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10 Best WordPress Ad Management Plugins

Almost every website and blog we see contain advertisements. Some are attractive, while others are annoying to look at, but websites need this as a source of income.

Advertising on your website is one way for businesses or anyone to make money online. And, if you run your website or blog on WordPress, it’s not easy to manage your ads.

Some WordPress themes aren’t designed to display ads. Therefore, it requires technical skills to make some adjustments for this.

However, despite this minor setback, WordPress has Ad Manager Plugins that will help you run your ad easily, with no need of inserting codes. You can now find a spot for your ads and track sales of each ad on your website.

Here we bring you ten WordPress Ad Manager Plugins you can use to monetize your website and keep track of your ads’ performance.Except for these 10 tools, you can try Voluum Ad tracking tool to track all your advertising on a single platform.


    If you’re a beginner and have no to little idea about advertising or hosting an ad on your website, AdSanity could be the perfect tool for you. This is known to be one of the easiest and beginner-friendly plugins for running an ad on your website.

    AdSanity allows users of this plugin to easily insert their ad anywhere on their site. With the use of a widget and an ad button, users can manage their ads.

    This ad manager allows self-hosted ads (ads that are sold by the website owner) and ads from an external network.

    Other great features of this plugin are the ability to schedule ads, support a group ad or randomly chosen ads, and track the performance or sales of your ads.

    There are three plans for AdSanity plugins, with $49 per year as the basic plan. All plans include the basic add-on.


    Similar to AdSanity, AdRotate is an ad manager plugin designed for beginners. It has features that are easy to manage when advertising in your blog is not your forte.

    AdRotate supports self-hosted ads and ads from other networks like AdSense, DoubleClick, and more. It also allows users to track clicks and impressions of ads posted on the website, to schedule ads, and geo-tag ads to a particular location or individuals.

    This plugin offers a free version. However, to maximize its features, plan starts at $43 per year.


    There are many ad manager plugins with great features, but in most reviews, nothing comes close to Ads Pro Plugin. It has countless impressive features, all packed at an affordable price. If you’re serious about advertising and want to gain more, Ads Pro Plugin is perfect for your website.

    Here are the reasons why:

    • Users of this plugin have 20 different ways to display their ads. Ads Pro allows users to become creative when it comes to displaying their ads. This feature can capture the audience’s attention.
    • Users can accept direct payment from ad purchases.
    • Advertisers are allowed to choose a spot and manage the spot.
    • A/B split testing can be conducted to know what ad works best.
    • Geo-tagging to promote ad to certain group or individuals or location
    • 4 payment methods (PayPal, Stripe, WooCommerce Cart, and Bank Transfer) and 3 billing models (CPC, CPM, and CPD)
    • It bypasses ad blocker, therefore, increasing your revenue.
    • Users can modify how they show ads on a specific device (mobile, desktop, or tablet).

    Plan starts at $57.


    If you’re looking for complete control over your sales profit, OIO Publisher is the best plugin for you. This easy to set ad manager allows you to control your advertisement, from your self-hosted ads to a third party network.

    OIO ad manager allows tracking of ads, different places to display your ads, and there is no need for a middleman. Therefore, 100% of the revenue all goes to you.

    However, not all placements are allowed for the display of your ads. You’re required to edit some WordPress themes for it to happen.

    Paid plan starts at $47.


    WP PRO is another all-in-one ad manager plugin for your website. It comes with different ways to display your ads like the Ads Pro Plugin.

    Other features that users of this plugin will enjoy are:

    • Ability to schedule ads anytime
    • Tracking of ad clicks and impressions
    • It can be integrated with Google Analytics
    • Bypasses ad blocks
    • Advertisers can buy a spot on your site and manage the ads
    • You can add ads on your MailChimp Newsletters
    • You can create banners with its banner ad creator feature

    The paid plan starts at $29 with six months of customer support. If you want to extend the customer support service for 12 months, you can add $9.38.


    It is found out that the most effective way to position an ad is within the content. However, manually inserting ads in between your website’s content might be time-consuming. Taking up some of your time you could actually use in creating ways to earn money.

    However, the daunting task of manually inserting ads on your post is now gone. Insert Post Ads plugin is an ad manager created by WPBeginner.

    This plugin allows you to insert ads on your content. You can insert as many ads as you want in one content, and you can choose the size you prefer.

    Both self-hosted and third-party ads are supported by this plugin.


    Another great WordPress ad manager plugin to try for your website is Advanced Ads. This plugin is free for its basic features, but for more add-ons and feature you can try their paid plans.

    With Advanced Ads’ free feature, you are allowed to create unlimited ads whether it’s your own ad or from other networks. You can also choose to schedule ads, turn on or off a certain ad when you want it, and even manage certain categories of the ads you want to turn on or off too.

    For the paid plans, where add-ons are included, tracking, geo-tagging, and selling ads are some features you could try with this plugin.


    Quick Adsense doesn’t limit users of this plugin because of its name. In fact, users can include self-hosted ads and ads from other networks to advertise.

    This free WordPress plugin is easy to use and displays your ads anywhere on your website. It also displays your ads in between your content.

    Quick Adsense is the best rated free support plugins of WordPress.

    Since it’s free, the features are limited only.


    Another free WordPress plugin you can use for your website is the WP-Insert plugin. This free plugin does wonder like paid ones.

    It allows posting and managing anywhere on the website, geo-tagging, track performances of the ads, and edit some code’s in your theme.


    This last WordPress plugin you can try for your website comes in a free and paid version. Both versions allow users to host self-ads and ads from third-party networks like Google Adsense. Furthermore, ads can be displayed anywhere on the website and turning on and off of categories, tags, and so on are allowed with this plugin.

    If you want to experience the full feature of this plugin, you can try their paid plan.

    Now that you know posting ads on your website is not that difficult after all, with all this ad manager plugin. It is time to pick one that will best suit the thing you need to monetize your website.

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John Ocampos is an Opera Singer by profession and a member of the Philippine Tenors. Ever since, Digital Marketing has always been his forte. He is the Founder of SEO-Guru, and the Managing Director of Tech Hacker. John is also the Strategic SEO and Influencer Marketing Manager of Softvire Australia – the leading software eCommerce company in Australia and Softvire New Zealand.