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7 Common WordPress Errors And How To Fix Them

Common WordPress Errors

While WordPress is very simple to use, there are some common mistakes WordPress, which can be troublesome.

The good thing is that the error in WordPress that you see on the site was most likely reported and someone already decided in front of you. you have a WordPress site, you want to make sure it works. Otherwise, you will lose customers.

WordPress does not return any errors to users. Not only is it downtime, but common mistakes are also frustrating. Therefore, it is always good to know how to resolve it quickly and save the hassle of your visitors.

Regardless of whether you are creating a new WordPress website or applying updates to an existing one, troubleshooting problems can be a very time-consuming process. It can also be a little risky – especially if you are dealing with a live site.

Let’s look at 7 common WordPress bugs and their solution. We’ve put together a complete step-by-step troubleshooting guide for WordPress for beginners.

This will help you learn how to diagnose problems in WordPress and how to fix them like a pro.

Error Establishing Database Connection

This mistake is pretty obvious. This means that your connection to the database is lost. Possible causes are problems with your host server, an error in the WordPress configuration file, or hacking your site.

How to fix it?
First, talk to your supplier. They will tell you if your database is closed because it exceeds the quota or if something is wrong with the server. If all is well, check the WordPress configuration file.

Open the file and make sure the database name, host, username and password are correct. If there is no error in this file, your site is likely to be the victim of a computer attack.

404 Error

The “404 pages not found” error occurs when a visitor attempts to access a publication on your site. Oddly enough, the user can access other parts of your site or browse with the exception of this page / post showing the error.

How to fix it?
The common cause of this error is the permalink settings in WordPress. Just reinstall them and everything will work fine in itself. You can also rewrite the rules manually.

Image Upload Issue

In these types of errors, you can see that all images on your site are gone. All you see are broken sculptors. Attempting to upload an image also causes an error.

How to fix it?
If this error occurs, it means you have the wrong file and directory permissions. Go to the right and release it and the error will disappear by itself.

Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance

This error is caused by a paused or incomplete WordPress update. WordPress puts your site in maintenance mode when an update is in progress.

When there is a break, WordPress has no chance of removing your site from maintenance mode. It can actually shut down the entire site.

How to fix it?
Navigate to the root directory of your site and delete the file named “.maintenance”. Deleting this file will restore your site to normal. Remember you need to update.

White Screen

Also called “white screen with death” does not show error messages but only an empty screen. This error is caused by a poorly coded plugin and theme or limited memory.

How to fix it?
Start by increasing the memory limit. Open the WordPress configuration file and add the corresponding code between PHP tags.

If a theme or plugin was responsible for the error, simply disable it. This requires that all plugins be disabled and activated one by one to see which caused the error in the first place.

500 Internal Server Error

It is a mistake you encounter at least once. Unfortunately, it has various potential causes, such as a corrupted .htaccess file, a memory limit, or a corrupted plugin / theme.

How to fix it?
You must first find the cause of the error. Then discuss the problem. Increase the memory limit, or disable plug-ins, according to the manager.

If this is the .htaccess file, open it with the file manager and rename it with “.htaccess old”. Refresh the page now and see if the error persists. If this resolves the issue, save the changes to the .htaccess file.

Unable to Access the Admin Area

Being locked out of your WordPress control panel is not a technical issue. But this is a fairly common mistake. This happens if you forget your password. But just because you can’t remember the password doesn’t mean you can’t access your site

How to fix it?
First, try resetting your old password. If you do not have access to the email that you subscribe to, the problem becomes a bit serious.

This happens in rare cases, but it is always better to know the solution. In this case, you can use phpMYadmin to reset the password. Be careful as this may change your database.

Final Words

Although WordPress is a powerful CMS, it has its own set of bugs. It is always useful to know how to fix common errors. To make your WordPress site better, start with the strategic goals described above.

Implement accelerated mobile pages, connect the https protocol, take care of page loading speed, make the navigation menu and widget area convenient.

Then pay attention to tactical technical issues: eliminate structured data errors, integrate OpenGraph markup, configure the mobile menu. This will make your site more user friendly.

By the way, if you have experience in solving the problem of blocking the display of the top of the page of JavaScript and CSS code, share in the comments.

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Sara Peter is a freelance technology writer and trainer and a former IT professional. She’s written for, Time, CNET, PCMag, and several other publications related to personal digital assistant and more.

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