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9 WordPress Hacks To Encourage Higher CTRs From Google

WordPress Hacks
Content is the king and will be the king but the thing is that all this matter after the user actually clicks on your website in the search result and landed on your page. But before that getting that golden click among all the competition out there, is the hardest part.

Believe me or not, getting the clicks from google is not an easy task. But still there are some tricks, tips and method that still work and help you in getting the higher CTR from Google. And that’s the reason we are writing this piece of content telling you about the 9 WordPress hacks which can help you in getting higher CTR from Google. So let’s explore…

Mobile Responsive

Make sure that your website is fully mobile responsive as it is not a hidden thing now that search engines like Google & bing uses mobile responsive factor as one of their many factors for their SERPs.

And it obvious once your website appear on the top of the google, it will automatically get higher CTR. Other than that Responsive design also improve the user experience which will increase the credibility of your brand and business.

Now if you are thinking that how to make your website responsive then let me tell you that there are many pre built mobile responsive templates which you can customize easily according to your need and get a complete mobile responsive websites in just few minutes…

Short and Catchy Title

Making catchy and short title is the next thing which you can do in order to get high CTR from google. See the thing is when the user search for a query in search engine most probably in google, on the result page they are only able to see the title of the page.

No matter how good is your content is but if the title of the page is not catchy enough then it is of now use as user will judge your first on the basis of your title only.

So try to cut down your title length so that it perfectly fit completely in the search result page and make it catchy enough to grab the attention of the user.

  • Meaningful Description

    Meaningful Description can also help you a lot in increasing your conversion rate from google. Many people doubt this fact and will tell you that google is cutting down the description part from their search result but let me tell you in a very straight forward way that it still work.

    You can rely on the some really meaningful description which is capable enough to give user the sense that your article can really help them. This will surely help you in increasing your click Through Rate organically from the search engines.

  • Short and Clean URL

    Users can also see the url of the website in the search result while searching for their query. And believe me, it doesn’t give a good look and feel, if your URL is filled with random text, in short it will give a sense of unethical source and user will not click away directly to it. On the other hand users will always go first for the URL which is clean, short and contain the focus keyword directly…

    For example, Let’s say our focus keyword is “Best Apples”. Now here are the examples of complex URL, and a Short and clean URL.

    Bad One –

    Good One –

    By Using Schema Reviews

    Schema Reviews not only help you in getting higher CTR but also help you in improving your search engine position. The reason why Schema Reviews helps you in getting high CTR is the amount of assurance they provide to the visitors.

    When a user sees that hundreds of people give good rating on this article, they get the psychological assurance that this article may be good and they will also click on that link. There are many plugins which let you to add these schema reviews.

    Google AMP Always Help

    Google AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP helps the websites to load quickly on mobile devices as mobile responsive could be slow and glitchy sometimes. There are various plugins which will help you in converting your website in AMP Version and to attain higher CTR rates.

    Put [Year], [Latest], [Updated] Like Catchy Term in Title

    Various studies shows that if you are putting these catchy terms like [Year], [Latest], [Updated] in your title, then there is a significant increase in your CTR rate. Be creative with the title and you will see the result for sure.

    Make Your Website Fast

    Making your website fast is also one of the many ways to increase your website CTR. No one likes to wait for ages just to see your website content and google too doesn’t put up these kind of website in higher search results.

    And how to make your website faster, let me tell you this also.

    There are lots of premium and free tools like GtMetrix where you can easily check your site current speed. These tools will also give you suggestions for your improving the site speed more. Make sure to follow all those changes and you will see a significant increase in the sped of the site and also increase in CTR.

    Always Use Main Keyword in the Title.

    Last but not the least method to increase the CTR of your website, make sure that you are using the main keyword or the focus keyword in the article. If you are not doing this then there is a least chance that the user is going to click on the your website link.

    Let’s think of a scenario in which you are searching for best watches and in the search result page you will get a title which even doesn’t contain the focus keyword in it.

    Now tell me honestly that are you going to click on that link or on a link which contain the focus keyword. Same thing goes with the user who is searching for their query.

    So always try to add the focus keyword in the title in order to attain the higher CTR

    So guys these are the some of the best tips and tricks which if followed properly can significantly increase your CTR organically from search engine like google and bing.

    But still if by any chance you have any doubt related to the following topic then feel free to use the comment section and we will resolve it as soon as possible.

    Naveen Author

    Naveen is Digital Marketer by Profession, Blogger By Passion and kind by nature. He is working with JoomDev – A Leading Joomla Template and WordPress Themes development company in India. Apart from this, he loves research and convert new ideas into reality.