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8 Best Tricks to Increase Your Landing Page Conversion

Landing Page Conversion
Now that you have built your website and created an attractive landing page, the first and immediate step involves building strategies to augment your landing page conversion.

Since the concept of digital marketing was relatively new to me, I decided to seek the help of a web design company in India who advised simple techniques that anyone can make use of to get maximum traffic to their landing page.

Many people are not aware of digital marketing methods that help to optimize conversion rate of websites and their landing pages. Landing page conversion becomes relatively easy as one takes care to implement the following steps:

Don’t underestimate the power of a headline:

Every craft needs a clothing, and that is what a headline precisely does. An attractive headline lures the customer to read what follows next in the content as opposed to the general tendency to skim and scan content.

The alluring nature of the header can turn a casual browser into a regular reader which explains the power of writing great headlines.

Post images and videos that explain your product:

Remember the good old days when we used to stick images of our favorite heroes on our copies to make them look attractive. Well, this trick applies to the virtual world too.

Images make readers curious about the website, and a captivating image can keep your readers greedy for information contained in the content. Remember that the image used must not be random in nature, but selected after a well-conducted research.

The image must coincide with the product or services that you are dealing with. If you are embedding a video in the website, ensure that you show how your customers are benefitting from your service.

Don’t forget to include benefits:

Customers seek benefits from the product or service they are investing in. Hence, it is wise to include benefits while creating necessary content of the website.

Since some customers may be impatient to move on to the next content, including benefits in the bulleted lists may prove to be of value.

Include important elements within visual proximity:

It is a common trend to include important elements at the top of the website to ensure that potential customers read them.

However, this may untidy the available visual space and hence it is important to look at how you do your branding and design in a way that feeds customers with relevant information.

The “Call to action” tab must be prominent:

What if your customers wish to order your product or try out your services? Where do they place the order? What is the next course of action they must take?

To answer all these questions and more, ensure that the landing page of your website lends due prominence to “Call to action” button.

Though you might like to be detailed in your content or flood the website with alluring images, the “Call to action” button must stand out among them for the customers to easily identify and take action.

Share product reviews:

Your customers would want to know what others think about the product you are selling or the service that you provide. While you may detail at length about the product or service giving appropriate descriptions, nothing assures the customers than product reviews shared by other customers.

Customer feedback is a measure of credibility of your website and the utility of your product. Product recommendations add to the brand value.

Identify what your target customer is looking for:

Behavior of target audience differs across products and services. If your customers are looking to replace some existing product with yours, it surely means that they are looking for better benefits or some utility factor that would dissolve the bad experience they already had.

It is necessary that you identify the potential factors that your target audience consider before making their choice of product.

Learn from your competitors:

You are relatively new compared to your age-old and established competitors. It is necessary to realize the tricks they employed to optimize conversion rate of their website.

Your competitors must not have made their mark in a day. Look at their website, see how their tabs are positioned, the visuals they have embedded, the font they had used and the kind of content they have included to make effective use of landing page conversion.

It may be difficult to implement all digital marketing tools on a single website. However, keeping in mind essentials and designing accordingly does ensure success in the long run.


It is good to make use of essential digital marketing hacks with the help of a web designing company to achieve viability. But overdoing it may compel Google to penalise your website, thus, pushing the website to a lower rank or to another page. But overdoing it may compel Google to penalise your website, thus, pushing the website to a lower rank or to another page. Therefore, you may consider already-optimized pre-built landing pages like these Carrd templates.

Micheal Anderson Author

Micheal Anderson is a web developer and SEO expert with TechMagnate (Top rated web designing company in Delhi). He helps web-savvy and SEO peoples by providing the solution in the form of article and forum discussion.