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Top WooCommerce Plugins For A Visually Stunning Shop In 2024

Online buyers can be a tough crowd, especially when it comes to judging by appearances. Luckily, WordPress is the premiere open-source platform for creating a lavish store. And best of all, you can supercharge your store’s appearance with the best WooCommerce plugin.

This might seem odd, as plugins are usually more of a functional addition rather than an aesthetic one. But as we’ll discuss, the appropriate tools can help you accomplish both goals with ease. To make that choice, it’s worth understanding the importance of looks, and how these plugins can contribute.

Why Looks Matter

It won’t come as a shock that a professional-looking store will enjoy more sales than one that is cluttered or lacklustre in comparison. And it makes sense if you think about it. If physical retail doesn’t look particularly inviting or well-kept, it might not enjoy a lot of foot traffic.

Meanwhile, for online stores, looks are about balancing UI and UX. An online store that is pleasant to look at can enjoy greater customer attention, which is a scarce resource in e-commerce. But more than that, it offers you a chance to showcase your inventory, CTAs, and other shop features more effectively.

Typically, a good-looking online storefront consists of the following key features.

Ticking each of these boxes means you’re a step closer to a high-converting, SEO-optimized WooCommerce store in 2024. But there’s a key question to consider, given today’s topic of discussion…

How Can Plugins Help?

As we said near the start, WooCommerce extensions aren’t usually the first choice when the aim is to beautify a WordPress store. That’s the job of a theme, and you can find quality custom themes that can fit your shop’s branding like a glove.

But plugins can also help accomplish this goal. Remember, they don’t just give your store powerful capabilities; they also help give it an overall shape. Using the best WooCommerce plugins, you can optimize your store to fight cart abandonment through simple, cosmetic changes.

5 Best WooCommerce Plugins For Making An Attractive Store

These plugins are handpicked, quality tools guaranteed to breathe new life to your online store. Let’s get into how.

  1. Beaver Builder

    Drag-and-drop builders have revolutionized how online stores can build stellar, professional-grade websites. Among them, Beaver Builder is one of the best recognized WooCommerce plugins out there.

    You can use it to design and customize everything from responsive and layouts to smaller elements like buttons and CTAs. It’s lightweight and can help you build a virtual storefront in a matter of minutes.

    Key Features

    • Compatible with any WordPress theme.
    • Can create mobile-friendly website layout.
    • Builds beautiful pages, buttons, CTAs, backgrounds, and more.
    • Perfect for designing all post and page types.
    • Ideal for using custom modules.
  2. WooCommerce Checkout Fields Manager

    In online shopping, the presentation and flow of the all-important checkout page can be tricky to get just right. With the Woocommerce Checkout Fields Manager, you can combat cart abandonment by redesigning your checkout form for greater ease and convenience.

    For many stores, the default WooCommerce checkout page can be quite cluttered and restrictive. To fix this, the Checkout Field Editor lets you add new fields and remove extra ones.

    The result is a smarter and smoother one-step checkout experience that customers will appreciate.

    Key Features

    • Access to more field types.
    • Can hide, delete, or rearrange fields for better checkout flow.
    • Conditional fields that are hidden for better use of space.
    • Displays shipping and price fields for transparency.
    • Displays checkout fields in order detail pages and emails.
  3. Envira Gallery

    An image gallery is a great way to showcase your inventory, and the Envira Gallery is one of the most feature-rich WooCommerce plugins for the job. It’s an all-in-one solution for designing the perfect display for your product images.

    You can use it to create sliders, albums, and standalone galleries for your products and services. For a more cohesive look, it works equally well with ready-made and custom WordPress templates.

    This plugin is SEO optimized and is compatible with image sharing-platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook, making it ideal for visibility as well.

    Key Features

    • Custom CSS styling for a more personalized look.
    • Support for supersized images.
    • Auto-compression for preserving site speed and image quality.
    • Video gallery for sharing YouTube, Vimeo, and other uploads.
  4. Variation Swatches Plugin for WooCommerce

    Product variations are a staple in online shopping, whether you’re buying things like clothes, stationery, or electronics. The Variation Swatches WooCommerce plugin acts as a solution for presenting variable products in a stylish, user-friendly way.

    With this plugin, you can set up perfectly sized, button-like swatches for each variation. Each has its own colour, image, and labels. That way, mobile users in particular don’t have to deal with inconvenient drop-down fields to make their pick.

    Key Features

    • Auto-convert dropdowns to buttons and vice versa.
    • Quick view for simplifying product attributes.
    • Custom CSS styling.
    • Blur, hide, or cross out-of-stock variations.
    • Advertise swatches on the shop page.
  5. 360 Product Viewer for WooCommerce

    Aside from product variations, the 360 Product Viewer is another WooCommerce plugin that specializes in uplifting product pages. As the name suggests, this tool helps replace static product images with a rotating animation of each item.

    This matters because customers need to view products details from different angles. For instance, when buying a speaker, you might want to check it out from front to back. With this plugin, you can do that without having to post a different image for each angle.

    It’s a simple, intuitive feature that can make a huge difference in customer engagement and conversions.

    Key Features

    • Speed and framerate settings for rotating products.
    • Displays multiple 36 views through shortcodes.
    • Instructions for capturing images for smooth animations.
    • Compatible with all major web browsers.

Give Your Store A Makeover Today

Sometimes, simple, cosmetic tweaks and edits can seriously revitalize your online shop. The best WooCommerce plugins do this not just by painting a pretty picture, but by marrying aesthetics with user-friendliness. The result is an eye-catching storefront that is more than ready to welcome eager customers.

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