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10 Best Highly Customizable WordPress Themes

Did you know that looks and functionality speak a lot about your business or personal website? But don’t worry, you can look cool and match your style without any tension.

We surveyed the best highly customizable themes that are available in WordPress. WordPress has a great facility for installing a theme or installing a plugin.

To get the strong understanding on the various WordPress theme, we should be strong on the basic knowledge on web builders. provides you more info and reviews on the website builders.

Our experts have made a selection of the best highly customizable WordPress themes. Check out the list:

  1. Prayer PRO

    A beautifully constructed theme with a premium look that is very elegant and functional. It is ideal for people without any technical knowledge. The multipurpose theme fits neatly into any website, blog.

    It can be used for political organizations, fundraisers, non-profit organizations, events, and other related organizations. This theme can immensely improve church websites.

    One of the advantages is that it is highly customizable and SEO friendly. So you can completely customize this theme. This theme has unlimited colors and fonts so you can design it in accordance to your choice. The installation process for this theme is very simple. With WooCommerce support, you can create an online store and raise funds.

  2. Glamour World PRO

    This theme is very suitable for professionals to exhibit their fashion work, Glamour World PRO is a very modern and colorful theme with a very elegant look. It is compatible with WooCommerce.

    This theme offers a number of customizable areas and a host of great features that make your site stand out. There are areas with parallax background images, product display areas, product information, customer testimonials, and many other options to make your website or store look even more professional and customized. Since this is a fashion blog it is fully translatable and it supports multilingual. It is also 100 percent responsive so the users can interact with you more easily.

  3. Unifield PRO

    A very elegant and reliable theme, the clean look coupled with a professional design give this template a special touch. One of the highlights is that it is a theme that can be highly customizable and used in various segments of websites, including online stores using the WooCommerce plugin.

    The theme is SEO-friendly and consists of unlimited color options, responsive layout and it is easy to use shortcodes in this theme. It is best suited for photographers and creative professionals.

    You can create from a blog to a complete and professional online store with all the features you need and much more. This theme has many areas to customize, many settings and options to choose from.

  4. BuildUp PRO

    With a colorful and friendly design, BuildUp PRO stands out among so many other themes. It comes with a full-screen layout, a home page with a top header bar setting, and eye-catching animations. Its modern look adds an extra touch, making this theme unique and usable on any construction and renovation company website. BuildUp PRO is one of the most modern and elegant themes.

    This theme can fit and meet the needs of any architectural firms, interior designers project, and other construction and renovation company. It is SEO friendly and customizable.

  5. Economics PRO

    Another great theme, Economics PRO is perfect for companies to create a functional website with a simply beautiful layout. This theme stands out for having several areas that give great flexibility to it.

    You can use Economics PRO in virtually any type of business or web store. Its design is of incredible superiority and can transform your site into a true work of art.

    It allows you to add various information about your company or business in the various configurable areas you have. This is a very well built and modern theme that will suit you very well.

    It is a multi-language support theme that is also SEO friendly. It has CSS3 animations and revolution and cyclone image slider which greatly helps in constructing a professional website for your business organizations

  6. Modeling PRO

    This theme is designed with a major concern in usability and loading speed. Modeling PRO is a lightweight, beautiful-looking theme that fits neatly modeling websites or blogs. In addition to WooCommerce support, it is also SEO friendly.

    This theme looks clean with a full-width site layout option. It is designed especially for the glamour industry and it has excellent animation effects.

    It has a mobile-friendly design and easily adapts to different devices. With Woocommerce support, you can easily set up an online store and sell fashion products. It is easy to install and highly customizable.

  7. Makeup PRO

    Makeup PRO is a theme with a wide range of sanctioning features for you to create a website or web store with a modern and attractive look. There are many areas for you to customize and make the site look like your beauty or cosmetic business.

    This theme has a well-designed layout and structure that is highly flexible and helps you to portray salon services with its price and many more options related to cosmetics. It also has modern elements like parallax. There are areas for customer testimonials, photo galleries, and videos.

    You can even use it to create a complete web store with the WooCommerce plugin. There are several possibilities that the Makeup PRO theme opens for you. Moreover, it is compatible with the main plugins of the market.

  8. Online Consulting PRO

    Powerful and flexible, the Online consulting PRO theme is perfect for your company or business website. Its look is extremely elegant and modern, offering several areas for you to customize your site.

    Online consulting PRO is one of those jaw-dropping themes so well constructed and designed with elements that are reliable, robust and well structured. This theme is best suited for business consultants and insurance, financial, marketing, and other consultancy agencies.

    For sure this is a theme that makes it very beautiful and is capable of giving a very professional look. It gives you a wealth of possibilities to customize as well as display information about your business or product. Other features include compatibility, free installation with online documentation and it is also SEO friendly.

  9. Touring Zone PRO

    Elegant, modern, functional, creative and one of the best themes on our list. Touring Zone PRO is a theme that can be defined as “incredibly well built and beautiful for tours and travel.

    Not only in the visual aspect that this theme sends very well, but it was also very well built and has a lot of options for you to customize your site. This theme is perfect for travel agents, hotels and resorts and other travel businesses.

    It also has support for the main plugins in the market. It is a 100 percent responsive theme with full documentation with an installation guide.

    It has a perfectly crafted homepage with many sections. Since this theme is for tours and travels, it has social media integration and it supports various font icons.

  10. Massage Spa PRO

    This theme is very suitable for creating a website to promote your product or service. The ability to place large rotating images as the header background adds a special touch and makes this theme one of the most elegant for product or service sites. This theme suits best for massage, health, beauty parlor related businesses.

    It also has areas that can be used to spread more information about products and services, customer testimonials and also the latest news from a blog integrated with your site.

    It has a book an appointment button on the main menu which helps customers to schedule a treatment session. It has a well-written document and you can easily install it and this theme is highly customizable with a built-in photo gallery, image slider, and contact form. With WooCommerce plugin you can create your own online store.