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5 Best WordPress User Registration & Profile Plugins in 2023

Registering new users to the website is a good marketing trend. This way we can get some basic info about our customers. User registrations are vital because it can help in the calculation of the conversions and much more.

Registering visitors to the website benefits businesses but not the visitor hence, to receive more user registration businesses must keep some attractions that can grab their attention and force them to register.

The Interface of User Registration window must be attractive and easy to use. WordPress plug-ins help businesses to create beautiful registration pages.

Along with good user interface, attracting visitors by showing offers and discount coupons on registration is a good marketing tactic. WordPress has plug-ins for both general registration and custom registration.

Why Use Custom Registration Forms on The Website?

The data that is collected via registration form is stored in the user menu of a WordPress dashboard. One of the biggest reasons to create custom registration forms is data overload.

Every visitor that enters the website is different and needs a different kind of service and products. Gathering unnecessary data of the users is bad for both the visitor as well as owner.

The ideal technique that every business follows is; first they gather all the necessary info such as Name, e-mail, gender and date of birth. By providing this information any visitor can register themselves with the website. Further, if a user wants to provide information, then they can do it by clicking on my account.

How Do The Registration Forms Help?

1. Helps Create an Email List

Creating an eye-catchy Registration form can lead customers to subscribe to the newsletter which can improve the owner grow the list of emails which can further be used for email marketing. Customers can receive regular updates on the new products and offers.

2. User Management Becomes Easier

The admin will get an update as soon as a new user is added. This could be helpful to make a new list of customers who are willing to stay connected with the company. This can help the owner to send relevant promotions to the appropriate users.

3. Ideal For Guest Blogging

For an owner that allows guest posts on the WordPress website, registration helps them to label the person posting the article as a contributor.

In a nutshell, WordPress Website Registration can help the owner greatly if the process is simple and bright and the Interface is interactive and colorful.

Best WordPress User Registration Plugins

WordPress offers a lot of user registration plug-ins. Among all of them which one to choose is pretty confusing. Below mentioned are the top 5 plug-ins which WordPress recommends to its users. They are categorized by the characteristics they have.

User Registration (FREE)

User Registration has a simple User Interface; hence, anyone can add this plug-in to their website. The design and looks of the form are also stunning.

This plug-in is filled with features and follows the latest design trends. Its integration with WordPress is effortless.

As we select the themes and colors, the WordPress plug-ins provide a short code which we can add anywhere on our main website.

The best point about this plug-in is that it is a profile builder cum registration plug-in; hence, the same plug-in can also be used to build a complete profile.

It takes a minute to create the registration form.

Follow the steps mentioned:

Step-1: Install the plug-in from the and activate it.
Step-2: After the registration hit the “Install User Registration Pages” button.
Install the plug-in
Clicking on “Install User Registration Pages” will show us the sample pages provided by the plugin. It has two default sample pages named

“User Registration”


“My Account”

. My Account page is used to register the user by gathering complete details about the user. Later on, a user can log himself whenever he wants.

My Account

One of the simplest things to do in WordPress is to create User Registration forms. All we need to do is just drag and drop the plug-in. One of the best things about this plug-in is that we can add as many columns and rows as we want in a single form.

The “My Account” pages offer custom endpoints. It also provides extra fields such as Country, text area, Input field, select, etc.

Pros and Cons

From User Interface point of view, this plug-in is very simple, fast and clean. Multiple grid-like options can be created easily hence, no need to worry about the number of rows and columns.

The only Con of User Registration plug-in is that it is so simple that it might not entertain advance users.

In a nutshell, User Registration form is not the best choice for all types of forms, but it is the best choice for the users who want to keep it simple, concise, yet powerful Registration page.

Ultimate Member (FREE + Paid)

Ultimate Member
Ultimate member is one of the most popular front-end user registration plug-ins. It has some of the most beautiful designs and profiles. It has one of the most potent user dashboards.

The plug-in has the simple, user-friendly interface and yet contains a lot of features and functionalities. The plug-in is pretty lightweight as well as extensible.

As soon as we install the plug-in, it provides us with 7 sample plug-ins which give us an idea of how the registration page will look like.

Login, Registration, and profile are the three sample pages which are provided by the plug-in by default. Hence, the shortcode for all of them is available by default; all we have to do is copy and paste.

Ultimate Member
The next step is to click on the “Forms” menu inside that we can find the Ultimate member plug-in menu. Click on the “Ultimate member plug-in” to create the new form. Finally, click on “Add new” to get a drag and drop pane which will help us build the form.

Additional Features of the Plugin

Ultimate Member plug-in offers a plethora of other features such as Custom user roles, options for import and export.

It also has the features like optimization of SEO, provides color and design options to tweak with the appearance menu and create form fields for Conditional logic.

Pros and Cons

It is the only free plug-in in WordPress to have great features. The only con of this plug-in is that it creates unnecessary pages while the activation is done which creates extra work for the webmaster.


To conclude we can say that user registration plug-in is one of the most potent user registration plug-ins in WordPress.

It is packed with features. It is one of the best choices for the websites and companies that are in a growing stage and are going to be significant over time.

Profile Builder (FREE + Paid)

Profile Builder
Profile Builder is another most potent user registration plug-in in WordPress after Ultimate member. Like Ultimate Member it also has the front-end registration menu on the WordPress website itself which can be added utilizing short codes provided by the plug-in.

One of the best thing about this plug-in is that it provides different short codes for different functionalities. For example,

  • [wppb-register]

    is used to register users by means of front-end register form,

  • [wppb-login]

    is used to add front-end form for login.

  • [wppb-edit-profile]

    is used to grant the access to the users to their user profile and finally,

  • [wppb-logout]

    is used to add the functionality to log out.

Along with all the short codes that it provides, it also creates a widget in the widget area named “Profile builder login widget.”

Profile Builder
The plug-in has some more exciting features such as minimum password length, strength meter, front-end password recovery, confirmation on email and admin user approval.

There are other add-on features which are provided by the plug-in via which we can add the functionality. The plug-in also has the paid premium features which are not present in the free version.

Some Additional Features

The plug-in features the new admin bar plug-in. With the help of this plug-in, we can select the roles for users to view admin bar via front-end. We can also manage and edit extra fields and defaults. Plug-in also provides some free and premium add-ons.

Pros and Cons

There is a separate option to upgrade to the premium plans for advanced functionalities. User Interface of the Profile Builder is complex; hence, it is difficult for the beginners to use.

The notification box is always filled with ads and other premium add-ons. The biggest con is that it only allows us to build one registration form for the free version.

To conclude, we can say that Profile builder is a compelling profile builder tool, but as it does not provide more functionalities in the free version, it is better to opt this plug-in only when we want to use its premium version.

ProfilePress (FREE + Paid)

ProfilePress is one of the best tools for the beginners as it has an easy to use Interface and it is loaded with features. It can create beautiful user registration forms and user profiles with a custom design.

Using ProfilePress plug-in, we can also create password reset pages and add them to the WordPress website via short codes.

ProfilePress has a unique feature which not there in any other plug-in. it has a user interface for adding short codes named



The basic version of this plug-in is available for free to newbie developer while the premium version is recommended for the advanced users. The premium plan has some additional themes and add-on features which are not there in the basic version.

Using ProfilePress, we can create

three types of forms

: Registration forms, Login forms, and Password reset form.

This plugin comes with three pre-made themes for forms of each type. The short code is provided for all of them so that we can view them anytime we want. The plugin chooses a random theme and adds all the three above mentioned forms to our WordPress website.

Additional Features

There are no limits to front-end signup, login and password reset forms. ProfilePress themes can be installed via built-in functionality.

Line preview is available for each code. Redirects default WordPress password reset, login and registration to the respective front-end pages.

Pros and Cons

It provides a simple design for all types of forms and has a lot of options for themes as well. It also includes add-on facility for pro users.

It is easy to create pre-made forms but slightly tricky to a newbie. It requires additional plugin “Shortcake” to add short codes.


In a nutshell, ProfilePress is an excellent plug-in for advanced coders with creative minds. It is not highly recommended to the novice coder or programmer.

RegistrationMagic (FREE + Paid)

RegistrationMagic is a WordPress plugin used to create three types of forms- contact form, login form, and user registration form.

This plugin loaded over 90 features and 3 extensions in the free version itself. It is even better in the premium version offering great 42 extensions.

A pop-up comes for the plug-in tour as soon as we install the plugin. Short codes are available for the three sample forms provided with the plugin.

To create a new form click on the “New Form” which will redirect us to the Field manager where we can add and manage fields as we want.

The Free version allows us to use common areas but not individual profile fields or social fields. It is available in the premium version.

Additional Features

We can add the CAPTCHA for security. All types of payment methods are accepted. Provides e-mail notifications as well as the magic pop-up button.

Pros and Cons

The functionalities and features are pretty extensive; hence, it could confuse a non-specialist who does have a little knowledge of themes and elements.


RegistrationMagic is one of the best choices for the advanced users and miserable for the novice users.

Wrapping Up

Among all the plugins which WordPress has to offer mentioned five plugins are the best and have a lot of significance compared to others. Based on the requirement of the website and developer either of the five plug-ins can be used.

Sandeep Parihar Author

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