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10 Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Shopify Theme Development Agency

Shopify Theme Development
If you’re planning to launch a Shopify store but stuck on deciding how to create a good selling-focused store? Well, this article has got you covered. Hiring a Shopify theme development agency can deliver you a fully functional unique Shopify store that comes with a design that’s solely designed for your business – giving your audience a unique customer experience.

However, before you make your hiring call, there are some important factors that you should consider before you end up hiring an unprofessional agency – resulting in a wastage of both; time and money. In today’s article, we’ll walk you through some of the top factors that you must consider before hiring a Shopify theme development agency for your e-commerce business.

Should You Have to Invest in a Shopify Theme Development Agency?

Let’s first understand the importance of having a creative and highly functional Shopify store. To this date, Shopify runs over 4.39 billion websites worldwide which is a clear sign that businesses of all sizes are leveraging the power of this amazing platform.

Creating a creative, responsive, and user-friendly store requires expertise in both; design and development. A professional Shopify agency has a team with decades of combined experience and access to a vast range of skills to transform your business idea into a fully functional online store that conveys your business message and identity through its design. Now, let’s explore the benefits of hiring such an agency.

  1. Expertise / Experience

    When evaluating a vast list of Shopify theme development agencies, you must assess their expertise and experience in the first place. Look for agencies that have a proven track record in custom Shopify development and have completed projects that fall under your business niche or are at least similar to yours. Ensure they have good expertise in different Shopify features, functionalities, and other best practices to get a store optimized for both; customers and search engines.

  2. Portfolio

    Reviewing the agency’s portfolio gives you valuable insight into their work record. Look for agencies that have created stunning, creative, and user-friendly Shopify stores. Pay close attention to the patterns, design elements, usability, and overall user experience. A strong portfolio is a must while making your hiring call. On top of that, if they have positive customer reviews, it’s a good indicator that justifies their skills and experience.

  3. Edge of Customization

    While talking with your Shopify agency, ask them about their customization capabilities. Ask for their previous project links so you can review the stores yourself and see what level of customization they’re capable of. With a unique Shopify theme that’s made only for your business, your store gets the ability to reflect your brand identity uniquely to your customers and differentiate your store from the competition.

  4. SEO Optimization

    Search engine optimization is the backbone of every successful business online. It’s super important for your store’s online success. Research a little about the agency you’re going hire about their expertise in SEO optimization. Make sure the agency you’re going to hire has a record in building SEO-optimized stores with best practices, including optimizing images, meta tags, URLs, and other SEO-related stuff. A well-optimized store directly impacts your search rankings and has the potential to drive organic visitors to your store.

  5. Communication and Customer Support

    Clear communication is the key to a good business partnership. With ongoing support; it’s the best double combo you’ll ever need in a business partnership. However, it gets more crucial when working with a Shopify theme development agency. Make sure the agency you’re hiring uses an effective communication channel that provides regular updates throughout the development process. Remember, a reliable agency always prioritizes effective communication and timely support over other matters.

  6. Pricing

    Discuss the pricing structure in the first place and make sure it aligns with your budget. Compare quotes from different agencies before making your final decision and finalize the one that suits your budget. However, keep one thing in mind the lowest does not always mean the best. Consider the value you get from your investment – saving a couple of hundred dollars might result in a total failure. Always consider the agency’s expertise, experience, support, and customization capabilities before hiring.

  7. Timeline

    Define the project timeline in your initial meeting with the agency; before you decide to hire them. Understand how long it’ll take to develop your store and whether it aligns with your projected launch date or not. A professional agency will always provide a realistic timeline that aligns with your projected launch date – sometimes even earlier than that. Make sure your agency has a proven project management process to confirm on-time project timely delivery.

  8. Integration Services

    Consider whether the agency you’re hiring offers integration services for your Shopify store or not. What good an online store is if it can’t accept multiple payment options, right? Imagine getting visitors to your website, but none of them make a purchase – let’s hope that never happens to any online store.

    Ask your Shopify agency about integrating different payment gateways, third-party APIs, and other tools in your custom theme to improve the store’s overall functionality. By doing so, you can offer your customers a range of payment methods for easier purchases. Discuss your integration requirements with the agency to provide a smooth experience to your customers.

  9. Maintenance

    A well-maintained Shopify store is a long-term success. Inquire about the agency’s maintenance procedures and see how they can help you with ongoing maintenance after the project is finished and delivered. Make sure your agency provides regular updates, security patches, and bug fixes to help you in the long run. Ask about their post-development support how quickly they tackle maintenance issues and their response time before you hire an agency.

  10. Security

    The security and privacy of your store are important, especially when customer data is involved. Discuss the agency’s security measures make sure their solutions are secured and use modern means to tackle cyber attacks. Your development agency must have proven protocols in place to protect your Shopify store from potential online threats and secure your data confidentiality. Question them about their data backup procedures, security measures, and how often they do security updates.

Now that we have covered the key factors for hiring a Shopify theme development agency, let’s see where to find the best options for consideration:

Where to Find the Best Shopify Theme Development Agencies

Finding the best Shopify theme development agency requires a lot of time in thorough research. Here are some places where you can find reputable agencies for consideration:

  1. Shopify Experts

    Start your research by with the official Shopify Plus Experts page. This is Shopify’s official platform that showcases the real and certified Shopify Plus Experts – Shopify Plus agencies and skilled independent developers specialized in everything Shopify-related. You can browse through their profiles and client reviews to find the best option for your store. Shopify Plus Experts are vetted by Shopify, which confirms they pass the required tests and requirements and are certified for their skills by the official Shopify team.

  2. Business Directories

    Search on directories such as Clutch, GoodFirms, RightFirms, and others that provide a comprehensive list of Shopify theme development agencies. These platforms feature reviews, ratings, and detailed information to help shortlist some good ones.

  3. Professional Community Platforms

    Platforms like LinkedIn can also help you find your perfect agency. Search for agencies that are specialized in Shopify development explore their profiles and look for factors mentioned above. LinkedIn allows you to directly contact these agencies and have meaningful conversations right there on the platform allowing you to have an idea of their suitability for your project.

  4. Search Engines

    Finally, don’t forget the search engines. Perform a normal Google search for Shopify theme development agencies or try adding up your local area or city for more direct results. Visit different agencies, explore their services, and assess their expertise. Furthermore, look for the factors mentioned above, and shortlist some names for deep analysis later.


Hiring the right agency can be tricky for most businesses and might result in a make-or-break situation. Therefore, carefully assess each agency before making your final call and use the factors mentioned above to help you hire the best option.

Take your time to research (no rush) and evaluate different agencies, before you end up hiring one. Review their portfolios, discuss your requirements, and ask for deliverables. Remember, finding the right Shopify agency can be time-consuming and hard, but in the end, it’s gonna save you a lot of time and effort.

Partnering up with them gives you a visually appealing, user-friendly, and highly functional store that drives conversions and helps you thrive and grow in your respective niche So, step into it, hire your Shopify expert, and turn your vision into reality.