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Boost Customer Engagement With Click-To-Call Button for WordPress

The success of every business depends on interaction with the target audience. Sometimes more than offering a quality product or service is required to attract and retain leads. Establishing good relationships is crucial for determining your brand’s place in the market.

One of the ways to raise customer engagement is to add a click-to-call button to your WordPress website. With its help, users can instantly contact you via a smartphone without leaving the page. If you introduce tracking calls, you will understand which advertising is effective and which is not.

  • As most users surf the web using smartphones (56.86% of traffic), the click-to-call button increases your chance to improve digital customer engagement and multiply your sales.

Together with Call Tracking experts, we prepared an article on how the click-to-call widget will help you with customer engagement and customer experience and how to create such a button in WordPress.

What Is the Purpose of the WordPress Click-To-Call Button?

This button is essential for effective customer interaction on WordPress and business development, including e-commerce. It speeds up the transition from product research to purchase and demonstrates the company’s readiness to address consumer issues immediately.

Let’s consider a few customer engagement examples. Suppose you own an online perfume store – a multi-page website with a user-friendly menu, product catalog, section detailing payment methods, and a separate tab with contact information. You have a well-thought-out customer engagement strategy, but sales are not happening for some reason.

Your competitor has a simple website, an established marketing strategy, and high sales. Why is that?

The problem with your online store is the lack of proper interaction with your audience. Navigating from a product page and entering a phone number to call makes them less likely to purchase products.

Invite your customers to call from a landing page; you’ll see how much more willing people are to buy when they’ve spoken directly with a store manager.

WordPress button click-to-call simplifies customer feedback. A user who visits the mobile version of the site doesn’t need to write down a phone number on paper or copy it into notes and then paste it into the menu. It only takes one click to take an action.

  • 76% of consumers who have had a negative experience with the page’s mobile version say they will never buy anything from that company.

The business does not lose leads in this case. This often happens with callback requests; managers call back at an inconvenient time or when the customer’s request has been solved with the help of more savvy competitors.

Here are some of the benefits for businesses:

  • Increased website conversion: When customers are most interested in a product, offer them an immediate connection with a manager. This helps reduce the bounce rate and increase conversions.
  • Building trust: The click-to-call widget reduces the time it takes to contact the call center and saves the customer money. This creates a more positive attitude towards the company that cares about their comfort.
  • Simplified communication from smartphones: With the click-to-call widget, users can easily connect with the company without copying or manually entering the phone number. This speeds up the decision-making process for purchases.
  • Traffic tracking: If you have product groups significantly different from each other and managed by various departments, assign different virtual numbers to the widgets. This speeds up the service and allows you to track which products or services are in higher demand.
  • Increased chances of repeat purchases: Your customers will always know they can call the company for free directly from the website anytime. They don’t even need to save the number on their phone.

The WordPress click-to-call button is highly beneficial not only for companies but also for customers. The simple and fast feedback technology signals, “We are open for communication!” This fosters loyalty and trust among the audience.

How Does Online Calling From a Website via Click-To-Call Work?

On your web resource, there is an installed call script from the site – click-to-call WordPress plugin. It is a characteristic widget (often in the form of a telephone receiver).

How to Install a WordPress Plugin (3 Different Methods)

Communication is done directly through the site; visitors click on the button, and the call is forwarded to one of these directions: virtual phone number or SIP account. You specify the direction for redirection when connecting the service. You can receive calls from clients via SIP from a specific application downloaded to managers’ computers, tablets, or smartphones.

Calling from the website using the click-to-call solution is free for customers, regardless of their country.

How To Measure the Effectiveness of the Click-To-Call Widget

The click-to-call button allows for tracking incoming calls, collecting statistics for each virtual number, monitoring clicks directly, and understanding which cities generate the most frequent inquiries and when. This helps build a detailed customer profile for measuring customer engagement and developing subsequent marketing strategies.

The WordPress floating button click-to-call can increase customer interaction efficiency and website conversion. As people increasingly make instant purchases through mobile phones, business owners should optimize their websites for quick customer communication and support.

When implementing a click-to-call feature, it’s important to ensure you are complying with data privacy regulations like GDPR and TCPA compliance. Recording calls and collecting analytics on customer behavior qualifies as processing personal data under GDPR. Make sure you have consent from website visitors to track their calls and clicks. Additionally, follow best practices for GDPR compliance, like collecting only necessary data and securing it properly. GDPR compliance software can help you build GDPR compliance into your call tracking efforts from the start.

How To Add the Click-To-Call Button in WordPress

Among the features of the click-to-call plugin, we should note its easy installation and configuration. There are two ways how to add a button in WordPress:

Option #1. Add button in WordPress through a plugin
  1. Start by opening your WordPress website and logging into your account.
  2. Install the WP Call Button plugin and activate it by checking the button’s status.
  3. Enter the phone number to which visitors to your site can call.

Optionally, you can enter text to display call information or hide the icon. If left empty, the plugin will display a call button using a phone icon.

Additional settings can be accessed through the “Advanced Settings” link, where you can add a control position and customize the appearance.

You also have the option to enable Google Analytics tracking. You will see how users react to the call button in Google Analytics reports.

After changing the settings, save them and navigate to the website on your mobile device to see the call button in action.

This method is simple, but its disadvantage is that the call button will only be visible on mobile devices. The second method described below can be more efficient if you’re looking to display it on all devices.

Option #2. Add a button manually

This method lets you place call buttons and links anywhere on your WordPress website.

The simplest way to add a mobile phone number to your site is as follows:

These links will open the phone application on mobile devices. On desktop computers, Mac users will have the option to open the link in FaceTime, while Windows 10 users will be able to open it in Skype.

You can also use HTML to add an image or icon next to the call link.

Recommendations for Working With Click-To-Call

The click-to-call button on WordPress websites helps improve sales when inquiries are handled promptly. However, the sales conversion rate depends on the performance of your managers and response time.

Customers will simply hang up and won’t wait if you promise them a quick connection to a specialist but end up sending the call to voicemail. Make sure you have enough managers dedicated to answering calls and that they are trained to respond promptly to customer needs.

If the statistics show a growing number of missed calls, adjust the call forwarding and call queue settings. This can be conveniently done through a virtual PBX. Additionally, consider utilizing call recording to analyze the performance of your managers and identify how to increase customer engagement.

Remember, if your company doesn’t offer 24/7 service, displaying your business hours alongside the click-to-call button on your WordPress site is recommended. Otherwise, there is a risk of leaving customers dissatisfied when they call outside of working hours and receive no response.

Wrapping Up

Click-to-call is a feature in the mobile version of your website, email newsletters, or applications that allows instant calling to your company without manually dialing the number.

Using the click-to-call button on WordPress for a business website can enhance the interaction between consumers and your company, improve the customer experience, reduce lead losses, increase website conversion, and track the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.