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Top 3 Arts & Crafts WordPress Themes 2022

Arts & Crafts WordPress Themes
What would it take for your team to improve customer satisfaction, repeat purchase rate, and reduce cart abandonment rate?

Killer content? A responsive chatbot? A multilingual site ?

Sure, all these are important in ecommerce. As an owner of an art and craft e-store, you shouldn’t ignore them. But if there’s one factor that can make or break your online business, it is website speed.
Think that’s an exaggeration?

Well, have a look at the action-packed infographic below created by It includes, among other things, the latest facts such as the ones listed ahead, which clearly show how important speed is in ecommerce:

This begs the question: What can you do to make your arts and craft site to load faster?

One of the things you can do is to use a fast-loading and responsive WordPress theme for your site.

Such themes, besides containing quality code to decrease page load times, have a slew of awesome features to promote optimal viewing experience and ensure your site is compatible with different viewing environments, like PCs or laptops, mobile phones, iPads, or tablets.

Here are 3 premium art and crafts WordPress themes which help you improve customer experience.

1. Economics Pro

Are you looking for a theme that’s fully responsive and highly customizable?

If yes, you should consider using Economics Pro.

No two art and craft online businesses are the same. That’s why you need a WordPress theme that allows you to customize your website to represent truthfully your brand.

Economics Pro lets you do that and much more with the utmost ease.

Here are the main advantages of this clean, stylish, attractive, responsive, developer- and user-friendly premium WordPress theme.

2. Elevation Pro

Do you want to display photos of your latest products at the top of your webpages?

When you think of this, it really makes sense to show customers what they are likely to be most interested in. Elevation Pro comes with an attractive header image slider that you can use to showcase your best-selling products, newest offerings, or discount coupons.

In addition to it, the homepage offers several other attractive features imperative for an online store such as portfolio. It allows you to display all items via images and descriptions.

Here are some other impressive features included in Elevation Pro:

3. Rich Store

Just like the previous two themes, Rich Store, too, allows you to develop a fully operational e-store without any coding knowledge. Besides this, it offers many advantages, such as the following.

These are three of the most versatile and powerful themes you can use for your arts and crafts store. They share spectacular functionality, easy customization, and superb coding. Each of them can showcase the shards of your mastery for what they are, underlining the beauty of your products and revealing their intricate beauty.

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