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Custom CSS and WordPress. 10 Best plugins to help you add custom CSS to WordPress

Custom CSS and WordPress
Working with WordPress is awesome. You get to build dynamic ad responsive websites without writing the least code – your imagination is your only limit.

In WordPress, you can have free themes which you could use to build any kind of website you want but there in lies the issues sometimes. When using free themes, or some times even paid ones, you would realize that you are not totally in control of the look your site has.

The look of WordPress sites is controlled by a coding element called CSS (cascading Style Sheets) while the content itself can be coded using HTML (Hyper text Mark-up Language) but we will be dealing with CSS in this article,

To gain more control over the look of your site, perhaps you would want the menu to look different, or you would want to remove footer credits (I know this one can be a real issue), all you need do is get a custom CSS plugin and then write in the code which will modify the site’s original code or completely override it – depending on what you want.

The following are 10 best custom CSS plugins you could use to upgrade the look and feel of your WordPress site or blog

Simple Custom CSS

As the name implies, this is a simple which lets you input CSS into your WordPress and this can help with a couple of things. It requires no configuration as it is plug and play. Once you install this plugin, it works right out of the box.

WP Add Custom CSS

This plugin is great because it allows a user to add custom CSS to the whole site, or individual pages and posts. The flexibility offered by this plugin is to be appreciated as not many plugins do this. It is available in German and Spanish as well

My Custom CSS

This plugin does a lot in the case of theme and plugin updates which remove features which may have been useful to the site admin. You can use this plugin to override theme CSS codes and it works well. It is available on multiple languages.

TJ Custom CSS

This plugin enables a CSS manager on your site which enables the admin add custom CSS. What is great about this is that it was designed to handle temporary changes.

As a developer, there are times you may want to change certain features of your site temporarily so instead of going to the theme code, you can enter the new code into custom CSS and deactivate the plugin when you no longer need the code.

Custom CSS Manager

This is another plugin which gives you a great CSS manager so you can override theme and plugin codes as you see fit. You can deactivate it in the event that you no longer need to use it at any point.

CSS Hero

This plugin is something you want to look at if you love having a painless CSS interface. This plugin uses drag and drop to interface and you can also use Google fonts with it – I know right? Awesome.

However you want to have a good host for this one as some hosting platforms would slow down while running this plugin.

Code Snippets

This is great if you do not want to edit your theme files. You can just add the codes you want to update your site with and that is all. If you no longer want the new codes, you can deactivate the plugin and your site is back to the way you left it.


This is a very useful plugin which can customize the look and feel of your WordPress site. It can work with any WordPress theme. Microthemer is a very light file so you can download and install it within seconds.

Modular Custom CSS

This can be a great plugin if you are one of those who change WordPress themes often. What it does is this – you can put in specific CSS edits to a specific theme and when ever you change back to that theme, your edits will remain.

Browser Specific CSS

This plugin helps users WordPress developers target specific browsers when inputting their CSS codes. This helps d3evelopers know exactly how those codes will show up on various browsers. This is great for browser friendliness when testing out codes.


Q. I don’t know how to write code so how will I know what to input into custom CSS?
A1. Well, start by knowing what you want your code to do and you will be fine. For example; if you want your code to remove footer credits, go to Google and type in ‘CSS to remove footer credit from WordPress site’ and that is about it.

A2. Another thing you could do is register on WordPress and make use of the forum where you can post any challenge and there will be someone to help you solve it.

Q. How can I get these plugins?
This is easy! Go to WordPress.org and type in the name of the plugin as listed here; you will be led right to the plugin page which has a download button you can use to get the plugin.


It should be known that every plugin has a documentation which shows you how to use it as they are operated in different ways. Make sure to read the documentation on the individual plugin download pages.


Creating and modifying CSS in WordPress can be an essential if you want to know how to make a website with the most control. Seeing as lots of free themes limit functionality, custom CSS becomes the only way to override some of that stubborn code.

It isn’t difficult to do, if you logon to w3schools.com, you can learn basic CSS skills that would help you write the codes you need.

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