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10 WordPress Site Examples of Big Brands in 2023

While it is true that WordPress started-off its journey as a blogging platform, it is now the most popular publishing platform and website development software on the web.

According to recent statistics, WordPress powers more than 40% of the internet it is showing no signs of slowing down.

Thousands of brands across the globe are utilizing it for their websites. As the new year is just around the corner, I will highlight some superb brands which will continue to use WordPress in 2023.

Big Brands Using WordPress In 2023

You may already be using WordPress or considering it for your next website. But it’s important to keep in mind that having the right web hosting service is crucial. All the big brands using WordPress ensure they have the best web host that suits their business needs.

While choosing your host eventually comes down to your budget and individual requirements, I highly recommend checking out web hosting reviews before making a decision.

The brands I have chosen to highlight not only offer fantastic value to their users, but they also have an excellent reputation with search engines. These brands have gone for WordPress as their platform of choice because it’s flexible, user-friendly, responsive, and secure. Not only you can create beautiful websites using WordPress, but it’s also SEO-friendly.

So check out these brands and keep reading.


    The Mozilla project has been working since 1998 to ensure that the internet benefits everyone. This project is a global community of people who believe that innovation and truthfulness are significant elements to build a healthy environment on the internet.

    This excellent brand uses WordPress, and its website has a sleek design. The layout is innovative and user-friendly. It has a magazine-like look and typography choice. Based on three columns, the design is optimized for mobile.

  2. NGINX

    NGINX is another fantastic big brand using WordPress. It is an open-source web server that can be used as a mail proxy, reverse proxy HTTP cache, and load balancer. Founded in 2004, NGINX provides scalability, improves security, and accelerates content delivery for the busiest websites on the internet.

    NGINX website has a smooth black and green design that is user-friendly. Categories are mentioned in a clear way that makes them easily accessible.

  3. WIRED

    Wired is a very popular magazine in the U.S that focuses on how new technologies affect politics, culture, and economy. It gives an insight into current and future trends in technology.

    The wired website powered by WordPress has an elegant black and white design, with stylish magazine appearance. The site contains animated content blocks for each category. It also includes the most popular section that shows all the latest and popular news.

    The parallax slideshows for every post page makes the homepage attractive.


    The Pulse Blog gives a sneak peek to the candidates who want to work at Target. It gives you an insight into Target’s culture and experience. Specific people are selected from the team who share their experiences with you. The blog includes authentic and honest stories.

    Their fantastic website is a combination of black, grey, and red tones. Red color creates an attractive look, with black and grey balancing it out. The logo of the Pulse Blog is the most prominent part of the website. It is a clean design with a traditional drop-down bar category.


    Variety is a U.S media company owned by Penske Media Corporation. The big brand utilized WordPress to provide the latest entertainment news that includes file reviews, box office reports, awards, film festivals, and other information about media conferences.

    As the brand is all about media, it has a smooth and clean magazine design. It contains four content variants, according to the audience. The content is mentioned in widget boxes, which makes it easily accessible.


    This top of the line multinational business magazine owned by Time Inc has a WordPress website in landscape format. The site has a fantastic, smooth black and white professional look.

    The slideshow displays the featured articles section, and the content is presented in four columns. With the history of providing news and analysis critical to business people, the website is quite user-friendly.


    Well, who doesn’t know about Walt Disney.. many of us have grown up watching Walt Disney cartoons. Their WordPress website welcomes you with a large picture of their head office located in California. When you further scroll down, you get to see posts on the latest entertainment news.

    The blog page contains two posts styles, a grid, and a large featured image. The fonts and buttons are unique, modern, and colorful. The use of full-width images and video separators makes the website highly striking and attractive.

  8. AMC

    AMC is an American based television network home to some top-rated programs. Their famous seasons include “Walking Dead” and “Halt and Catch Fire.”

    As it is a television website, it contains full wide images with colorful content sections. The images show the latest happenings on the channel, and the design of this fantastic WordPress website is rich in multimedia and user-friendly.


    You are probably aware of Sony. Sony Music is an American global recorded music company owned by Sony Corporation. They have signed up several local and international superstars. Sony Music’s WordPress website has a minimalistic design and includes a news section. The transition of images directs you to the main site of a specific singer.


    The digital cable network, BBC America’s WordPress site, has a sleek design with large featured images. With a dark brown combination of colors and news of the latest happenings on the channel, BBC America is a visual treat. The website is rich in multimedia content and has a beautiful simplistic design.

There are many more big brands out there utilizing WordPress, such as MTV News and Microsoft News center. With these big names, you can see that WordPress is building a way for new websites around the world.

So if you are considering to use WordPress for your next website, you can’t go wrong.