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11 Best Customer Support Plugins for WordPress

Do you prioritize customer support while delivering the best in class product quality?

Do you track whether all customer questions are being answered instantly?

Just in case you haven’t paid attention to the customer support process to date, it is time that you utilize this unused domain to bring in miracles for your business.

And, it’s not an assumption. Numbers support this conjecture too.

Do you know that 47% of customers end their bond with a brand due to poor customer support?

This number gives you all the more reasons to take customer support seriously. That’s because an excellent support process has the power to convert qualified leads into customers.

Understand this, your customers expect proactive support. This implies that they expect their problems to be resolved before they reach out to you for a solution. For that to happen, make sure that the problem gets tracked before it even takes place.

That’s why it becomes pivotal for you to update your support process and website with the best live chat plugin, a ticketing system, real-time support, a huge knowledge base, and various other tools.

Increasing Need for WordPress Customer Support Plugins

If you have a WordPress website, then the good news is that you can use some of the best WordPress customer support plugins to offer best-in-class customer support.

There are numerous handy WordPress customer support plugins available at your disposal. From live chat and chat API service to seamless documentation plugins, you can come across different tools to support different functionalities. So, you can select a suitable plugin according to the needs of your business.

To save you from getting overwhelmed in the selection process, we have curated a list of the 11 best customer support WordPress plugins.

Top 11 WordPress Customer Support Plugins

  1. ProProfs Live Chat Wordpress Plugin

    ProProfs Live Chat Wordpress Plugin
    This integration allows businesses to offer proactive customer support, capture quality leads and receive constructive feedback on products/service/support. With live chat, you can ensure that all the queries are answered promptly and visitors are kept engaged.

    Personalized solutions are at the disposal of agents when they are approached by visitors/customers. They can set identifiers to categorize customer service request and drive it to the concerned team.


    • Real-time tracking of activities of visitors and initiation of live chat
    • Instant and proactive support
    • Chat greetings to enhance customer experience


    • Customizable pre-chat forms that help in knowing the visitors and capturing quality leads
    • Feedbacks can be captured to improve the quality of products/services through post-chats forms
  2. WP Support Ticket

    WP Support Ticket
    It is one of the best online support plugin WordPress and can help you buttress your customer base. It enables website visitors to create a support ticket so that they can get reliable assistance at the time of need easily.

    With the help of this tool, you can offer proactive support and tailored solutions. It lets you ensure that no customer requests are left unanswered.


    • Files in different formats can be shared to offer delightful customer experience
    • Simplified customer and representative experience with storage of new tickets at a centralized point


    • It helps to offer proactive support
    • Businesses can build customer loyalty and affinity by offering personalized solutions
  3. LiveAgent

    It is a helpdesk and customer support plugin that allows your agents to offer delightful support experience. Agents can enter a live chat with just a single click and immediately respond to customers’ queries.

    The tool is capable of converting visitors into customers by virtue of offering well-tailored solutions. It facilitates your team to track the activities of visitors and initiate a live chat with them to run through their product line thereby enhancing sales.


    • Real-time monitoring of visitors
    • Automatic invitations can be sent to customers to understand their pain points well before they feel the need to contact you


    • Real-time view of what customers are typing, so that agents can prepare answers in advance
    • Supports omnichannel communications
  4. Helpie FAQ

    Helpie FAQ
    Helpie FAQ is a robust WordPress customer support plugin. It allows users to embed their company’s FAQs on their WordPress website. Using the plugin, users can create as well as edit FAQs.

    FAQs can be categorized, sorted and tagged. It facilitates users to create styles such as Toggle or Accordion. You can also select a suitable location for the placement of FAQs and it can be changed according to your liking.


    • Shortcode builders for pages
    • FAQs can be enabled and disabled
    • Multiple themes to make the section look attractive


    • FAQs can be categorized, grouped, filtered, sorted
    • Popular or recently added FAQs are displayed on top for enhanced user experience
    • Number of FAQs can be limited
  5. Contact Form by WPForms

    Contact Form by WPForms
    It is a robust drag-and-drop form builder that eradicates the need of hiring a developer for the same. The tool is easy-to-use, so you create user forms within minutes. In fact, it is one of the most user-friendly and fastest plugins for WordPress.

    You can create different types of forms and customize your questions based on the type of customers. It is suitable for beginners as you can use templates, themes, and workflows. You can create a contact form where visitors can leave their details, and you can contact them easily.


    • Drag-and-drop feature to create forms seamlessly and quickly
    • Forms can be optimized for web and server
    • Pre-built templates, workflows, and themes


    • Different types of forms can be created (contact forms, payment forms, feedback form)
    • Contact forms are accessible from multiple devices
  6. WP-Live Chat by 3CX

    WP-Live Chat by 3CX
    Another add-on for WordPress that comes with multiple functionalities is WP-Live Chat by 3CX. With this plugin, you can augment your customers’ list by offering high-quality services.

    It sets customers’ minds at ease by cutting all the clutter that they could possibly experience while availing the support. You can also take the sales growth to new heights by offering quick and satisfactory resolutions to prospects coming to your website.


    • Agent to agent chats
    • Fully customizable


    • Easy and convenient
    • Painless language translations
  7. Help Scout

    Help Scout
    This WordPress customer support plugin allows you to create a contact form and embed it on your WordPress website. When customers fill the form, inquiries are sent to your HelpScout account in real-time.

    Within a few seconds, you can set up this plugin. It also allows you to add HelpScout Beacon to the website. With this integration, you can offer the best in class support to your customers.


    • Multiple support pages can be created using shortcodes
    • Gist URLs can be converted to gist embeds
    • Theme templates that can be customized


    • Customers can create support tickets and reply
    • Conversations can be embedded in posts/pages
  8. Awesome Support

    Awesome Support
    This is one of the best customer support plugins you can add to your Wordpress website. It enables you to slash the number of brand detractors by offering you complete ticket history.

    Owing to this, you can learn about missed tickets and then offer reliable solutions with a personalized apology note for the delay. As we know, later is better than never.


    • Painless time tracking
    • Customizable email notifications
    • 28+ premium add-ons


    • It has a responsive design so that mobile/tablet users encounter no hassle
    • Supports a wide range of languages
  9. weDoc

    This WordPress plugin offers easy documentation and functionality to create a knowledge base. Using the tool, you can create attractive product descriptions. It makes document creation and browsing simple.

    You can organize all the documents beautifully with its themes. The docs can be hosted in WordPress and organized with tags and ordering. You can even retrieve documents from other sites.


    • Create and edit docs with ease
    • Seamless browsing of documents


    • It is quite useful in creating and maintaining detailed document
    • Documents can be organized by using tags
  10. Catchers

    It is an all-in-one helpdesk and ticketing plugin for WordPress. When a customer approaches you, tickets are generated which can then be tracked by agents.

    The tool with its status tracking feature ensures that you never lose customers. The tool allows agents to access customer’s information through their profile details. It fetches emails and converts them into tickets.


    • Tickets have status such as new, pending, answered, non-answered, etc for easy identification.
    • You can create and customize the contact forms.
    • Emails are converted to tickets


    • Knowledgebase and saved responses for the time management
    • Custom fields on the contact form
    • History of conversation can be retrieved based on various filters
  11. Provide Support

    Provide Support
    It is the best customer support plugin with live support. It allows your agents to monitor the activities of visitors on the website. They receive service requests in real-time so that they can initiate proactive chat and address queries promptly.

    The chat window is customizable. You can change the color and theme. You can even customize the greetings and operator image. The tool facilitates users to add images and other attachments in chat.


    • Live chats features can be customized (images, greet messages, pre-chat and post-chat surveys)
    • Website can be monitored in real-time and you can initiate live chats with visitors


    • Predefined responses save executive’s time in typing common messages
    • Offline behavior can be set

Summing Up

So, these are some cool and handy customer support plugins for WordPress to simplify your task. You can try them to delight your customers with enhanced customer support.

Keep one thing in account that these plugins can help you win online customers’ hearts, which isn’t an easy task to pull off. So, ignoring these is not even an option, unless you want your competitors to get the upper hand on you.