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4 Ways to Build a Mobile App with WordPress

According to most internet surfers, WordPress sites are the best. And most of them are looking forward to the mobile applications for precise WordPress web portals.

The latest updates suggest that WordPress enables and empowers 39.6 percent of internet activities. There is a 5 percent growth across WordPress platform from 35 percent as per the estimations of 2020. Besides, 64.1 percent of CMS-built sites are using WordPress, which is a 4 percent growth this year from the estimates of 2020.

Mobile applications are becoming quite convenient compared with many other interfaces and can give visitors a range of visitors. Market competition is enormous when everyone is adopting new strategies for the growth of their business.

The cost of building the WP mobile app using WordPress has fallen to a huge extent. That said, it became easier to consider building the mobile app using the WordPress website.

In this article, you will come to know how you can transform the WordPress site into a mobile app.

1. App builders

The app industry continues to grow and develop every year. As statistics show, it generates more than 200 billion dollars in annual revenue worldwide, while the cost of mobile app development service is not too high, — says Slava Vaniukov, expert and CEO in Softermii.

App Builders always give the ease of creating the mobile app with the requirement of no coding. There is a requirement of only a little technical expertise. It can work best for the ones who don’t want to spend a lot of money. If you don’t want anything custom, you can consider building the app using the app builders. Additionally, app builders have the feature of a website to app converter, making it easier to convert websites into mobile apps without coding skills.

Plenty of app Builders are already there in the present market. Some of the popular ones are Good Barber, Mobile Roadie, Shoutem, Reactor, and Telerik App builder.

Besides, some of these at builders will allow you to pull in the post by installing the plugin on the WordPress site. Doesn’t that sound like a fantastic idea to you? This app will also allow the integration of plugins that work in the most advanced tool for creating apps. Also, when you are a non-technical person, you can consider this method.

There is a drawback in the sense that you will require the WordPress plugins in the app if you need the customizations to the app. Sometimes you may have to purchase some of them and for free while also buying some others at a higher cost.

2. Utilizing the custom hybrid app

Traditionally the hybrid app utilizes web technology like CSS, HTML as well as JavaScript. It gives access to the native device features while compiling for the app stores. It works in the form of a single-page application that gives access to WordPress content using the API. This is where all the WP-API comes into a requirement.

The WordPress APIs are working in the form of the new feature proposed only for the WordPress code. Content placement becomes easier, and utilization in external applications like the mobile app becomes a hassle-free idea.

You can smartly turn a WordPress site into a Mobile Application by utilizing this method that can also deliver the scope of two-way communication. The creation of the post while approving the comments from the mobile app becomes easier. The WordPress API makes it a lot easier to get the WordPress content integrated into the mobile application.

Steps to Build a WordPress Mobile App by this method are as follows:
All you have to enable is to merely install and activate the plugin on the WordPress site.

  • Right after the activation, you can notice the API data that comes on the screen. Even if you want to add the code to the HTML file while loading it in the web browser, you will see set options. Some of them come with the tags like “working with custom post type in WordPress,” “API basic authentication with WordPress API and AngularJS,” “the WordPress app project.”
  • Whenever you’re developing a hybrid app, you can use the web technologies like JavaScript and HTML to give you the perfect way of creating a mobile app from the WordPress site.
  • Wrapping the app around the web code and turning it into the native app for iOS and Android app stores makes it even a better approach.

The best part of this approach is that the traditional hybrid mobile app approach will be allowing the creation of a fast app that is good for native translations, offline, and more than that. You can also go ahead with creating an app that will be working entirely or partially in an offline fashion. Integration with multiple APIs also becomes easier.

However, there is a drawback like many other methods. The WordPress APIs are just great for pulling the content like the post and the pages, but at a point, it starts becoming difficult if you want to integrate it with something else.

3. The utilization of the external software with the right coding and programming

Developers these days are utilizing the WordPress CMS for mobile apps, software, and the tools for making more detailed apps. A variety of extensive tools can come with the options that work to create the one-of-a-kind app. In that way, they can also make it easy to navigate.

They utilize legible font sizes and navigation, all tabs alongside the dropdown menus, making it very easy for users. They will involve the utilization of the native application for the specific smartphone operating system.

Some of them also work within the natural environment where there are a set of user experience guidelines. The developer has to comply with the guidelines set for the operating system by making navigation easier for the users. After that, they just test it before launching it.

The professional tester also gets involved in the team for conducting the better test while also trying out certain mobile app testing tools that are available as free or paid. This way gets the WordPress website converted into a rich mobile app without additional hassles.

4. Utilization of plugins

At this specific point, you must be wondering how fine is the idea of building the app using a plugin. It’s good to inform you that utilization of the plugin can be the best idea. All you have to do is sign up for the free or the paid accounts.

Then connect the site utilizing the WordPress plugin that you have chosen. There are several options that you will be getting in the present-day market. Now go for the creation of the mobile app when the plugin gets installed.

It starts automatically connecting the account that you have just created. Monitor the dashboard and find the options that will be helping you in the entire objective. You can also enter certain basic information regarding the app by uploading the important imagery. Choosing the precise app design and color is a must.

Then remember to add the pages to the app and customize them appropriately. You can get a preview of the WordPress mobile app if you want to see it properly.

All you have to facilitate is merely download the preview application to the mobile device and perform the testing to make sure that the app is perfectly fit for ease to the users. Now submit the mobile app and request the custom proposal to give you the tailored mobile app for detecting the company’s needs.

Key Takeaways

Besides the above-mentioned methods to create a WordPress mobile app, you can also get other solutions that will be giving you a more compelling mobile experience. The responsive design you will be getting with smart mobility when you utilize solutions turns out to be the best idea for customizing the app. The user can get access to the entire app with only a few clicks.

The platform that is loaded with a variety of functionalities and extensions also makes sure about enhancement of the quality and experience of the mobile app. Integration of the push notifications and ads makes sure that it is more customizable with sites.

Always make sure to choose the categories, images, and colors appropriately to make sure that the mobile app is worth attracting the users. Whenever you have a company website, it becomes essential to consider the mobile app for the same.

The utilization of the perfect methods like we have mentioned above makes sure they’re giving a customized look and feel to the app while catering to the needs of the customers.

Kosha Shah Author

Kosha Shah is a digital strategist at Technostacks Infotech Which is a top web, software, and mobile app development company in India and USA. She writes engaging blog topics for trends, mobile, and industry software news.