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Why and How You Must Add Instagram to Your WordPress Website

No matter what business you have, your potential customers are sure to use Instagram, It means your WordPress (WP) site must integrate Instagram for enhanced brand visibility and growth. Instagram is the most preferred social media tool to boost your brand’s visibility, website traffic, and engagement provided you use the right strategies.

According to an article published on, first, you need to improve your Instagram profile, implying focusing on making your bio interesting and succinct.

Instagram is an alluring stage for sharing photographs and building a connection with the following. You can exploit its immense potential by consolidating it with WordPress and advancing your own Instagram account all the while. That is a success win in our book!

Again, there are some benefits of adding Instagram to your WP site as well as techniques to integrate stunning images to your website. Read on to learn why and how.

Instagram means enhanced visibility

When you can integrate Instagram to your WP site, it means more visibility for your online business. It also allows you to reach out to a larger audience in less time. The images on the photo-sharing site matter a lot and the perfect visual helps your website or blog pop. It is not that difficult to include Instagram to your website, which we will discuss a little later in this article.

Setting up a content strategy

No matter what business you own, you need a content marketing plan around those subjects that you often use and write about in your business blog. Use relevant photos from reliable sources, mix and match with related quotes and you are all set to go. The final task will be connecting your Instagram profile to your WP site for better user engagement and fan following.

Use WP themes

You will also find numerous WP themes available these days that have integrated Instagram. A couple of these themes have been designed to follow the modern trends in web and WP 5 plus. In case, you do not have a theme, you will need Instagram incorporated into your blog.

Ways to integrate Instagram to your WP site

As should be obvious, figuring out how to incorporate WordPress with Instagram will empower you to deal with your web based life nearness in a progressively viable way. Gone are the days when you expected to transfer each image from your Instagram feed to your WordPress establishment and addition them into your pages. On the off chance that you esteem productivity, actualizing any of these techniques ought to be an easy decision.

There are two key ways to integrate Instagram into your WP site or blog. Let us discuss them here.

Use Enjoy social feed plug-in

When it comes to this WP plug-in, it helps you to manage the Instagram posts as well as videos in your posts, pages, as well as sidebars conveniently. The tool works in short codes and therefore when you set it up using a simple code; you will get stunning Instagram content with the drop of a hat. You can display your content by using Instagram account or hashtag, grid view mode, as well as the carousel.

If you would like to opt for the paid version of this WP plug-in, it has some of the best customizable features. These include Polaroid view, more short codes, badge view, album view, moderation panel, and more.

Feed Them Social

This is a WP plug-in to help you to take stock of all your social media feeds. It is easy to use and set up. When you install the same, choose a social media platform to receive your Access Token before you create a shortcut button, copy, and next paste the same wherever you like it to show. You can personalize it to display the location feed, user feed, hashtag feed, number of columns, and number of pictures.

You will also find a paid version of Feed Them Social with features like displaying images and videos in a popup, load more button, and additional photos and videos to display in the feed.

Meks Easy Photo Feed Widget

The tool is user-friendly and simple to manage. You can show stunning Instagram feeds with a few clicks. Yes, it is as simple as that.

If you would like to use it, just activate the same on installation, move to the widget section, and you can easily manage the options and details. Display feeds, configure column numbers, show hashtags, define image spacing, and adjust stuff to make your Instagram content stand out from the rest.


Use this guide to make the best out of Instagram and integrate the same to your WP site or blog. It will help you gain more Instagram followers and engagement.

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