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Why Your Web design Could Be Affecting Your Rankings

Your websites design might be affecting your rankings in more ways than you know. For example since 2009 there has been a strong push by Google to make all websites mobile friendly.

I’m sure you know this but there are more than a few other factors but well be covering these three major aspects website theme, web design and your website structure. We’ll be including a description on what this means as well as how this can affect your SEO rankings.

Website Theme

First up your websites theme as mentioned before your mobile accessibility usually depends on this. Not only issues with mobiles, but a big bulky theme that takes forever to load not benefited for by anyone, especially not the end user.

Your websites performance can also take a huge hit due to this especially if you’re not using any speed/cache plugins. All in all you should always make sure your website is speedy, easy to use and mobile friendly.

Keep in mind that your website theme is more directed to your users rather than search engine crawlers so something easy on the eyes is always wise.

Website Structure

Your website structure or the way your menus, pages, posts and subpages are placed on your website can also have a huge impact on your website. Make sure your website isn’t all over the place and that anyone navigating it can find the information necessary easily.

It also shows Google that you have supporting information for that topic meaning that your site gains more authority. And finally having proper menus and sub menus are a great way of distributing link authority through the rest of your websites pages and posts.

It’s also wise to include a footer that gives website visitors an easy overview of your most important pages as well as gives a brief summary on what your blog is all about.

Website Design

So we have come to the design of your website, this can be a verity of issues form the color choice between front and background to header image being too large. All in all this is usually one of the easiest fixes and Google will let you know about it in the search console if there is an issue.

One of the major issues we see with poor web design is text or links, buttons being too small for mobile uses to click. I’m you have had this problem in the past where something is way too close together and you can’t get it no matter how much you zoom.

Well you can thank Google for getting rid of this issue for millions of people around the world. The have forced web developers to shift focus from on-site features to mobile accessibility and screen size flexibility.

How Your Hosting could an issue

So as we have mentioned above there could be a number of issues that could be facing your website but these are all easy fixes and do not take too much time. One of the major issues I as an SEO expert see with my client’s website is poor hosting.

With so much riding on your website speed is an essential part of it all and poor hosting simply can’t keep up. I always recommend getting a server location closest to your business and making sure you hosting provides you with lots of extras. There a few testers that could help you identify issues you may have with hosting like pingdom, or webpagetest.

In most cases you won’t need to change hosting, just contact your customer support and they will try and speed up your website. If that still does not help then consider upgrading your hosting package or moving to a different provider. This only recommended in extreme cases because this will take your website down for a little bit. While this may not be a problem for you but it is an issue for search engine and your website bounce rate which in turn makes it problem for your rankings so use this option sparingly.


All in all search engine optimization is not hard it just take a bit of time a logical thinking. Always look too keep the end visitor as happy as a possible. Put yourself in their shoes and you will see where your website might be having a few down falls.

As I mentioned speed is a major factor as without a speedy website your bounce rate will increase and this will plummet your rankings. I hope you have learnt about what issues your website design could be brining to your rankings if you have any issues with SEO contact for an in depth site audit and make sure your blog is in the best shape it can be in.

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