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10 Best Minimalist Simple WordPress Themes and Templates 2024

In the past couple of years, designers and brands are moving away from busy and heavy designs and prioritising Minimalist WordPress themes.

A big reason for the same is the change that the entire design philosophy is going through. With Apple becoming quite a household favourite, the clean lines, minimalist shapes and light fonts have been a major source of influence on users and designers.

The last decade or so was dominated by brands dishing out as much information as possible for users.

They felt that something or the other might help users engage more with the website.

However, very recently, brands have realised that too much information translates into ‘noise’.

The focus then has shifted to designs that are clean, contemporary, minimalist and smart. This helps in creating an easy-going website.

Given this trend, some of the Best Minimalist Simple WordPress Themes makers have started to create brilliant custom WordPress themes for a number of industries.

It does not matter whether you are an eCommerce brand, or a make-up brand, clean themes work best across different industries.

What is Minimalism as a form of Website Design?

The Minimalist School of Design can be defined with the help of a simple sentence’ ‘less is more’! This means that in its most basic version, the design makes the product or service the hero. It just serves to remove all unnecessary details from the frame.

The aim of this design philosophy seeks to keep the attention of the users squarely on the product and service that is being showcased. It comes as no surprise that minimalism in website designing has taken the world by storm.

Best Minimalist Simple WordPress Themes aim to highlight the product with a clarity that other designs do not. It also aims to attract the attention of users to-

  • The product or service of the brand.
  • The text communication that the brand is using to describe the product and itself.
  • The Call-To-Action (CTA) which the brand wants the users to engage with

Apart from the above, Minimalist WordPress themes have an aesthetic appeal about them that is pleasing to the human eye. This ensures that your website is more acceptable to human psychology, which is always a good thing.

As more and more custom WordPress theme developers start experimenting with minimalism, brands become the biggest beneficiaries.

Let us now look at some of the top Minimalist WordPress themes and templates in 2024.

  1. Rich Store

    If you are looking for a clean and user-friendly ecommerce experience, the minimalist Rich Store WordPress theme should be right on top of your list.

    Even though an e-commerce website needs to be busy, Rich Store integrates many different elements in a soothing fashion. This means that your product section, blog section, news section, discount section and other necessities are all displayed cleanly and beautifully.

    For brands looking to create a great user experience on a digital shop platform, Rich Store offers all functionalities and features.

  2. Glamour World Pro

    There are hundreds of Social Media Influencers in the fashion and beauty industry. While they are active on social media, they tend to forget that brand building is equally important.

    This means having a website that highlights your work in the best fashion possible. With Glamour World Pro, influencers can experiment with a clean design, symmetrical lines and an easy interface.

    The design revolves around making the influencer the start attraction of the platform. This means the image placements are there, but they are done in a classy, sophisticated and minimal way.

  3. Grace Mag Pro

    Even though news websites and multi-category blog sites have a ton of content to display, it does not imply that it has to be chaotic.

    With the Grace Mag Pro, the layout of the website will become cleaner, simpler and minimal. This will help users to identify the different content tabs easily as the design will not divert the attention of the users towards anything else.

    The elegant designs and 100% compatibility on all browsers and gadgets ensures that readers will always take pleasure in consuming content from your website.

  4. EaterStop

    Food is quite similar to art! Both require finesse, sophistication and expertise. This means that minimalism appeals to both of them in equal quotients. The best chefs and restaurants in the world value simplicity and originality of ingredients and styles above anything else.

    With the EaterStop theme, you can design stunning and attractive food and restaurant websites within a matter of days.

    From elegantly highlighting the beauty of food dishes to displaying the ambience, EaterStop is one of the freshest and most modern food and restaurant WordPress themes in the world.

  5. Endanger Pro

    The primary focus of businesses that are into the travel and adventure industry is ‘experiences’. Their primary identity revolves around showcasing rich experiences.

    This is where Endanger Pro becomes such a crucial addition to your business plans. The theme focusses on rich experiences through large image displays. You can highlight packages, trip planners, hotels, experiences and so much more with Endanger Pro.

    By making experiences the focal point through clean and minimal designs, Endanger Pro seeks to build the best travel and adventure website for a brand.

  6. Power Club

    A website on health and wellness typically needs to promote and display a lot of information. This means sections that are defined and detailed to convince users to avail certain services.

    The Power Club WordPress theme has a modern, contemporary and flexible design layout. It also includes sliders, parallax sections as well as image galleries.

    The theme is ideal for gyms, fitness centres and wellness bloggers. By combining a minimalist design with dynamic responsiveness, it provides a clean UI and UX layout.If you are on the lookout for a fast loading and attractive website, Power Club should be right on top of your list.

  7. Elevation Pro

    No other industry needs to appear as formal and professional as the business/corporate industry. Minimalism in design for a business website sends a strong and coherent message to the target audience.

    A clean, sophisticated and professional looking website design can do wonders for your business. This is why Elevation Pro is a worthy choice for many businesses around the world.

    The clean layouts come with a minimal design, but includes all the features and functionalities that are required. The style of font is professional and clean and promotes confidence and cohesiveness.

  8. Spangle Pro

    In terms of businesses, the design industry is one business, which needs to exhibit aestheticism the most. This is why most interior designers and home décor brands go for minimalist website designs.

    However, the website also needs to be a virtual gallery for the brand. In terms of highlighting the products, works and projects. This is why design brands go for clean and simple designs, which are timeless and elegant.

    Spangle Pro helps designers’ showcase their best creativity, while at the same time ensures that functionality is not compromised. This balance is what makes Spangle Pro a desirable WordPress theme for home décor brands and interior designers.

  9. Legal Adviser Pro

    If you are a lawyer or a doctor looking to create his or her own personal website, look no further than Legal Pro. Legal Pro defines personal branding at its best. The design is sophisticated, professional and clean.

    The aim of the design is to highlight the person running the show and the range of services that he or she offers. From packing in sliders, service pages, case studies, experiences and many more sections, Legal Pro ensures that you never have to migrate to any other website in the future.

    By keeping the design clean, simple and easily understandable, Legal Pro draws the attention of the users to CTAs, thereby ensuring leads, sales and conversions.

  10. Organizing Pro

    Sometimes brands or individuals do not need multi page websites. All they need is a simple, informative and clean single page website to communicate with their users.

    A number of businesses, industries and individuals can use organizing Pro. The minimal design, the fluidity of the different sections and powerful short codes translate into a lightning fast loading speed.

    The best part about Organzing Pro is the customization options it offers, from fonts to unlimited colour palettes, the minimalist WordPress theme has it all.


The biggest brands in the world have already made the move towards minimalist website designs. By clearing the chaos, brands want users to focus elements thereby improving not only-

  • Conversions, leads, sales and queries, but also,
  • UI and UX (from a user standpoint).

Minimal designs have proven effects of improving results for businesses across industries. As the great Leonardo Da Vinci had once said-

“Simplicity is the greatest sophistication.”

Mashum Mollah Author

Mashum Mollah is an entrepreneur, founder and CEO at Viacon, a digital marketing agency that drive visibility, engagement, and proven results.