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Free Live Chat Functions to Convert Site Users Into Potential Customers

txt.me is a user-friendly pop up chat for website that can be used for quick customer support. This free tool will help businesses that want to be always in touch with their customers.

Create Greeting Forms

The first feature this chat option in website offers users is greeting. With it, business owners can start communication with a particular user before he leaves their website. It’s possible to begin with a phrase that will catch a potential customer.

Multilingual Chat Feature

It’s another free feature provided by this pop up chat for website. It helps companies interact with international audiences and gain clients worldwide. No need to hire expensive managers from other countries, as everything is automatic.

Give Your Agents a Face

According to Infosys, 74% of customers are frustrated when website content isn’t personalized. This chat option in website helps brands avoid this problem because bots talking to clients have avatars, and users feel like talking to real people, knowing their tastes and preferences.

Live Chat Triggers

Some users entering a website don’t even know that they can interact with customer support via a chat option in website. Triggers solve this problem. Catchy ice breakers make everyone see they may ask whatever they want.

Contact Clients Offline

With this chat option in website, you can reach your customers on the go. If your client goes offline altogether, you can keep talking to him via email or WhatsApp.

Integrate Incoming Emails

Answer your clients’ messages from any device via one platform. This chat option in website integrates your interactions in one place not letting you forget anything.