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7 WooCommerce Plugins to Maximize Your E-commerce Store Sales!

I’ve something interesting for WooCommerce enthusiasts today. We will talk about the 7 best WooCommerce plugins that will skyrocket your sales.

I was doing some critical research on finding the best plugins that work best for my store. & I found these plugins really cool!

So hang on & let’s explore the 7 best plugins on my list.

Before we start, let me tell you something about WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is among the most popular and powerful e-commerce platforms where hundreds of thousands of people buy and sell products.

So let me tell you why WooCommerce powers 30% of online stores. That’s a lot of websites! Isn’t it?

According to data from BuiltWith, 13,664,367 websites are using WooCommerce & still counting.

WooCommerce has many cool features and plugins to help you run your business smoothly. & that’s why such a massive number of stores actively use WooCommerce.

Now to maximize your store’s potential truly, here are the top 7 picks for today!

Scroll on!

  1. Custom Mix & Match Product Boxes & Bundles:

    Custom Mix & Match Product Boxes & Bundles is a plugin that allows e-commerce store owners to create custom product bundles for their customers.

    It has to offer various unique features that will turn your store visitors into loyal customers.
    Now let’s see what it has to offer for your store.

    When it comes to buying from your stores, customers appreciate both variety and convenience. WooCommerce product bundles plugin enables customers to maximize the value of their money.

    Customers can save money by bundling the products which are particularly appealing to customers, as it provides them with a one-stop solution for their needs, ultimately leading to increased sales.

    For example, if a customer is purchasing a single product, you could offer a bundle that includes additional related products at a discounted price. This can encourage customers to purchase more items from your store, leading to increased sales.

    Let me enlist the features it offers:


    • Customers can order in boxes & bundles
    • Create a new package after filling existing
    • Show boxes below the product images & description
    • Show products in a grid or list
    • Display the product in a quick popup
    • Mobile friendly design
    • Checkout for pre-fill or partial bundles
    • Add simple & variable products to boxes
    • Set dynamic prices for bundles
    • Allow quality control
    • Add gift notes to your loved ones

    So why don’t you try it for your store?

  2. Customer Upload Files for WooCommerce:

    Customer Upload Files for WooCommerce is a plugin that allows customers to upload files (such as images, documents, or designs) when placing an order on your e-commerce store.

    Communication is the bedrock for effective customer care & customer experience in your online store. Offering the ability to upload files, they can feel more confident that their order will be fulfilled correctly and that their personal information will be secure.

    It shows options on the product, cart, or checkout page to understand the customization and needs of customers quickly. Your customers can quickly upload files as an attachment to communicate their requirements effectively.

    Let’s see what it has to offer for your store.


    • Show the upload file button on product, cart, or checkout pages
    • Create rules for file upload
    • Enables preview or delete products on the customer end
    • Allow more than one file upload
    • Allow specific files sizes and file types for uploading
    • Set prices for uploads
    • Allow restrictions on products, categories, user roles
    • Admin can approve or disapprove uploads
    • Notify customers of upload approval or disapproval
    • Customization of elements
    • Both customer & admin can download files
    • Enable custom file extension
    • Customer can attach a note with each upload

    So I recommend giving it a try and seeing the result for yourself. You going to love it!

  3. YITH WooCommerce Wishlist:

    Next up is one of the trending and top-selling products for WooCommerce. The WooCommerce Wishlist is one of the best plugins for loyal customers by saving their favorite products.

    Your customer can use this plugin to save and share their favorite product with their friends & family on special occasions. They can choose the product and buy it later from their wishlist. Wishlist is the best way to advertise your product through social shares.

    This plugin allows you to track customer wishlists and use that information to offer personalized recommendations or promotions.

    Here are the features it has to offer for your customers.


    • Choose a page for the Wishlist
    • You can use shortcodes to show “Add to Wishlist” on any page
    • You can also indicate “remove the Wishlist” on the shop page
    • You can customize the Wishlist table in any way.
    • It provides product variation support.

    Try it for your store and elevate the user experience.

  4. WooCommerce Custom Product Addons:

    In fourth place on our list of the best WooCommerce products, we have the WooCommerce product addons created by Extendons.

    You can use this plugin to create and assign extra product options to hundreds of products at your store in just five minutes.

    You can customize options for each category. It can be pizza, drinks, or even unique options for specific shirt types for your online food business or fashion store.

    It’s simple and quick and gives you endless possibilities to enhance your online store.

    The following are some of the great features it offers:


    • Add specific products to sell
    • Display the product options in a separate and dynamic way
    • Show fields after adding to the cart button
    • You can use the feature to remove the cart and checkout option with each field
    • You can remove the detail option from each field
    • Create new fields: numbers, headings, color buttons, and font style. You can do all the customization.

    WooCommerce Product Option is one of the best WooCommerce plugins I have found online, with hundreds and thousands of active users. You can install it now and see the difference for yourself.

  5. TrustPulse:

    The last on our list of best WooCommerce plugins is TrustPluse which is an excellent social proof tool to increase your sales.

    Social proof is an important factor in increasing your website conversions. You are missing out on a big chunk of your online sales from our store if you don’t leverage the power of social proof. You can use this plugin to increase your online sales by up to 15%.

    Here are some of the best features it gives you:


    • Help you keep an eye on your store purchases
    • Important analytics notifications
    • Get action messages
    • Track popular visitor activities or engagements with your store
    • Know the conversions on your website
    • Easy and instant customization

    In addition, you can use the plugin to display real-time tracking for your store visitors. Furthermore, you can show purchases, signups, and more to build your customer’s trust and compel them to buy instantly.

    Install it to strengthen your customer’s trust in your store.

  6. WooCommerce Product Addon

    Introducing WooCommerce Product Addon, the ultimate solution to enhance your online store and revolutionize the way customers shop. This powerful tool takes your WooCommerce products to the next level, offering seamless customization options that include color, size, and style. With its user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly provide customers with a wide range of choices, enabling them to personalize their purchases and create a truly unique shopping experience.

    By integrating WooCommerce Product Addon, you unlock a world of possibilities for your online store. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to increased customer satisfaction. With this plugin, you can effortlessly expand your product offerings, cater to diverse preferences, and drive higher conversion rates. Your customers will enjoy a seamless and efficient shopping journey, resulting in improved loyalty and repeat business.

    Don’t miss out on the competitive edge that WooCommerce Product Addon offers. Elevate your online store to new heights, stand out from the crowd, and deliver a shopping experience that keeps customers coming back for more.


    • Easy and quick creation of product add-ons
    • Addition of multiple options to products, such as text, checkboxes, radio buttons, and more
    • Display of product add-ons on the cart and checkout pages, increasing conversion rates
    • Conditional logic to show specific product add-ons based on customer choices, enhancing the user experience
    • Compatibility with variable products, offering customers a wider range of choices
    • Configuration of add-on pricing for each product, allowing flexible pricing options to suit business needs
    • Ability to apply custom CSS for styling add-ons, giving a personalized look to your products
    • Multi-language support, ensuring usability for customers from different regions.

    Install this game-changing WooCommerce Product Addon to supercharge your store’s appeal, build customer trust, and unlock the full potential of your online business.

  7. WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugin – PluginHive

    WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugin is a certified UPS tool crafted to streamline your WooCommerce store’s shipping processes. Integrated seamlessly, this plugin brings real-time UPS rates, automated label printing, flexible shipping options, and order tracking to your fingertips. Elevate your store with UPS OAuth 2.0 security for live tracking, schedule pickups, commercial invoice printing, and multi-parcel packing capabilities. Enhance customer satisfaction with estimated delivery dates and support for UPS SurePost and Access Point services.


    • Compatibility with UPS OAuth 2.0 security
    • Real-time UPS rates displayed during checkout
    • Automated label printing for convenience
    • Live UPS tracking to monitor shipments in real time
    • Schedule pickups directly from your store
    • Generate commercial invoices effortlessly
    • Manage both domestic and international shipments seamlessly
    • Provide customers with estimated delivery dates for transparency
    • Support for UPS SurePost and Access Point services
    • Efficient multi-parcel packing to optimize shipping processes
    • Integration with WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments Plugin for shipping bookable products.

    Streamline your WooCommerce store’s shipping process and improve customer satisfaction with the certified WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugin, offering real-time rates, label printing, live tracking, and more.

The Bottom Line!

So here is the final wrap-up on our discussion for the best WooCommerce plugin for your online store. In a few words, I’ve found these plugins with thorough research and studying the online reviews for these products, and I’ve found the best options for your store. These six plugins are best for your online store.

It offers unique features to enhance your store and finally increase your sales. So, if you want to take your online business to the next level, try these plugins and see the difference.

I hope you’ve found our discussion useful.

Talk soon,


Muhammad Safeerullah Author

Muhammad Safeerullah is a professional digital marketer and content writer who is currently working for FMEAddons. He likes to research and write about E-Commerce, search engine optimization, and digital marketing trends. His goal is to help others use WordPress and WooCommerce in innovative ways.