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Building a Software Asset Management Portal on WordPress

Building a Software Asset Management Portal on WordPress
Software asset management is an important concept and a business practice which organizations religiously follow since most of their operations are dependent on the use of different software. The cycle of software asset management starts with the license acquisition all the way to its disposal. This supposedly helps businesses gain the most out of the use of a software and is beneficial for a multitude of reasons.

Firstly, it helps save unnecessary costs as it identifies which software is actually being utilized and if there are any which are unused. Software subscriptions can incur a lot of costs and can be expensive in the long run. Secondly, companies should always keep an eye on their software usage as not paying for licenses and subscriptions on time can lead to serious consequences with compliance, and can impose serious financial as well as legal risks. Thirdly, software asset management provides a holistic view of the software usage and can help with making better decisions about purchasing software in the future.

Organizations use all types of software including but not limited to team communication software, CRM, ERP, and software asset management. This just shows that SAM is a crucial practice and should be implemented if businesses want to optimize the usage of their software assets and want to maximize their productivity while reducing their expenses. They can use multiple portals for this and one of the best examples of this would be WordPress:

1. It is Easy to Set Up

Unlike other applications which take ages to download and install, WordPress can be installed with just a click and there is no coding necessary to make it functional and operational. This appeals to people who do not have time to waste and want to get straight to business. Creating a SAM portal would take no time to be built on WordPress.

2. It is Easy to Use

Building a website is a tedious task and often requires a lot of effort and experience. Software engineers who are familiar with coding are the ones who end up developing complex websites with plenty of features. However with WordPress, this is not a problem. Anybody can use it regardless of how much knowledge they have with regards to creating websites. The interface that it has is extremely user-friendly and does not require a lot of studying or research. This means that the creation of a SAM portal does not need a lot of skills and that WordPress is the perfect vessel.

3. It Links Easily with Search Engines

Websites are only beneficial if there is enough traffic generated. Companies invest in Search Engine Optimization so that their website can be displayed on the top of relevant results in search engines. WordPress has an inbuilt feature which gets traffic from search engines directed to the website created. This further saves costs with SEO and makes it easier for companies to become more visible on the internet, especially if they have Software Asset Management portals.

4. It Updates Automatically

The internet is a dynamic platform and has to adhere to recent and upcoming trends. Websites also have to be completely up to date if they want to retain the traffic they generate. This applies to Software Asset Management portals too since companies are coming up with different types of software every single day and any website that is used to manage them should be updated too.

5. It has More than 50,000 Plugins

Plugins are what probably help WordPress stand out the most. These are applications to customize the website according to its needs. To build a functional software asset management portal, plugins can elevate the interface and add multiple features to the website such as a license tracking feature, a license budget feature, software usage feature, etc. These plugins can customize the website accordingly and offer whatever the platform needs.

6. It is Secure

Data is sensitive and organizational data is extremely confidential. Websites which are not secure are susceptible to hacking as well as data and privacy breaches. Companies cannot afford to have their data in the wrong hands which is why WordPress ensures security through plugins. This way, organizations can enter their data into the SAM portal without being fearful of it getting leaked.

7. It has Design Options

Even though looks aren’t all that make up a website, they still are a huge part of how it is perceived by users. Having a unique design also helps stand out among competitors. Anyone looking to build a website with multiple design options should look into WordPress since it will suggest the sort of themes which go best with the content of the website.

8. It is Extremely Fast and Efficient

Most websites take a long time to load especially after changes have been made, which frustrates users and ruins their experience. WordPress does not get stuck easily and provides a very comfortable platform for users which encourages them to use the website continuously. A Software Asset Management portal should be speedy and must never lag which makes WordPress the perfect host for such a website.


WordPress is a very versatile tool for creating websites. It can also be used to create a software asset management portal which can then be used to manage software used by organizations. This kind of an activity requires a trustworthy website as there is a lot of data that will be entered and this sort of data is confidential. Furthermore, a good website should be able to garner traffic which is pertinent for its growth. The builtin SEO feature makes WordPress the perfect pitch for website creation. It also has all sorts of plugins which can be used for various features which makes it an extremely attractive tool for creating websites. It also has a plugin exclusively to ensure the safety and security of the website to prevent cyber attacks. All in all, WordPress is a great tool to create a Software Asset Management Portal due to all the features that it has to offer and how easy it to use, for both the creator as well as the targeted user.