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Top 9 Best Domain Name Generator Tools for Finding the Perfect Domain Name in 2024

Choosing a domain name is one of the most essential steps for any business owner. The course with which you want to start operating on the digital platform will hugely be affected by the kind of decision you make as regards a domain name.

It becomes the face of your online business, giving it the power to make or break your business.

That said, thousands of ideas will pop in your head the instant you decide to get a domain name. The fact that the internet is a hub of ideas doesn’t make the process any easier.

It is at this point that you may need to complement your thoughts with the suggestions from a domain name generator.

If you have not heard of it before, here is a look at the top 9 best domain name generator tools you can use in 2024 to find the perfect domain name for your venture:

  1. Nameboy

    The Nameboy is a tool that will offer you domain name suggestions with various TDLs other than the .com. It, however, requires you to provide a primary seed keyword and a secondary keyword for a more refined search.

    The two suggestions will be combined into one domain name, of course, with options to customize, for example, make them rhyme, or allow hyphens. Notably, this tool will work great for you if you already have an idea of what keywords you want to target, based on your business type, and the target audience you have in mind.

  2. Lean Domain Search

    The Lean Domain search tool was developed by the Automattic team along with the entire WordPress fraternity, which implies a lot of experience and expertise when it comes to generating domain names.

    A Lean Domain Search may appear like a basic domain name generator, but in reality, it is so much more than that. For one, you get to register your domain name right on the tool.

    Among the sorting factors for the domain, name choices include the availability of the name, popularity, alphabetical, name length, among others. You can even decide the order in which you would rather the names follow.

    Unfortunately, the suggestions on this tool are only .com domain names. It does not allow suggestions for other TDLs.

  3. business name generator is ALL IN ONE free service that will help you to find the best name using the artificial intelligence engine, Not only that, you will be able to check domain availability with one click and purchase it within 2 minutes.

    Naming and branding is very important. This is how people remember you. MyCorpName logo suggestions are exactly what you need.

    A simple click on the name you found few mins before will load some logos suggestions for you. No need to open multiple tabs or look for freelancers to select a domain name and draw your logo.

    You can save your favorite variations of your brand name or domain name by clicking on the star button. Return to your suggestions anytime.

  4. Business Name Generator by Shopify

    The Business Name Generator domain generator tool is created by the best e-commerce solutions on the web, Shopify.

    The good thing with this tool is that the suggestions thereof are a lot more creative when compared to others on different tools.

    This way, you can experiment a lot with your seed keyword until you spot the perfect domain name for your online business.

    However, like the Lean Domain Search, it only offers .com domain name suggestions. This means if you were focused on business with offering MySQL backup, you could not choose that particular domain name because the TDL is not a .com.

    Additionally, the tool allows you to create a Shopify store immediately after choosing your prime name. The con here is that, if you wanted to register a domain name without Shopify, you could not do so with this tool.

  5. Impossibility!

    The Impossibility! is one great tool in suggesting neat options for a domain name, giving you a lot of control in customizing the domain names.

    You can choose whether the domain name should have four, five or six-letter words, among other customization needs. The downside is that only allows .com domains, not to mention, it will allow only one seed keyword.

  6. NameStall

    Technically, the NameStall is a suite of domain name generators, not just a single tool. It entails three significant parts, that is, the main domain name generator, the three-word domain name generator, and the rhyming domain name generator.

    Other than the standard things a domain name generator tool can do, with this one, you can also enable or disable hyphens.

    In fact, from the ‘word group’ option, you can select different ways to customize your domain, from the word group, you can get various suggestions on, for example, some ways you can begin your domain name, regarding your seed keyword positioning.

    Unfortunately, you only have five chances to try it out before having to be talked into buying a subscription.

  7. BustAName

    The BustAName is your go-to tool has many different parameters in comparison to other tools. With it, you can swiftly control how you want to structure your domain name, with flexibility on your preferences.

    Ideally, once you input your seed keyword, you can select which side of the domain name you want it to appear, what the limit to your characters should be, and more importantly, how unique you want it to sound.

    All this makes the tool very original. Unlike the other tools mentioned earlier, you can choose domain names with different TDLs other than the .com. Further, if you are not ready to register your domain immediately, the tool allows you to save it for later.

    It also gives you more insights into the cost of a domain name, by comparing prices for you by different registrars.

    If you clicked on their site without any domain name ideas to anchor on as seed keywords, you are not left out with this tool. You can try out the ‘make random domain’ button, and see what options there are to work within your industry.

    Unfortunately, it is not flexible enough to allow you to use your seed word anywhere in your domain name, other than at the start and the end.

  8. Business Name Generator’s business name generator employs cutting-edge AI technology to assist entrepreneurs and businesses in crafting their next brand identity. The process is intuitive and streamlined, beginning with users inputting keywords that reflect their business’s keywords and values. The generator then uses linguistic patterns, industry trends, and naming conventions to produce a number of unique and relevant business name suggestions. These suggestions consider factors like industry relevance, memorability, and domain name availability. Users can further fine-tune their results by indicating their preferences for word length, tone (professional, creative, modern, etc.), and other stylistic elements.’s business name generator is an advanced AI tool that can help you come up with a compelling brand identity.

  9. Domain Wheel

    The Domain Wheel tool provides users with a fun experience in the name search process. Better yet, the tool can show results of up to 15 domain extensions on the dropdown (.com, .org, .net, .biz, .info etc.), and not just the .com TDL.

    It offers both specific suggestions and random options, for you to choose as per your preferences. You can even target names that sound like or rhyme with your target keywords.

    Further on the upside, you will enjoy using its well put-together, modern interface, and a simple, appealing design.

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