions.

But this statement is just a theory, there is no strong fact proving it to be correct!!

RDPHostings – Free RDP Server Provider

After deeply analyzing multiple application server we landed on a website RDPHostings, we found its features and plans quite impressive so we decided to try it out!! And here in this section, we have mentioned everything about it in detail.

About RDPHostings

RDPHostings is providing its services with more than 11 years of expertise in high-quality RDP servers which they offer free of cost. Well actually it does not offer its entire plan for free but yeah two of its plans come at no cost!!

In contrast, they also provide paid services which come with really amazing features and a more important brand of Kamatera!! Yes, they have collaborated with Kamatera so that they can provide your enterprise-grade grade servers for optimum performance.


Features of RDPHostings

We have mentioned some of its key features here in this section, which will help you to understand the level of performance you will get to experience!! So we will recommend you to read this section carefully.

Latest Hardware equipment: RDPHostings uses high-quality server hardware even in the free RDP servers so that you can enjoy the blazing-fast performance. For example, they have equipped their servers with the latest SSD drives for faster data transport.

Full root access: Well, unfortunately, they don’t offer these features in their free RDP server plans but you can enjoy full root access in their paid plans and customize your remote computer without any restrictions.

Pre-installed software: RDPHostings provides you RDP server with pre-installed software such as browser, WinRar, Notepad, etc so that you don’t have to waste your time and internet on it!!

Instant Activation: One of the best aspects of RDPHostings is that they provide you server ready, right after you finish the payment.

Security Features

The features sound amazing!! But what about its security? Well, no worries because here in this section we have mentioned the security features which they provide with their services.

Full Anti-DDoS equipped: RDPHostings provides you servers equipped with Anti-DDoS equipped security features to ensure that your resources are protected against any cyber threats.

Strong Firewall: Along with Anti-DDoS they have also equipped the servers with a strong firewall to protect your servers against any kind of unauthorized access, malware, script injection, or any other cyber attack.

Backup: To ensure that your data is safe in every situation RDHostings has equipped their paid plans with consistent backup so that you can restore your data in case any misfortune happens!!

Price and Plans

Despite RDPHostings providing free RDP servers, still it has also offered a paid plan that we have attached below as an image.

Price and Plans

Benefits of RDP Server

Hopefully, you have understood everything about RDPHosting, so now let’s jump on to its functioning to get an exact idea of how it will help you in your journey.

  • Secure Connection

    As we told you above in the security feature section that RDPHostings has equipped its servers with Firewalls and anti-DDoS!! But why? Basically, these features ensure that you can experience a secure connection to your remote computer through your personal computer.

    In addition, RDPHostings uses an encryption-based network communication protocol so that you can protect your data against any unauthorized access!!

  • Cost Effective

    Since it provides you with free RDP servers, you can enjoy your remote computer without even paying a single penny!! But as you know, free is not always worth it in the long run.

    That’s why they also provide you paid RDP server at a very low cost so that you can access your remote computer and enjoy everything on it you want with unmetered resources that means there will be no restrictions on how much time you use your remote computer.

  • Working Remotely

    One of the best and most satisfying parts about RDP is that you can access your valuable data anytime from anywhere, no matter whether you are in a hill station or in a remote, just log in to your RDP and enjoy your computer.

  • Easy Management

    RDPHostings provides you with fully managed services so that you can easily focus on your work without caring about the backend, installation, configuration, or any other resource-related aspects!!

    You just need to choose your desired plans whether it is a free RDP server or paid plan, enter your genuine details and finish the payment. That’s all!! No other formalities or procedures are required.

  • Full Control

    As RDPHostings provides your services with full root access that means you can enjoy complete control of your server and you can change security settings, upgrade resources, update settings, and much more without seeking permission!!

How to get Free RDP Server from RDPHostings?

Here in this section, we have mentioned the precise steps that will help you to buy their services without causing any errors or problems. Hence read this section carefully to understand everything in detail.

  • Visit RDPHostings
  • Choose your desired plans, we are going with free RDP servers.
  • Click on the Get started button and enter your hostname.
  • Check all the points to be ticked.
  • Click on the checkout button and place your order, your orders will be ready to use in just a few minutes!!

How RDP is different from VPS?

There are many differences between a VPS server and an RDP server which we have mentioned below in detail so that you can checkout.

  • RDP servers are also a kind of VPS server but they have an operating system installed on them making them function like a computer
  • You can easily host a website on VPS servers but no such facility is offered on the RDP servers. It is possible but you will need a high technical knowledge to do so!!
  • Generally, VPS servers have more resources such as storage, bandwidth, and much more.


So what do you think about it? Well, we are not sure about it but we were definitely satisfied with its services!! Especially with its free RDP servers because it really seems to be impossible to offer such a smooth performance.

Hence if you are looking for RDP servers to manage your work anywhere then we will recommend you go with its services. Believe it!! RDPHosting won’t make you regret it!!