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Difference between White Hat and Black Hat SEO Techniques

SEO is the most used and preferred digital marketing method as it shows effective and efficient results. Companies like Marketing Sweet Brisbane SEO services take many steps to improve your reach and website traffic. There are two different types of SEO methods, namely white hat and black hat.

What is white hat SEO?

White hat SEO techniques refer to the methods used for increasing the reach of your website that are approved and accepted by the terms and conditions of Google. White hat SEO contrasts with black hat SEO, which uses misleading and/or exploitative practises to boost a website’s search results rating. The processes followed for white hat SEO are based on organic link building and natural methods for attracting traffic.

What is black hat SEO?

Black hat SEO techniques refer to the method used for the betterment of your website that is not allowed according to the Google guidelines. These methods do not follow the organic way of increasing traffic or attracting a larger audience. Instead, they try finding loopholes in Google’s algorithms working to increase their ranks on the search page.

Properties of white hat SEO:

  • They abide by the set guidelines given by Google and do not cross the terms and conditions.
  • They use organic methods like content creation, keyword density, target audience, etc.
  • It is a slow process that takes a lot of time to show considerable results.
  • It creates a website that is focused on the needs and expectations of the users.
  • Most agencies like company use this type of SEO for secured results.

Properties of black hat SEO:

  • They go against the set rules of Google and use methods that are not accepted officially.
  • Their priority is not to please their users but to work according to the requirements of the search engine in order to get a high rank in the search list.
  • They use manipulative means to gain a high rank in the listing and attract traffic, such as cloaking and doorway pages.
  • Some people also use hacking to deceive people into choosing their website and gain a larger platform.

White hat SEO and Black hat SEO strategies explained –

White hat SEO –

  • It involves presenting relevant content.
  • It includes well-labeled images.
  • The page links and titles are relevant and unique.
  • The content in this involves complete meaningful sentences with perfect grammar and spelling.
  • HTML tags are standard and compliant.

Black hat SEO –

  • The content in this inherits duplicity.
  • Text or keywords stuffed in the content are invisible.
  • Links are from such sites which have non-relevant content.
  • When a page redirects the user to another page or website.

Advantages of white hat SEO

  • Cost-effective

    The amount of money spent on such a type of SEO marketing is not much as they follow authentic and organic means to create traffic and attract an audience. They don’t even require any special tools for gaining traffic and do not get penalized for breaking the set guidelines.

  • Consistency

    Even though the white hat SEO marketing is a slow and long process, its results are long-term and stay consistent. They promote stable progression of the traffic your site achieves and don’t affect the changing algorithms as Google doesn’t depend on it.

  • Follows legal compliance

    Unlike black hat SEO, white hat SEO comes under legal practices. The white hat SEO does not violate the rules and follows the government guidelines. If your business is running on any unethical practice, your business might fizzle out.
    White hat SEO complies with search engines’ algorithms so that you do not run into trouble and suffer any legal dangers.

  • Improve rankings

    When you use black hat SEO techniques, it aims to rank your website at the drop of a hat. But these are not ethical ways to rank on SERP. On the other hand, white hat SEO thrives on serving the purpose by using legal techniques, which might give results slowly but ethically.

    For this reason, your website will be cemented on the SERP automatically if procedures are done abiding by laws. Therefore, in the long term, it will improve your website’s ranking and will be durable.

Advantages of black hat SEO

  • Increased ranking on the search page

    The methods followed in black hat SEO marketing show faster results than those shown by white hat SEO. With techniques such as keyword stuffing and duplicate content, you can increase the ranking of your website on the search page very fast and without much effort being taken.

  • Attracting more traffic in a short time

    Attracting a large range of traffic for your website is done by using unethical HTML and URL links that are irrelevant and go against the terms of Google. The links used to gain traffic are made by using loopholes of the algorithm of Google. These methods increase your click-through rates by about 30%.

Consequences of black hat SEO

  • Black hat SEO leads to punishment if the search engines detect it.
  • The consequences of using black hat SEO are not long-term.
  • Black hat SEO methods degrade the website’s rankings.
  • Sometimes your whole website may be banned if it’s detected that you are using black hat SEO methods.
  • Black hat SEO techniques harm a user’s browsing experience.


So, white hat SEO is slow and steady on the one hand, but it ensures a healthy ranking to your website. It abides by the policies and rules set by search engines and involves less risk and stable results. These results might not be as speedy as black hat SEO, but it gives anchored results that are durable.

It is always better to choose white hat methods as it is more secure and consistent. All the successful companies like Marketing Sweet Brisbane SEO also prefer white hat methods for efficient results.