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Top 5 Catalogue Design Ideas to Transform Your Brand Beyond Limits

Top 5 Catalogue Design Ideas to Transform Your Brand Beyond Limits
catalogue can readily boost your sales even when you are an absolute newbie in the industry.
Printing a beautiful catalogue design ensures that your customers get all the necessary information about your product in the most innovative way. This will help them in making informed purchasing decisions.

If you want to amp up your product catalogue design this year, we have just the right guide for you. Follow this blog as we share the best catalogue design ideas and valuable tips for creating this year’s successful catalogue design. Let’s get started.

What is Catalogue Design?

A catalogue design is typically a visual representation of your products for the consumers or potential clients. It should convey all the information about your products and services to the readers. It starts with a brief biography and includes robust information about all the products/services, followed by your work portfolio and testimonials.

There are numerous aspects that go into creating a successful catalogue design that will eventually help your business grow its conversion rates at a rapid pace.

What Elements should be found in a perfect product catalogue design?

There are several elements that are major necessities when it comes to designing a product catalogue for a business. For starters, the front page and the cover must have a visually pleasing image, title, and description of your business.

You must also have a table of contents to list all the sections of the product catalogue in a sequential manner. It would be even better if you could add some one-liner descriptions under each part for readers to skim through the index page easily.

Next, include an introduction that is tailored just for your target audiences. Focus on their needs, interests and requirements when creating the introduction. This will help you set the right beginning of your product catalogue.

Ensure that the back cover of your product catalogue has all the necessary contact information, such as a business address, contact number, email address, and more.

Lay out different product pages and ensure that you keep the alignment correct. Spike up the pages with some fun patterns to prevent them from looking monotonous or repetitive.

Lastly, don’t forget to keep a page for any special offers or discounts that need special attention from the readers.

Types of Catalogue Designs for Different Purposes

If you are new to creating catalogues, you might be wondering what type of catalogue for brand design will fit your business perfectly. Well, here are the three most common types of catalogue designs that suit businesses of different purposes. Let’s check them out.

  1. Product Catalogues

    Product catalogues are a vital marketing tool for businesses. Here, you can showcase your product and its benefits for the consumers as they explore your business. Ultimately, the more interactive and engaging it looks, the higher your chances of selling the product through your catalogue.

  2. Service Catalogues

    This includes the list of services that your business offers. It must also contain the necessary information about the services, such as the requirements, highlights, benefits, etc. It also includes the procedure of how each service is implemented for the customers.

  3. Digital Catalogues

    In this tech-savvy era, digital catalogues are quite prevalent. This contains everything about your business and products that can be accessed through direct links. These are also accessible on multiple platforms. Hence, consumers can explore your business at the convenience of their device.

Catalogue Layout and Design Tips You Must Consider

Our experts have created a list of the most useful catalogue designing tips that will surely take your catalogue design to the next level. Let’s check them out.

  • Start with the buyer persona

    Your catalogue design is designed to attract customers and clients in the first place. Hence, it must always align with their needs, interests and requirements. This is where creating a buyer persona can really help.

    Start with learning the demographics of your target audiences and create a specific buyer persona. Next, integrate suitable design elements and content in your catalogue design. This is extremely important, especially when you are trying to target Indian audiences, considering the vast number of options they have from other businesses.

  • Plan Your Catalogue Layout

    A catalogue design can get easily messy if you do not have a proper layout planned out. This can confuse the readers and make it overwhelming, especially when you have numerous products in the catalogue.
    Ensure that you pay close attention to the following elements when designing the catalogue:

    • Front cover
    • Back cover
    • Header, footer, index, page columns, etc.
    • Introduction page
    • Chapter breakers
    • Product designs

    Segregate your products on every page in the right layout for effective visualization and interpretation for the consumers.

  • Choose the right style and colour palette

    Ensure that you choose an aesthetic colour palette and style for your product catalogue. It must fit the personality of your business well. Explore different colours, but stick with a maximum of two to three colour palettes for a polished look. Lastly, ensure that you stay consistent throughout the catalogue and don’t just switch between different palettes on every page.

  • Do use plain product photos

    Every other business has a catalogue design. The key that can make your products stand out is attractive product photos. After all, we are all about the visuals, right?

    You can either take the photos yourself or hire a professional for the same. Ensure that you have a clear image of the product in high resolution. Explore different angles and layouts that will make your products look visually pleasing. Ultimately, the most creative one wins!

  • Always stay Consistent in your design

    Your catalogue design is a visual representation of your brand and products for your clients. It is also a way to make more people aware of your brand in India. Hence, ensure that you stay consistent with all the design elements throughout the catalogue. As customers notice the patterns, layouts and colours, they can effectively recognize and recall your brand every time.


Catalogue designs in this era are extremely essential to showcase your business. It is a means to make your business visible among the target audiences and convince them to choose your business over others every time.

However, creating a catalogue design can get tricky if you do not have prior expertise here. A professional hand can go a long way in this case. At DesignerPeople, they have curated thousands of catalogue designs for brands in India. With the right expertise and a dash of creativity, their branding experts can really help your products shine in the catalogue and attract the maximum number of buyers for your business.