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WordPress CMS is Best Blogging Platform for You

Best Blogging Platform


WordPress CMS is the best blogging platform for you. You may ask why? When you start your career or hobby as a blogger then you will come across many platforms for blogging.

Say you will see platforms like Tumblr, blog spot and WordPress. You may get even many more. Every platforms of blogging carries advantages and disadvantages.

Take for example the blog of blogspot has been powered by Google however this blog carries many limitations. When you use this blog then you won’t be able to make much customization in its theme.

Making use of a free blog at is like living in a home like a tenant. This is because Google is the real owner of this blog platform. In others blogspot has a second host that is none other than Google.

On the contrary to this when you sign up self hosted blogging service named WordPress then you become its one and only owner. In fact it is your responsibility to take care of your WordPress blog.

WordPress-A free blogging tool

Today WordPress is a very popular and free blogging tool. It is the no 1 CMS-content management system that works on the power of My-SQL and PHP. This blogging platform was first of all developed by Matt Mullenweg in the year 2003.

After this event WordPress gained the status to be the most popular and best blogging platform. In simple words we can say that WordPress looks pretty and good.

It performs well, has many plugins and carries all features of security. It has many themes that can be customized easily.

Why is WordPress the most suitable blogging platform?

Today the international blogosphere has been flooded by brands like, tumblr and Then why you should use only WordPress.

The main reason for this is that it will provide you with a better idea or opinion why you should start blogging on WordPress. You will find hundreds of plugins if you peep into the WordPress directory.

This directory provides you with many benefits that you can choose according to your preferences. The functionality of WordPress plugins is so charming that it can meet your blogging requirements well.

If you ask one effective reason to use WordPress then our answer will be availability of variety of customizable plugins.

If you are wondering how to start a tech blog, WordPress provides an ideal platform.

All plugin tools of WordPress carry smooth support services and positive results. Due to this reason WordPress has been regarded as the best blogging platform.

Premium and free WordPress themes

The best feature of WordPress is availability of premium and WordPress themes. It is for this reason WordPress has been regarded as the most suitable blogging platform.

In this platform if you are not satisfied with one theme then you can switch over to another theme. You will find free themes on WordPress like classic.

On the other hand you will find many premium themes like Biz Growth and Eaters Shop on which you can create an attractive website for your commercial business.

Now you might ask us which one is the best one free or premium WordPress theme. Well! This is a controversial question. Our answer to this question is that if you have a small budget then you can make use of free WordPress themes to promote your business.

On the other hand if you are ready to invest sufficient capital to promote your business online. One basic difference between premium and free themes on WordPress is that premium themes carry many customizable features.

On the other hand free themes do not carry advanced plugins. They do not offer full support to its users. Premium themes at WordPress are created in accordance with the needs of search engine optimization.

If you make use of premium themes at WordPress then you will get the ultimate of search engine optimization.

Very smooth to customize and update

The best thing about WordPress blogging platform is that it is updated regularly. Even if you buy a premium at WordPress then you will find that the versions of these themes are updated free of cost.

Currently WordPress is available in 3.5 +version. This version is very easy to customize and can be managed well with high flexibility. You can use WordPress to create a website or blog even if you do not have knowledge of website coding.

You won’t even need to know the technical part of blog or website creation. One important thing about WordPress is that it informs its users after getting updated each time.

However when you change your WordPress theme just do not forget to take backup of your blog or website content.

Why most bloggers prefer WordPress?

It is a fact that more than 80% professional bloggers use WordPress as a safe blogging platform. All these bloggers are well aware about the benefits of using WordPress.

They also know that the blogging platform is very friendly to its users. You can even monetize your WordPress blog and earn some extra cash with it.

WordPress provides full safety and security to its users. It is well compact towards the attack of website hackers.

High level security

WordPress is well regarded for its security. If you have set up your own blog at WordPress then you can remain best assured that your blog won’t be vulnerable to the attacks of internet hackers.

It is the toughest challenge for hackers to takeover blogs and websites of WordPress. On this platform you can easily change databases without having fear of theft of content. You can also change and update PHP files on this platform to make it more safe and reliable.

If you want to know more about security provisions at WordPress then you can go to the site of WordPress.Org.

Full support

It is well known that the blogging platform of WordPress has the largest number of users all around the world. While using a blog at WordPress if you get stuck on any step then you can take full support from the customer care team. You can also take help on WordPress forum.

Here you will come across many tips to get support from your co users and customer care team of WordPress. This blogging platform is so easy that you won’t need any knowledge of website coding while using it.

SEO advantages

Most WordPress blogs carry SEO advantages. They are created in such a way so that search engines can trace them easily with the help of related keyword.

The search engine spiders can easily trace the concerned content posted on WordPress easily. Thus WordPress provides great support to bloggers in matters of search engine optimization.

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