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10 Best Responsive Fitness WordPress Themes

Along with other major activities, fitness is an integral part of human life now! Everybody is conscious about their fitness and well being. There are a thousand different websites all over the internet which are solely dedicated to the world of fitness.

These websites are gaining popularity day by day and many people are shifting towards creating more of these. If a person is planning to create such a page, there are a thousand options available in WordPress. Therefore he/she can opt from various fitness WordPress themes.

The good thing is that a number of attractive and effective fitness WordPress themes are available to the user for free.

What is even better is that these themes are responsive and attract an audience. They are easy to work with and have proper layouts made.

To ease the job of choosing the best fitness WordPress theme, we have listed out the 10 best options available to fulfill your need.

  1. Power Club

    Power club is a fitness WordPress theme which is very easily customizable and user friendly. It comes with a full width template and is translation ready.

    One can choose custom colors, custom background, custom header, logo, menu to create an amazing user experience. It has various theme options too. So power club in all is a very efficient fitness theme which is available for free to be used in WordPress.
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  2. Pleasant

    This WordPress theme is very modern to look at; it is visually quite sleek and clean. Pleasant WordPress theme is easy to work with and is very pleasing. It definitely fulfils what its name suggests. It can be used for spa, fitness websites, gym etc. it is extremely customizable.

    One can also directly market its product as this fitness WordPress theme comes with pre-installed feature for it.
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  3. BizWeb

    BizWeb is an ultra modern theme specially designed for corporate as well as creative websites. It is one of the best options for a fitness WordPress website. It has unlimited color options for a user to choose from. It is elegant as well as compatible with the e-commerce plug-ins. It does not require any coding language information and still lets user customize website.

    It has a sorted portfolio and feature box which sets this theme apart from other themes of the same category.
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  4. BeautiPlus PRO

    BeautiPlus PRO is a WordPress theme which serves multiple purposes. It can be used for beauty as well as fitness themed websites.

    It is loaded with many distinctive and powerful features to work with. It is retina ready and very cleverly designed. It has premium plug-ins associated with it and is plug-in ready which makes it quite desirable as compared to other themes of the same category.

    It has a user friendly interface and its features ensure your reach is wider than you ever thought possible. Clearly, BeautiPlus PRO is one of the best fitness WordPress themes.
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  5. ZeroError

    ZeroError theme can easily be found on the web to be used on your WordPress site. It gives a very stylish and a highly corporate appearance to a page. It is suitable for a fitness and wellness page. It comes with a custom sidebar and advance editing options.

    It is adjustable according to the screen and is mobile friendly theme. It also compatible with different browsers and is completely based on customization.

    It is very flexible and functional and has a modern appearance to it. It is easy to create an alluring website using this theme.

    In all, it is a wonderful theme with many customization options available to it.
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  6. Pulsing

    It is an intuitive theme with multiple header display options. This theme is designed to automatically adapt to any screen resolution and fit according to the screen size.

    It is versatile and perfect for a fitness website with the allowance of customizable working. It is simple and easy to use. Its setup is also not complex and can be used by beginners without any problems. Creating a professional looking website can be difficult for beginners but this theme allows us to create an attractive website without any coding.

    It can give a look which can bring your website right in front of the people.
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  7. Dentist Plus

    If a person is associated with dental profession, Dentist Plus is amazing theme which can act as a key to promote their business website. It is of professional orientation and can be effectively utilized.

    Along with being free, it offers a very convenient browsing experience with easy layout and specialized sections dedicated to dentistry related issues. It has very attractive templates and layouts to work with. One can present their services attractively which in turn attracts a large customer base.

    A great website can help in getting the services of an individual or company to a mass.
    Demo / Details

  8. MedPlus

    This theme is specially designed for medical and healthcare websites. It comes with an alluring design and is quite attractive. It has social bars and custom si8de bars which allow a firm or an individual to customize their website according to their own liking. It serves a personalized experience for designing without the knowledge of any coding language.

    It is compatible with various plug-ins and is one stop through which various medical services can be distributed.

    Being free and having multiple accessible features with it, this fitness WordPress theme is quite popular among the users.
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  9. MilestoneZ PRO

    This WordPress theme is quite responsive one and is perfect for any small business. It has a one page layout and photo gallery option which definitely sets a milestone for the user.

    It is minimal but quite effective. Being free of cost, it serves the best possible features. It has an aesthetic appeal to it and designer elements. It has awesome integrations and animations with it also.

    It is screen supportive with custom widgets available. It is not wrong to say that it is one in all fitness WordPress theme.
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  10. BizGrowth

    BizGrowth theme comes with a modern design for the new age users along with a search engine optimization thus increasing its efficiency. It is perfect to be used by a fitness or wellness website providing complete utility of the theme.

    It has a good appearance and a common code which makes it very easy to use. It is available for to user and has quite clean and sleek design. It is an eye candy and fulfils the purpose of the user also.
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The above listed themes are the 10 Best Responsive Fitness WordPress Themes. So what are you waiting for? Go and make an amazing website to start or promote your business!