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3 Pillars of a Successful Modern Web Design

Modern Web Design
A website is a necessity in today’s world for each and every business. It is very important to develop the website in the way it is needed to make it a success.

There are 3 pillars of successful web design in the modern world suggested by the Svitla Systems which are absolutely needed to create a website that is user-friendly and one which is optimized from the SEO perspective.

Let us have a look at those pillars :


As per Svitla Systems, the design of the website is the most important aspect for any website. It should include all the functionalities required to serve the users.

A clean and appealing design is loved by each and every customer and it helps to attract more and more potential customers to the website. The informative, modern, SEO-friendly and user-friendly should be the design of any website.

The biggest hurdle that the web designers face while designing the website is the visual representation. The designers may get confused among the different designs and may have trouble in deciding which design will be perfect for the website.

HTML and CSS are the designing elements of the website. HTML is used for giving structure to the web-pages and CSS is used for giving a classic and stylish visual appearance to the website.

The traditional web designers have a different way of looking at the websites than other people. They know better that which type of design will look clean and nice along with having a beautiful and elegant appearance.

The experienced designers know exactly which design will be easy to navigate for the users and which won’t be.

Some tips:

  1. Make creative, modern and fancy websites so that the users find something different in your website.
  2. Make the website flexible for the users so that they can navigate it and get the required information easily.
  3. Use all the modern functionalities and keep high-quality image and videos on the site.


The modern web designs should be such that they provide the required information to the users and solve their purpose within a short span of time.

The users come to your site searching for some information or searching for some product or service, your site should provide them with what they want easily.

If you have an e-commerce site, then filters are a must in your site as it helps the users to set their limits and choices.

A search bar is a required functionality for every website that is having a huge number of pages and a lot of content in it. Some tips that you should follow to have a great usability on your website.

  1. The headlines of your website should be clear and concise in order to capture the attention of the users.
  2. The loading time of the website should be fast otherwise the users will leave your site increasing the bounce rate.
  3. Make sure the colors, fonts, images, texts, backgrounds help to make the look of the website proper and the focus on the readability of the website is well-maintained.
  4. The spacing and the margins should be proper and the navigation should be simple.

The website should also contain quality posts and content that is important for the users. The content must be created after knowing the likes and dislikes of the users so that you can serve them what they want.

By increasing the usability of the website, more and more potential customers will surely get driven to your website.


SEO is the method through which we can increase the ranking of our web-pages. It is highly important for any website owner to invest their time and money in the SEO techniques so that the website can be seen on the first page of the search engine result pages. Follow the below tips to improve the SEO of your website.

  1. Name the URLs in a meaningful way so that the search engine bots come to know what the page is all about.
  2. Build the XML sitemaps so that the search engine bots are easily able to crawl and index the site properly.
  3. Include the proper and relevant keywords in the content as well as in the title and meta descriptions.
  4. Include images that are of high quality and those that get loaded very quickly.
  5. Don’t forget to name the images so that the search engine bots come to know what they are.
  6. Reduce the loading time of your website as it is also an important factor considered by the search engines while giving ranking to the websites.
  7. Optimize the site for mobile and tablets.
  8. Make sure that you are consistent in publishing the quality content for your users.

Thus, these were the 3 pillars of a successful modern web design as per Svitla Systems. Follow them to make a perfect website for your users and proliferate the business to the heights!