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10 Best WordPress Portfolio Themes and Templates 2024

Are you a photographer, designer, model, actor or other creative looking to launch your own website showcasing your work and experience? For that purpose, you’ll need to use a WordPress Portfolio Themes templates. There are plenty of options out there.

We have picked the best 10 to narrow down your selection. Some are specifically dedicated to portfolios; others are more general and business-oriented but have great features to transform it into a portfolio worth sharing with future clients.

  1. Photostat PRO

    Let’s start the list with Photostat PRO. The WordPress Portfolio Themes is a popular choice among photographers as well as designers and other visual artists. Not only the theme is clean and modern, but it’s also responsive and supports multiple languages. The clean look allows all creatives to showcase their work without any additional web design distractions but at the same time isn’t too minimalistic to give a sense of boredom. Moreover, the layout shows great professionalism. Overall, the theme is perfect for a serious creative looking to expand their business.

  2. Wide Range PRO

    The Wide Range PRO theme is certainly eye-catching and breath-taking. Thanks to the fact that it’s a full-screen template, the website visitor is totally exposed to the artists’ creative work. What every designer, artist or photographer would appreciate is the opportunity to pick one best image of their work that will cover the entire front page. Why is that great? Because it resembles the feeling of viewing art during an exhibition. Instead of attention-grabbing text and titles, the artist can let their work speak for themselves. If the visitor likes it enough to read more, there are a lot more pages available within the theme.

  3. Modeling PRO

    Not only photographers and artists need portfolios! So do models, actors, public figures, etc. There’s a stereotype that modeling portfolios hold only their photos. Wrong! Both professional and aspiring models need to show a bit more than their body. That includes fashion designers they collaborated with, catwalks they walked, brands they’ve been ambassadors for, any charitable work they involve themselves with and information about the agency they work for. The Modeling PRO theme is perfect to include all those necessary elements.

  4. Music Club PRO

    Are you a musician? Music Club PRO template features everything you’d need as a music artist. Starting from a professional but not corporate-like style and wide range of theme colors to choose from to music-related features. Those include but aren’t limited to lightweight audio player and music album, a video gallery and lightbox photo gallery. Moreover, it’s compatible with WooCommerce so you can easily sell tickets to your next events or your new albums. Last but not least, it has integration with your social media platforms.

  5. Creamery PRO

    At first sight Creamery PRO looks more like a template for a bakery. Certainly, a delicious one but what does that have to do with a portfolio? If you think about it, it’s really a cupcake portfolio. If you were to change all the photos into ones of, let’s say, your sculptures or paintings, the feeling changes dramatically. Suddenly, it’s a portfolio of a top artist. The point is that the features of this theme are perfect for any creative. It allows showcasing a great number of visuals. Additionally, it includes a great selection of fonts and it’s compatible with WooCommerce if you decide to sell your art online.

  6. Spangle PRO

    Are you an interior designer who wants to build a portfolio of all the homes and apartments you’ve decorated and worked on throughout your career? Spangle PRO is your best template choice. Not only you can add a great number of visuals and text, but it will also all be presented in a professional and modern manner. It features all possible resources and tools to make building the portfolio as easy and fast as you need. Moreover, you can use a number of smooth animation effects to move from one image to another. These you can upload using a drag-and-drop plugin.

  7. Yoga Club

    The Yoga Club theme is very clean and certainly speaks well to a female audience. If the work in your portfolio is targeted at women, think about using this template and simply adjusting it to your needs. We recommend using Yoga Club to showcase your fashion projects as well as your graphic design work as it allows you to include wide range visuals with enough space for detailed descriptions of your products. If that didn’t convince you yet, think about the extra benefits of ready templates for page, blog and contact pages as well as widgets for sidebar and footer sections.

  8. Elevation PRO

    Elevation PRO is considered to be a business theme. Majority of us, however, build portfolios for business purposes and making revenue, right? Don’t be stuck with the idea that all online portfolios need to be minimalistic and only featuring visuals. That’s a very outdated way of thinking about it. Moreover, for search engine optimization purposes, the more content you include on your website, including text, the better it is for higher ranking on search engines. The better is your ranking, the more clients will find your website. Exploit the features on Elevation PRO to make most of your creative journey.

  9. Combine PRO

    Combine PRO is also called a high-end WordPress theme. Do you provide premium services or sell premium products? Or perhaps you target luxury market customers? Combine PRO template will help you resemble that with your web design. The theme can be used for a variety of businesses, including individuals and companies only wanting to build a portfolio. It’s really easy to use and customize, includes unlimited Google fonts and color options as well as it is compatible with the majority of WordPress plugins. No need to think twice, just install and try the demo.

  10. Unifield PRO

    If you’re a web designer, product design or a UI/UX designer, Unifield PRO template will be your perfect solution for an amazing showcase of your work. The portfolio you can make will be clean, informative, professional but still attractive enough to catch the viewer’s attention and make him or her dig deeper into the details of your work. The layout is, of course, responsive, SEO friendly and has unlimited color options to choose from.