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9 Best Fashion Blog, Magazine E-Commerce and Photography WordPress Themes 2022


Hi to all dear buddies! How was your Christmas this time? Did you enjoy it? Even new year celebrations are very near. The best activity full of enthusiasm during New Year 2022 is to change and switch over to a new WordPress theme at your blog or website.

Most business owners plan to give a new external outlook to their blogs or website during New Year celebrations. Now we will discuss about 9 best fashion blogs, magazine, E-commerce and Photography WordPress themes in 2022.

  1. BizGrowth

    Corporate WordPress Theme
    If you are seeking a highly flexible, responsive and clean website theme then BizGrowth can prove to be the best for you. It can serve as a great solution for your blog, photography and portfolio.

    This theme is highly compatible for both creative as well as corporate professions. You are going to enjoy high degree flexibility with this WordPress theme. This is a very fresh theme that has a combination of user’s experience and classic sense of business.

    If you require displaying your work portfolio in this theme then you can use its two and three column templates. You can sort out your work portfolio and about us in different group series in this theme.
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  2. Creator World Pro

    If you are in the business of construction or real estate then Creator World Pro can serve you as a straight forward and minimalistic website theme.

    Today most construction and real estate business firms prefer the theme of Creator World Pro for their professional motives.

    In this WordPress theme you can display everything like introduction, about us, our services and blogs. In our opinion if you choose this theme then you can gain more valuable clients.

    This website theme has been especially created to meet the needs of your construction business. This is a very customizable theme that won’t need any knowledge of website coding.

    It has customizable templates and has a fully responsive makeover. You will get fully customizable options. The best feature of this theme is that it works well on any computi
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  3. Pleasant

    Premium WordPress Theme
    This is one of the best premium WordPress themes that have minimalist and straightforward features. This theme has been developed and created to suit different industrial requirements. It is a very beautiful and clean theme that enables you to display your all services to your clients.

    In this theme you can tell all about your business, work portfolio and working staff. You can create separate templates to display more professional information to your customers or clients.

    Pleasant is a very customizable WordPress theme that allows you to create a pretty and good business website without any knowledge of website coding. This is a WordPress theme that is very easy to setup.

    It provides a lot of alternatives to customize your blog or website page. You will enjoy variety of theme options that will enable to experience the change and latest feel of your website.

    Here you can choose the latest color options to adore your website of creative or corporate business. Pleasant has high uploading speed when it comes to uploading images and videos.

    The entire makeover of this theme is SEO friendly. It perfectly meets the requirements of search engine optimization.
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  4. MedPlus

    WordPress Medical Theme
    MedPlus is a perfect medical and health concerned WordPress theme. It has been specially created and made for health service and medical websites. Med Plus is well suited to the needs of doctors, surgeons, hospitals, dentists and medical specialists.

    This theme has proved itself to be a nice and trustworthy solution to medical sector. This theme can readily take your healthcare business to great heights. This website theme powered by WordPress has a customizable website layout.

    It is a premium quality theme with advanced options. It has different theme option capabilities for meeting your business needs. It has numerous short codes for different information columns like introduction, about us and our services.

    You can also display professional blogs and FAQs in this website theme. You won’t need any kind of website coding knowledge while using it to construct blogs or websites.
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  5. BizWeb

    Creative WordPress Theme
    BizWeb is a very clean and viewable business theme powered by WordPress. This theme is highly compatible for both creative and corporate business. It is a very beautiful theme that has been exclusively designed to provide maximum flexibility in your corporate business.

    It is a multipurpose theme that can be used by professionals who are having agencies and medical services. This theme can also suit you if you are a healthcare professional.

    Here you will also get valuable plugins and widget boxes to set links of Facebook and Twitter. You will feel glad after seeing its mind blowing and stunning features. BizWeb completely
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  6. PowerClub

    This is an exclusive and nice WordPress theme for you if you are promoting your gym or health club. You may not know that many persons in your locality might be seeking a nice gym. You can help them by making a health club website within the theme of PowerClub.

    This theme is highly compatible to create a website that is concerned with running a gym. The theme of PowerClub carries many attractive color templates that can be used to create a blog or website in multiple designs.
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  7. Zero Error

    WordPress Business Theme
    This is a very responsive and clean theme powered by WordPress. It is the best theme for those who want to create a powerful presence on the web. With this theme you can create a business, agency or consultancy. You can use this theme for variety of purposes.
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  8. Study Circle Pro

    Education WordPress Theme
    If you want to promote your school, college, tuitions and coaching classes on the web then you can use the website theme of Study Circle Pro. This theme is a perfect one to advertise education services on the web.
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  9. EaterShop

    If you are the owner of a café or restaurant and aspire to get more customers then online presence is the best option.

    Just sign up the premium theme of EaterShop and promote your food selling services on the web. In this way you can gain more customers on the web. Today many online food junctions like Dominos and Pizza Hut are adopting this strategy to gain more visitors.
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Succeeding in a business on the web can be easy. All you need is to sign up a useful and customizable website theme on WordPress.